Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 6

Foreign Exchange Problem / Turnabout

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Feb 18, 2008 on Toon Disney

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  • Yin loses a baddish, good guy, non-boyfriend possibility, and Master Yo proves how strong he was as a child. :idea:

    For the longest time, I haven't written a review of this episode because I honestly didn't know where Yin was going to stand with Jobeaux by the end of the second season. But now I think that I can safely say, that when the end comes I now know that Jobeaux was just a Gigolo and life goes on without him (mostly!) Anyways, Yang learns (and Yin, too late as usual) learns that they shouldn't judge people by their appearances during a fight with the Chung Pow Kitties. Yin and Yang's skills can't stop the Chung Pow Kitties when they learn how to merge into an Aura on their own power; but Jobeaux proves that where he lacks smarts, he's got a lot of heart, and he's willing to give respect to others even if they've been disrespectful to him, because that's the way a true hero works, and that's the way Coop will (now has) proven to Yin that he works as well. So Yin did get what she wanted (and as usual, it was right in the same town where she lived!) Also, Master Yo gives the term "Respecting your elders" a whole new meaning, and ironically enough, through actions caused by Kraggler! The evil gargoyle wants to get into the previous Night Master's lair, and Kraggler has a plan. Kraggler decides that if Yin and Yang are kept busy trying to take care of Master Yo while the panda teacher is a toddler, the Woo Foo Warriors will be too busy to stop Kraggler's evil rampage while they babysit the currently young Master Yo. Too bad Kraggler didn't count on the fact that Yin and Yang would figure out how to use Master Yo's currently young, rambunctious, strong, bratty powers to their advantage. By making Master Yo think that Kraggler has candy, Master Yo beats so much snot out of Kraggler, that Kraggler decides he's better off fighting Master Yo old rather than when he is young. So Kraggler learns that Turnabout is fair play, and Master Yo gains some respect! (Sort of!) :lol: Enough said! ;)