Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 4

Enter: The Ant / Sweet Stench of Love

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 04, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Enter: The Ant / Sweet Stench of Love
Enter: The Ant: Yin and Yang decide to teach Yo that it's not good to boss people around with the Woo Foo Undies of Unlimited Destiny, but little do they know an evil Ant is waiting for the panda to leave so he can conquer the world.

Sweet Stench of Love: In our second adventure, Yang and Yin get into a fight while cleaning their room, but when Yang costs Yin the world record at a video game, he refuses to shower until one of them cracks and apologizes, but outside forces are after Yin for other reasons. Who will lose this battle?moreless

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  • Making adults do everything kids say and Yang not taking a bath.

    Enter the Ant is about Yo making Yin and Yang do everything he says. Then Yang finds some Woo Foo undies and the undies give Yang the power to make adults do everything kids say. So this gives an evil ant a chance to take over the world but then Yin and Yang are able to stop him. The Sweet Stench of Love is about Yin costing Yang a world record at video game so Yang doesn't take a bath to make Yin say shes sorry but she dosen't say sorry. Then a female ardvark loves the smell of Ynag and want to take Yang to the dance. I really loved this episode.moreless
Damon Papadopoulos

Damon Papadopoulos

Real Aardvark (Voice)

Guest Star

Megan Fahlenbock

Megan Fahlenbock


Guest Star

Johnathan Wilson

Johnathan Wilson

King Francis, Various Ants

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • (Yang meets Melodia)
      Yang: And you are?
      Melodia: Melodia, princess of the Stink Aardvarks.
      (Cut to scene of real aardvark)
      Real Aardvark: Who think they're so much better than the regular aardvarks.

    • Yin: (Reading a note from King Francis) "Dear Yang, Thank you for ruining our sacred dance and breaking my daughter's heart."
      Yang: I've had a busy night. (Cut to scene of real aardvark)
      Real Aardvark: Way to stick it to them, Yang!

    • Herman: Brother, please, I respectfully ask that you SHUT YOUR YAMMERING ROACH HOLE!!!

    • Carl to Herman: This is me laughing at you! (Herman punches him!) And now I'm not.

    • Carl: Mom! Brother Herman is conquering my part of the world again!

    • Coop: They say you can't have your dessert before your dinner, but what if your dessert is your dinner?

    • Aardvark King: He will smell worse than any of us now, which is unacceptable! I mean, we are the Stink Aardvarks! If we do not stink worse than any other creature, then we are no better than regular aardvarks!
      (Screen cuts to photo of a real aardvark)
      Real Aardvark: Was that neseccary?

    • Yo: (after a brief discussion with Yin and Yang) Which is why it's time for you to clean the garage. Chop chop.
      Yang: Who's there?

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    • Stink Aardvark: I love the smell of garlic in the morning.
      This line is a parody/reference to a line said in Apocalypse Now by Robert Duvall as William 'Bill' Kilgore and the original line was I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.

    • Episode Title: Enter the Ant

      It is a reference to the movie, "Enter the Dragon".

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