Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 1

Dojo, Oh No! / Finding Hershel

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Aug 26, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Dojo, Oh No! / Finding Hershel
Dojo, Oh No!: Yin and Yang are in need of a new training device, so Yang joins Ultimoose fighting, but will he leave Yin? Finding Hershel: For Woo Foo training, Yo makes Yin and Yang watch a rock named Hershel, but after Yang calls Hershel stupid, Hershel turns into a scorpion, and its sting turns anything into monsters, so Carl the Evil Cockroach wants Hershel to turn him into a monster, and Yin and Yang must get Hershel back.moreless

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  • This episode was the first episode of Yin Yang Yo! to air on television in the United States, and I believe that it was one of the better episodes in the first season.moreless

    Dojo, Oh No! was a remarkable episode of Yin Yang Yo! that I had fervently enjoyed. I'm not sure if this was the intended first episode, but it worked rather well as the first episode and I felt that it introduced many of the characters in a remarkable fashion. I particularly liked the way that it established Yin and Yang's relationship; Yin is absolutely adorable and she's such an incredible character, and seeing her cry over being abandoned by her brother was something that melted my heart. I know some people have bashed this series for various reasons, but episodes like this always impress me and I love it when the characters feel emotion. Yang also behaved in a fantastic manner; I loved his speech at the end, as well as how Yin responded to it, though I don't wish to spoil this episode for those who haven't seen it. All in all, I loved this episode and I give it my highest recommendation; it's easily one of my favorite episodes in the entire series and I hope that people will take the time to check it out.

    Finding Hershel was also remarkable episode, but I felt that it was the weaker of the two. You see, even though I love Yin Yang Yo!, I sincerely hate the whole "girls are better than boys / boys are better than girls" mentality that Yin and Yang have. I realize that it was only mentioned once, at the beginning of this episode, but I feel that such things are best left unmentioned. It's fine if it's an essential plot device, such as it was in Dojo, Oh No! but it really wasn't necessary in this episode. With that said, this episode was still very entertaining; the premise of the scorpion rock was downright hilarious and I loved the way it was portrayed throughout the course of this episode. I also loved Carl, The Evil Cockroach Wizard, as he is one of my favorite characters and he had a fantastic role in this episode. He has such a great voice and his lines in the script are always hilarious, so I had absolutely no complaints with the way he was handled. All in all, this episode was very well done; I don't believe it was as good as Dojo, Oh No! but I believe that people will really enjoy this episode.moreless
  • Good for a start....

    In Dojo,Oh no!Yang is fed up with Yo and hes dojo(reminds me of Art of Rivarly in Skunk Fu) and finds Ultimooses cool Dojo.He leaves Yo's and joins Ultimooses,but he works for the evil NightMaster who wants to destroy WooFoo once and for all!In the end they have a tournament and the winner gets a golden hat who can blast off fire with the winners name on it!Yang will win it if he leaves WooFoo for ever.But he disagrees and Yin and Yang kick but(exept Ultimooses).In Finding Hershel Yin and Yang insult a magical rock named Hershel and he begins zapping everyone and turns them super evil!Carl finds that out on TV but Yin and Yang stop him!moreless
  • Cool!

    This is a great show,these are the 1st episode's I've watched.

    Finding Hershel:

    Cool episode.I wish Carl got Hershel to pinch him,and Ying and Yang have to defeat him.From this 1st episode,I hate Master Yo,becuase he's so lazy and din't help Yin and Yang.Once agian,cool episode.


    Cool stuff,That string kicked Yang's butt at the end.This is the 2nd episode I've watched,or the 1st.Finding Hershel and Dojo-Oh-No are my 1st episode I've even watched like it said at the top of the review.I realy wunna level up so I can post more stuff.


