Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 3

Brain Drain / The Big Payback

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 28, 2008 on Toon Disney

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  • The first one is perfect!I didnt watch the second one!

    In brain drain Master Yo try to teach Yang how to use hes bryne but he didnt want to do it so he went to the mall.There was Mastermind,once a powerfull wizard who took over even seven countries but now hes a floating skull.He needed a body so he took out Yangs bryne and put in Yangs head hes own but he didnt have all control of the body until sundown.Mastermind left with Yangs body to do stuff he can now do and left Yang alone with a sambrero hat.While Yang was trying to get to the Dojo Master Yo and Yin where fighting against Mastermind but they failed.Yang came and defeat him(or rather destroied hes ticket) and he put his own bryne into his own body and know off Masterminds bryne.I really love the episode its PERFECT!
  • Brains, and horses, and music, oh my! :D

    "Yin Yang Yo" seems to be following the philosophy of "MadTv." They're: "Taking it to a whole 'nother level!" :D And they are to! Speaking of "MadTv," former castmember Orlando Jones finally gets in on the "Yin Yang Yo" action! 8) As a bad guy named Badfoot! But before I go into that, let me talk about the first segment. Yang is into might, but either he can't or he won't accept the fact that just because he wants to have brawn doesn't mean that he can neglect his brain either. But Yang doesn't see the point in using his brain power. Unfortunately, someone else does. An evil villainous character named Mastermind decides that he can use Yang's neglection of his brain for an advantage. Mastermind successfully manages to trick Yang into giving up the brain in the body, and for a sombrero no less! Fortunately, Master Yo and Yin don't buy Mastermind's act so he's forced to take matters into Yang's hands. And Yang, who's just a brain, is frantic because now he Has to use his brain (it's the only thing he Can use) to get himself back to the Dojo! Fortunately, he realizes that his reliance on his brain can work wonders! He discovers the powers of Telekinesis and uses it to get himself back to the Dojo! Even better, he uses his brain power to solve the puzzle that Master Yo had given him earlier to get Mastermind's brain out and get Yang's brain back into his regular body. Yang's body and his brain are one again! And Mastermind has to live with the fact that he dances like a sick moose, and Yang has to live with the fact that the best place to be furless is on the Secret Shedding Train, because the place is a secret! :idea: And Orlando Jones channels the spirit of James Brown into a funky purple anthropomorphic horse named Badfoot to lay the smack-down on Master Yo! But Yin and Yang are determined to help Master Yo achieve a victory against Badfoot and they will to! Enough said! ;)
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