Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 07, 2008 on Toon Disney
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Coop comes by to go on a date with Yin, because back when Yang was still a jerk, Yang promised Coop that if he did stuff for Yang, Yang would get Yin to go on a date with Coop. Yin has no intention of going on a date with Coop, until he starts acting evil again. Master Yo discovers Coop's aura is split into being half-bad and half-good, and the badness needs to be taken away from him. And the only way to do that is with a magical pair of suspenders and bow-tie. Master Yo goes on a trip to get it, and entrusts Yin to go on a date with Coop to ensure he doesn't go evil. Unfortunately, Yang goes along with them to antagonize his sister, which makes her mad. And when she gets mad, it makes Coop mad and eviler! And even worse, his evilness spreads to Yin, making her want to be with the evil Coop more. But when Yin proves to be too nice to hurt other people to continue hanging out with Coop, it is then Coop makes Yin become even more evil, and now they're going on a rampage! Yang knows this is partially his fault and knows he must fight against Yin and Coop to prevent them from getting into the old Night Master's lair until Master Yo returns to make everything right again!moreless

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  • This episode is completely what I was waiting for. I write my own episodes sometimes and this is exactly what I hoped to happen. If you want to know more about my characters and episodes send me a message. In the next episode I hope the get new moves. :)>moreless

    this episode is definitely what I hoped for and much more. I hope Coop can learn to control the night master energy and make the night master re-incarnation cycle end. Yin is definitely more cool then ever. I hope they learn new moves soon. Don't read the following it's just to make the minimum of words. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i imoreless
  • My favourite episode of the show.Actully this episode is much better then the other episodes...:/

    In the episode The Pecking order Coop absorved all NightMasters energy but gained control ever it but whenever someone makes him angry he becoms evil.When Yin saw him in the evil form she started drulling.Yo told her to date him to calm him down until he finds a bowtie.In the mall people laughed at Yin and Coop and he became angry and truned Yin a little evil but she called him 'Sugerbee' and that calmed him down.Unfortunetly he and Yin got insulted again and made some people evil.Yin really liked the bad Coop but was to nice to let anyone get hurt so he turned her evil.Yang followed them and Coop caught him and he truned Yin really evil.Yin and Coop went to the gatekeeper to become the new NightMaster but Yang,Lina and Yo stopped them.moreless
  • A really funny episode!

    Okay, this is my first review so, here goes. Yin finally goes on a date with Coop and doesn't excactly like it. Coop turns evil and Yin gets turned into an evil little bunny by Coop. We learn that Lena likes Yang*no big surprise there*(Also, Yang must be an idiot for not realizing it sooner.). Master Yo clashes fists with a clown*What's his name? Boopy Mc. Ha Ha Pants?*. Yang makes his own slide show. Yin experiences her first and last day of evil*Or is it?*. Also, we learn a funny line, "So, you squeeze it and it goes *farting noise*?"

    All and all, I think it's a really funny show to watch! I really wanna catch more of the series.moreless
  • Yin's attitude is in danger, and only Yang can save her! But will Yang's actions be enough? :!:

    Yang's still effected by Ultimoose briefly being a new Night Master, so he's focusing on training more than ever! Unfortunately, Yin's still shallow and refuses to show any feelings for Coop. But ever since Coop absorbed the old Night Master's energy into himself, he gets angry whenever Yin starts acting badly toward him (anyone else would have by now) and unfortunately, that's the only way Yin notices Coop and takes an interest. But Master Yo knows Coop Can't be evil because A. it's not in his normal nature and B. there's no telling what could happen when Coop falls under evil influence! Since Master Yo knows Coop won't likely turn evil if Yin's around to keep his evil influence at bay, Master Yo says Yin has to be Coop's boyfriend for a day! And as certain as Zarnot's never going to win a battle, Yin doesn't want to do something she doesn't want to, but Master Yo feels that there's no better alternative. So while Master Yo goes to get a Woo Foo item to fix Coop's situation, Yin's having a Miserable time on a Wonderful date as she's too stubborn to enjoy riding on a merry-go-round, seeing new movies, or going to a club to pretend she'll hold a candle to Coop's love, even when Coop's the only one who holds a candle for hers. And Yang un-intentionally makes things worse, and Coop's evilness spreads to Yin, bringing out the worst of Yin's behavior like never before! Now Yin wants to become a Night Mistress and rule the world with Coop! And since Coop Can't think clearly under evil influences, he goes along with her plan! But Yang is too loving of his own sister to let her do that, so he's determined to save her! And to Yang's surprise, he even learns about Lena's affection for Yang after Yin gets over her infatuation of Coop's evilness and Coop goes back to being good. But now that we know Yin's willing to kill her own brother to get what she wants, it spells bad things for Yin's future! :shock:moreless
Tony Daniels

