Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 11

Basic Yin-stinct / Fighting Fooberty

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 14, 2008 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • After Yin takes a bite out of the magically enhanced watermelon and the scene cuts to Carl taking off his disguise, the scene cuts back to Yin and the watermelon is whole again! Also, Carl said that by Yin swallowing the Seeds of Doubt, she would be indecisive, but she spat them out! Response: Maybe just the taste of the Seeds was enough to make Yin lose her confidance.

    • In Basic Yin-stinct when Yin says "Look out for the clock," her mouth doesn't move.

    • New Move Debut, Yang: Yang-foomation, is a move in which Yang transforms the tip of his bamboo sword into various objects, and he then fires the object with tremendous fordce at an attacking enemy.

    • Running gags in this episode:
      1. Carl frantically tries to come up with an evil plan that will beat Yin and Yang.
      2. A countdown clock keeps popping up (see 24 allusion for more details.)
      3. Woo Foo bubbles keep coming out of Yin's butt!

    • Even though this is the second time Carl has attempted to kidnap President Muffins, the President is still willing to hang out with Carl when Carl isn't doing diabolical plots.

  • Quotes

    • Yin: Just for the sake of argument, which building would you pick now?
      Yang: Easy! The booby trap museum, which should be safe for you, cause you don't have any...
      Yin: Hold that insensitive remark. Come on, to the orphanage!

    • (Yang leaps into the air to attack Pondscum)
      Yang: Chee, Hoo, Wah! (whips out his sword, which transforms into a chihuahua)
      Yang: I said "Chee, Hoo, Wah", not chihuahua!

    • (Carl kidnaps President Muffin again)
      President Muffin: Why can't y'all respect the restraining order?!

    • Pondscum: Yo, fizz-ool, gimme your lizz-oot.
      Green Creature: Pardon me?
      Pondscum: Your cizz-ash in my hizz-and, a'ight?
      Green Creature: Huh?
      Pondscum: (whining in Swedish accent) Give me your money.

    • Mr. Pondscum: Fine! Try to find another small animal with a strange accent in a clear container hooked up to a robot! I'm one of a kind!
      (Scene changes to Blixens partying with Fastidious) Fastidious: Care for a hygienic buffing? Ooh, I say!

    • (Yang's Paws of Power go off, knocking Lena through a wall)
      Yang: Not my fault--I mean, are you okay?!

    • Carl: In moments, these three buildings will be demolished to build a useless shopping mall, which is an evil plan unto itself.
      Yang: Curse you, urban development! But YAY, a new food court!

    • Yo: I need to buy some bigger magazines. Or newspapers. Or a lock. A lock would be good.

    • Yin: (to Carl in disguise) Hey, you look awfully familiar.
      Yang: Yeah, kind of like Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard.
      Carl: Wrong. I'm Carlotta the Saucy Cucaracha Fruit Vendor.
      (Yin and Yang stare)
      Carl: Olé?
      Yin: She's right. Carl would never wear a costume like that during work hours.

    • Carl spying on Yin: Just look at her. Always spot-on in her decisions. Ugh. But I'll change that, with THESE! (pulls out lederhosen) Wait, no, that was last night.

  • Notes

    • Fighting Fooberty: For the first time ever Lena come over to the Dojo to mainly hang out with Yang.

    • Fighting Fooberty: We learn that Mr. Pondscum was all this time a tadpole. Now he is a frog. Due to a surgery mishap, he also has an elephant's nose.

  • Allusions

    • Yin & Yang: Fooberty, I Choose You!
      This is obviously a parody of a line from the T.V. series of Pokemon.

    • 24: The idea of a show counting down the amount of time an episode has left in it is similar to what is done in the hit Fox show, only the time on the Basic Yin-Stinct episode segment lasts for just nine minutes instead of 24 hours.

    • Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi: The plot idea of Yin suddenly being wrong about all her decisions is similar to one episode in the Cartoon Network show called Koi Fish, where Ami is suddenly wrong in all the decisions she makes. The only difference is that Yin overcomes her self-doubt by realizing that Yang always makes the wrong choices.

    • Yang: Come on, Captain Planetina! This is a reference to the cartoon Captain Planet, famous for its strong environmental messages in their episodes.

    • Basic Yin-stinct: The episode title is a pun/allusion to the 1992 Sharon Stone film of Basic Instinct.