    I will post more stuff at the forums.And I've made a movie 1 of Yin,Yang Yo,so check it out at the forums (Movie and Episodes) or at my blog.moreless
  • A great start to a great show

    This is the begining of a classic show. In Dojo, Oh No, Yo keeps buying Yin and Yang cheap training devices so Yin and Yang deside to use their last $4.18 on a new training device but Yang desides to join Ultimoose fighting but he must leave Woo Fuu to join Ultimoose. Finding Hershel is about Yo making Yin and Yang watch a rock named Hershel but Yang calls Hershel stupid so Hershel comes to life in scorpian form and his sting makes things and people turn into monsters, Carl trys to get Hershel so Hershel can turn Carl into a monster but his plan fails when Yang says he's sorry to Hershel which causes Hershel to turn back into a rock. I'm deffenitly going to love this show.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Yin: Well, I don't care how cool it is. There's nothing that short, sexist moose could do to get me to set foot inside his dojo.
      Yang: They have pedicures.
      Yin: Outta my way, lady!

    • Yo: You and your brother came to this dojo of your own free will.
      Yin: And we had a coupon!
      Yo: And you had a coupon.

    • Yin: Woo Foo isn't just about fighting. It's magic, too.
      (The Ultimate Moose students laugh)
      Ultimoose: Magic? Do you wave a wand? Or pull a rabbit out of your hat?
      Yang: Wouldn't that be redundant?

    • Ultimoose: Lost my dignity... lost my students ...but I still have my antlers! Which still makes me, ULTIMOOSE! (shoots fire w/ his name out as a figure appears)
      Night Master: You failed me. (waves hand and shrinks Ultimoose's antlers)
      Ultimoose: Nubs? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
      Later, back at the dojo)
      Master Yo: Alright students, are you ready?
      Yin & Yang: Bring it on master Yo!
      (old equipment falls on them)
      Yin: We're trapped!
      Yang: I'll get us out of here! (makes moose call)
      (moose smashes through the equipment)
      Female moose: I knew you'd call, I just knew! My friends said you wouldn't, but you did!

    • Yang: Hey, quit using the word "girl" as an insult. My sister's a girl, and she's not all that dumb.
      (Yin looks on with huge eyes)
      Yang: And if I had to choose between being a boy moose fighter and a girl Woofoo warrior, then hand me my sundress, because I choose girl!
      Random guy: Yay!
      Other random guy: Sit down!
      Random guy: Awww...

    • Coop: (after tripping over Hershel) Cock-a-doodle, darn you stupid rock.

    • Yo: Want some cotton candy?
      Yin: I'd rather die!
      Yo: Hmm, candy or death? Are you sure you don't want to consider having a third option?
      Yin: Maybe some nachos.

    • Yang: Yang-a-Rang.
      Yin: Will you knock it OFF?!

    • Yin: Aagh, the mess! It burns!!

    • Yin: (to Yo) Why do you smell like nachos and beaten-up moose?

    • Yo: I got the nachos. What I miss?
      (gets hit by Ultimoose)
      Yo: (angrily) Did you just spill my nachos?
      (Ultimoose creates the word "help" using his antlers and gets beat up by Yo).

    • Ultimoose: (selects a student) You! Let's dance!
      (student starts tap dancing)
      Ultimoose: Not like that!

  • NOTES (1)

    • The villain shadows in the opening sequence are of (From left to right): Kraggler, Coop, Herman, Night Master, Carl, Fastidious, and Ultimoose.


    • Ultimoose: Strong, and moose-like, you will be. Weak like your sister, you are not!

      This is similar to the speech patterns of the character Yoda, from the Star Wars film series.

    • Title: Finding Hershel
      The title of this episode could possibly be a reference to the 2003 Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios film, Finding Nemo.

    • The concept of a Boy using melee attacks and a girl magician working together to fight evil is similar to the two playable characters in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Jonathan and Charlotte.

    • Monster Dave's leaf throwing attack is very similar to the "Razor Leaf" move from the Pokemon franchise.

    • Yangarang: name
      Spin off of the word boomerang.

    • Yo has alot in common with Genma Satome from Ranma 1/2. Both are pandas (or in Genma's case, turns into one), masters of martial arts, and are really lazy.

    • Yin and Yang look a little like Buster and Babs from Tiny Toon Adventures. There is a pink rabbit (Babs/Yin) and a blue rabbit (Buster/Yang). Also, Yin's powers are similar to Shirley the Loon's.