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Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 38

Division Quest

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 11, 2009 on Toon Disney
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Episode Summary

Division Quest
Eradicus decides that the best way to fight the Woo Foo Army is to divide them, and then conquer them! He sends his minions Ella Mental and Indestructo-bob to destroy Dave and Jobeaux respectively, meaning Yang and Yin are going to have to guide the two Woo Foo Warriors in a little less training to exceptional heights and inspire them to become stronger fighters if they want to have a shot at beating evil! Meanwhile, Master Yo has problems of his own at the spa he's vacationing at, when who should Master Yo run into except Eradicus! Unable to fight each other on spa grounds, can Master Yo and Eradicus possibly keep their tempers in check while they're both vacationing with each other?moreless

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  • Jobeaux brings some intelligence back to his home country, and Dave finally earns the love and respect he deserves! 8)

    There are simply not enough adjectives in the English dictionary to describe how awesome "Yin Yang Yo!" Episodes, are absolutely Cool, amazing, fantastic, epic, gigantic, spectacular, colossal, magnificent, and/or phenomenal they are! :D And they're good, to! :idea: Anyways, coming into the home stretch at the end of Season 2, we find Eradicus and his minions carrying out one of their most fiendish plots yet! The tried but true plan, of divide and conquer! Ella Mental plans to get rid of Dave, and Indestructo-Bob must get rid of Jobeaux. I've always been empathetic for Dave. Being the small, nervous, timid tree stump that he is, it's hard for him to make his voice be heard or for him to get any acknowledgment for his contributions. But when Ella Mental takes control of his own family, friends, and love interest, Dave is Finally pushed over the edge and decides that he's not going to be Anybody's punching bag anymore, pounds some sense into Ella Mental, saves his family, and wins the heart of his girlfriend, Willow! :) Also, I need to be honest about something. I have never really liked Jobeaux. The smelly, slimy, icky, yucky, stinky, excuse for an ugly prince from Redneckistan never really floated my boat as an ally, let alone a Remotely possible love interest! But Jobeaux surprised me by doing something that even I wouldn't have expected from this show! Jobeaux inspires his people to rise up against the stupidity of Indestructo-Bob, start acting smart, and prove that the people of Redneckistan don't have to be ignorant hick rednecks anymore! :!: Not only did Jobeaux become King of the newly renamed country of Stan, he also really earned my respect as a good guy with this episode! :arrow: This episode is 11 kinds of awesome, and really needs to be seen by any and every serious fan of animation and "Yin Yang Yo" because it is that good! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern


Scott McCord

Scott McCord


Martin Roach

Martin Roach

Master Yo

Johnathan Wilson

Johnathan Wilson

Eradicus, Jobeaux's Father, Old Man

Linda Ballantyne

Linda Ballantyne

Ella Mental, Maria Sadie Lin, Jobeaux's Mother

Tony Daniels

Tony Daniels

Indestructo-Bob, Dave's Father, The Justice Spitoon

Lyndsey Marshal

Lyndsey Marshal

Willow, Canary Knotmother

Guest Star

Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall

Jobeaux, Stan

Guest Star

Ron Rubin

Ron Rubin


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Apparently, one of Master Yo's old girlfriends lives in Redneckistan.

    • Running gags in this episode: 1. Ella Mental keeps brainwashing Dave's family into insulting him and degrading his already low self-esteem. 2. Indestructo-Bob talks about what he has been doing and is doing by referring to himself in the third person by calling himself Bob. 3. All the Redneckistanians in Redneckistan talking like hicks (until they spit out all of the possums that had lived in their mouths.)

    • It's learned in this episode that in addition to being able to read minds, Ella Mental can also control other creature's minds, and control many minds at once. Of course, the more minds Ella Mental tries to control, the harder it is for her to concentrate on keeping those minds under control.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Dave has been infatuated with a walking, talking, tree girl named Willow ever since he was a sapling. And based on the affection Willow gives Dave after Dave pounds Ella Mental with his powers, Willow becomes Dave's girlfriend.

    • Dave briefly breaks the 4th Wall in this episode when he mentions how even though he has control of trees that can already walk, talk, and move around; nobody ever bothers to explain why some trees can walk, talk, and move around.

    • It's learned in this episode that Master Yo has been transmitting his image and voice through a magical sun reflector from a Magical Spa Retreat, which is where Master Yo foo-portated to take a vacation after Eradicus blasted him. Ironically enough, Master Yo gets captured by Eradicus at the end of this episode.

    • Indestructo-Bob briefly becomes the King of Redneckistan until Jobeaux beats him. Jobeaux then ascends from being a Prince to being the King of Redneckistan; and Jobeaux decides that since he thinks people in Redneckistan don't HAVE to act like Rednecks anymore, Redneckistan is officially re-named, Stan.

    • It's learned in this episode that the name of Jobeaux's girlfriend, is Annie. And up until this episode, everyone in Redneckistan had a possum living in their mouth's.

    • It seems odd that Eradicus still has the previous Night Master's army after he returned it to the previous Night Master's yard sale (unless Eradicus wasn't able to sell it back because of the damage the army encountered in Shadowcluck.)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Redneckistanian #1: Boo to the new king. All hail the old king!
      Jobeaux: And as my first decree, I say we ain't rednecks anymore, so this ain't Redneckistan. From now on, we're just...Stan!
      Stan: Uh, I'm Stan.
      Jobeaux: Then I suppose you're gonna have to change your name!

    • Rubber Chucky: I have a special delivery for Dave, the whiny little tree stump.
      Yang: I'll get him. Hey, Dave!!
      Dave: Yang, I'm standing right in front of you.
      Yang: Great, then you go find Dave!

    • (After Eradicus discovers Master Yo at the spa)
      Eradicus: But I eradicated you! I even have "Eradicate" in my name. How could I not have eradicated you?!
      Master Yo: You?! Ha! I let you think that so I could get away from my students!
      Eradicus: So, you left your underlings at a pivotal moment in time!
      Master Yo: It was to teach them a lesson in leadership. What's your excuse?
      Eradicus: I had a coupon. Expires this week.
      Master Yo: (Groans) I always pay retail!

    • (Eradicus is relaxing in a sauna)
      Eradicus: Oh, this is the life. There's nothing like a nice sift to really open up the pores. Can somebody put some eucalypti on the box? (Smells the air) That's not eucalypti.
      Master Yo: It was about an hour ago!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Eradicus: (to Master Yo) You're not so bad yourself. We're both of the same kind. In a different time, in a different place, I could've called you "friend."

      This quote is very similar to a quote said in an episode of the original Star Trek series; the 9th episode produced and the 15th aired, the episode named Balance of Terror . The original quote was said by a Romulan Officer to Captain Kirk, and it went: "You and I are of one kind. In another reality, I could've called you 'friend.'" In addition, the same original quote was also said on the Futurama episode named Where No Fan Has Gone Before.

    • (Yang holds up a bird puppet and disguises his voice) Canary Knotmother: Dave, I'm your Canary Knotmother, and I can make it so that you can go to the party.
      The Canary Knotmother is a pun/reference to The Fairy Godmother in the story and various movie versions of Cinderella. In both cases, a neglected teenager is given the chance to be the coolest person at a party in order to win the heart of the person that they most desire. In Dave's case however, he chose to go back to normal rather than having to wait until mid-night to go back to normal.