Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 28

Game Over / Creeping With the Enemy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Oct 27, 2008 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • When the screen shows all of the villains that are working for Eradicus, Yuck's picture isn't there. Response: Yuck never specifically said that he was working for a superior evil, so it's possible that Yuck is a rogue force as an evil villain.

    • It is revealed that Yin and Yang are putting an army together to fight Eradicus.

    • Running gags in this episode: 1. Yin, Yang, and Dave keep getting hard choice cards to accomplish and The Manotaur keeps getting all the easy choice cards. 2. Various characters keep calling the disguised Carl the lamest creature ever, and when Dave pops up to celebrate his not being lame anymore, they quickly correct themselves and say: "Except for that guy." 3. The disguised Carl keeps calling himself The Carlmeister and keeps refering to himself in the third person.

    • It's learned in this episode that Carl isn't above tricking his mother in order to advance his evil plots, and he also learns how to use Woo Foo magic in this episode!

    • First time that Herman has appeared completely naked in an episode.

    • First episode in which Master Yo doesn't make any appearance whatsoever, although he is mentioned as being away from the dojo.

    • Eradicus now has a giant, evil corporation called Eradicorp, where he has employed every villain except Carl. Among those working for Eradicorp are Smoke, Mirrors, Ultimoose, Zarnot, Roger the Skelewog, Kraggler, the Chung Pow Kitties, Mr. Pondscum, Herman, The Puffin, Fastidious, and Edna.

    • Dave learns in this episode that he can also communicate with fake plants as well as real ones.

  • Quotes

    • (Yin and Yang are reading a newspaper)
      Yang : Maybe we could get jobs as cartoon writers.
      Yin: That job is beneath even you, Yang! (Yin and Yang hear a bunch of hammering and sawing and they look up)
      Yang: Hey! When did this life-sized board game of Wowza! Wowza! get here?!
      The Manotaur: I had a bunch of guys who work in cheap labor put it together while you were reading that paper! (Camera pans to show a bunch of monster's in construction helmets, then pans back to The Manotaur) Wonderful, glorious cheap labor! Is there anything you can't do?!

    • (Dave rolls a 1. He moves and gets a card)
      Dave: "You are a dorky, nerdy, whiny tree stump. Go back to start just because." Wow! That was pretty specific! (Later, Dave rolls another 1 and gets another card) "You're still a dork, go back to start." Oh, come on!

    • (The Manotaur gets a card)
      Manotaur: "Perform a random act of kindness. Help an elderly frog across the street." (Looks around and see an old, mustached frog wanting to cross the game board) Oh, this is SO out of my total lack of character! (The Manotaur begrudgingly helps the frog across the game path, another card pops up) Wait! "If the frog croaks, you get everything in his will!" Come on! Croak! Croak, I say! (The frog quivers and does a weak ribbit) You croaked! I get your money! I love me! (The Manotaur grabs a bag of money from the Elderly frog and runs back to his car)
      Elderly Frog: Hey! That's my entire retirement fund!

    • (Yin and Yang get a card)
      Yin: "Choose your path. Rocky Road, or Sweet Ride?"
      Yang: That's a no-brainer! Sweet Ride! Duh! (Yin and Yang make a right onto a brown road to pass the card)
      Yin: Uh, Yang? It looks like the Rocky Road was paved with gold!
      Yang: Cool! That must mean that Sweet Ride--! (Their car gets stuck in goo) Takes us into Taffy Town?! Where the streets are paved with TAFFY?! Oh, COME ON! That's just stupid!

    • (Dave rolls the dice and gets a six)
      Dave: Finally! I catch a break! (Dave pedals forward and gets a card) "You have termites." (Termites appear and gnaw off Dave's outer bark exposing pale pink bark and underwear) Let me see that card! (gasps) "This card is made by Manotaur Game Publishing Incorporated?" Yin! Yang! He's playing with a stacked deck!
      Yang: Curse you fine print! As if reading wasn't already hard enough!

    • (Rubber Chucky is trying to force Yang's head to hit the railroad tracks)
      Rubber Chucky: (laughs) Looks like you're getting off on the wrong track! Huh, buddy boy?
      (Yang gets really angry and starts pounding Rubber Chucky)
      Yang: (shouts) NO-HO-HO-HO!! YOU KNOW... I DON'T... LIKE PUNS!!!

    • (Carl and IndestructiBob are fighting on the top of the train)
      Carl: (points out) Ha-ha! Low bridge! (IndestructiBob's body breaks through the bridge and nothing happens) Tunnel! IndestructiBob's body breaks through the tunnel and nothing happens) Snickerdoodle!
      IndestructiBob: Bob like snickerdoodle!
      (Carl drops his skateboard and IndestructiBob trips on it, and he begins bouncing off the train)
      IndestructiBob: You lied and Bob's still hungry!
      (IndestructiBob grabs Rubber Chucky as he is falling off)
      Rubber Chucky: (stretches) Now that's a stretch!
      (Rubber Chucky and IndestructiBob both fall and bounce backwards on the railroad track)

    • (Yin is holding up a Foo Field, and Ella Mental is mentally firing a lazer at the Foo Field.) Ella: Give it up, fool! You're no match for me!
      : At least I don't have bags underneath my eyes! (Ella stops firing her lazer)
      Ella: What?! (looks at herself in the hand mirror) I don't have bags underneath my eyes! (Yin magically throws bags that hit Ella)
      Yin: You do now!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Better Homes and Gardens: Among Master Yo's mail is a magazine called "Better Rest Homes and Gardens", a parody of the long-running magazine publication, Better Homes and Gardens.

    • Starbucks: When Eradicus' minions mention that Eradicorp's major coffee competition is Scarbucks, it is an obvious reference to the multi-million dollar coffee-shop franchise that has sprouted coffee shops all over the world, with many shops occupying the same city and on every other street corner!

    • The Game of Life: Dave's board game of Wowza! Wowza! is similar to the various incarnations of the successful, real-life board game series. This includes going down different paths and making responsible choices in order to have the most successful game during a round of board game play.

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