Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 9

Deja Foo

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 10, 2008 on Toon Disney

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  • This is the best episode of Yin Yang Yo yet!!!

    I liked the fact that this episode starred Yang all the way through and it had a pretty interesting story attached to it. One thing I know for sure those four mysterious heads are not Wu Fu elders. Near the end of the episode you could see their eyes narrow and smiling evily. The biggest question I'm asking myself right now is what do the four floating heads want with Yang. It obviously has something to with the artifacts they want him to find, but why appear in front of Yang? Hopefully this question will be answered in a future episode.

    It was kind of shocking to see a change of heart in all of the villians, excluding Ultimoose, stand up for Yang at the end of the episode all because Yang was nice and ultimoose was a jerk. Help can come from some pretty unexpected places.

    Anyway I hope to see more great episodes in the future. Caio.
  • Ultimose becomes the new night master, and it's up to yang to stop him from wreaking havok on the town.

    This was my most favorite Yin Yang Yo! Episode so far. (Talk about a turn of events) First off. This episode alone had given me a strange feeling. Like how you could loose your loved ones so fast. And that you can't underestimate a villian ever. Even if it is ultimose. I thought is was pretty awesome to how this episode was focused mainly on my favorite character, Yang. He was the one who had to stop ulitmose, and he was also the one who avenged Yin and Yo's destruction. I was also surpirsed to see that Yin and Yo were literally destroyed by ulimose's blast. When i saw the episode prewiew on tv i didn't know it would be this good. But Bob Boyle did say that there was gonna be more "seriousness" in the new season. And he was right. Overall, this episode was one of the best i ever seen in the series. I hope the new episode comming up is gonna be as good as this one or better. 10/10. Awesome!
  • The start of something new, and the start of something big! :idea:

    Talk about getting it on in a big way! :!: Yang ends up getting his toughest challenge yet against a villain who Yang thought he had completely figured out: Ultimoose! But he's not just Ultimoose, he's become the Night-Mooster! Ultimoose's drive for power has finally been realized! But Yang still has a chance. By discovering that the Amnesulet has a Reset button, he presses his luck and tries the whole day over again, knowing what's going to happen in advance. But Yang's bad attitude ends up leading into trouble when Ultimoose finds the Amnesulet sooner and has time to learn more about it! He even manages to eliminate Yin and Master Yo! :shock: But Yang isn't out of the game yet! His conscience and devil side sacrifice themselves by holding Ultimoose off so that Yang can push the Reset button again, only this time, he's determined that through the power of niceness, he will prevail against Ultimoose, and he does because Carl and the other villains have been insulted by Ultimoose so they jump in and save Yang by defeating Ultimoose! Yang makes a big change in this episode as he promises to become nicer, but not too nice for Yin's taste or memory! Plus it looks like Yang is beginning what could become the start of an actual saga for "Yin Yang Yo!" This is going to be so exciting! And because this show has remained exciting, I continue to love this show with a lot of enthusiasm! At least as much as I can muster of course! :idea: That's why I wrote this review! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)