Tony Daniels

Rhino Guard, Various Citizens

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Nancy O'Dell

Nancy O'Dell

Nancy O. Delffa

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Damon Papadopoulos

Damon Papadopoulos

Boopy Von Ha Ha Pants, John M. Walnuts

Guest Star

Johnathan Wilson

Johnathan Wilson

Grizzleflayvin, F. Elf Schmelfman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Master Yo took the bowtie off of Boopy Von Ha Ha Pants, it was red with yellow polkadots, but when he put it on, it was purple with yellow polkadots; also, in future scenes, Boopy was still wearing a bowtie.

    • It is never revealed on-screen how Lena got out of the closet Yang locked her in.

    • New Move Debut: Woo Foo Pie, lets Master Yo magically materialize pies out of thin air, to throw at an enemy. In this case, Bloopy Von Ha-Ha Pants.

    • It's revealed in this episode that a character's Aura can change colors depending on how evil they are. For instance, when Yin was in her second form of evil, she channeled a purple Aura. When Yin was in her strongest form of evil, she channeled a black Aura that was bat shaped! But when she became good again, her Aura was her normal, pink color.

    • Yang mentions events from the previous episode to Yin and Yo, but how could they know about it if Yang hit the reset button on the Amnesulet? Response: He probably told them about it between the events of "Deja Foo" and this episode.

    • When Yang and Lena say "Ah pellets", Yang's mouth doesn't move.

    • Yin gets over her infatuation of the evilness within Coop, so Coop goes back to being a dork so that he can still be her friend (although Coop is still tainted with evil.)

    • First time that Yin has gone on a date with Coop (albeit against her will.)

    • Yang finally learns in this episode that Lena likes him as she tells him herself.

    • It's learned in this episode that Coop likes being called Sugarbeak, he considers it a compliment.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Master Yo: So we meet again, Von Ha-Ha Pants.
      Bloopy Von Ha-Ha Pants: Do I know you?
      Master Yo: I've come only to claim what is mine. Mine, but wrongfully taken by... why am I talking like this to a clown?! Just give me back my dang tie and suspenders!

    • (Bloopy Von Ha-Ha Pants drives off with Master Yo's bowtie and suspenders)
      Master Yo: Somebody stop that small, compact, gas/electrical hybrid!
      (B.V.H.H.P. drives up to him)
      B.V.H.H.P.: Actually, our car is fueled by physical humor. (Throws a pie in Master Yo's face) Full tank!

    • Yang: So, you squeeze it and it goes (farting noise)? Man, I am never gonna get tired of that.

    • Yin: This is going to take some getting use to.
      Yang: The "dating your best friend" thing?
      Yin: The "you not being a jerk" thing.

    • (Lena is holding onto Yang)
      Yang: Lena, I always dreamed one day you would melt in my arms, I just didn't think it would be so literally!

    • (Master Yo sees Yang hitting punching bag and Yin reading)
      Master Yo: Wait a minute! (points to Yang) You're supposed to be ignoring your training for a video game, (points to Yin) and you're supposed to be nagging him because he's not training!
      Yang: Well ever since I almost got you guys wasted because I was a jerk, I've decided to focus on future threats.
      Yin: And since he's less of a jerk, I'm less of a snit.
      Master Yo: I've always dreamed of students like this!
      Yin: Good ones?
      Master Yo : No, easy ones!

    • (After Yin turns more evil)
      Yang: (sits on top of Lena's head) Why do I have the feeling that this ends in a montage where things get worse?
      Lena: Yang, you can get off me now.
      Yang: But I like it here. (Lena hits him)

    • (After Coop transforms for the first time)
      Yang: (to Yin) Aren't you going to do something?
      Yin: (lovestruck and drools) I am!
      Yang: Drooling isn't something!

    • Yin: Coop! You need to calm down before something like--(Coop transforms into stronger, eviler version of himself and starts zapping civilians, Yin becomes lovestruck)--before something like THAT happens!

    • (After Master Yo comes into the battle)
      Yang: Master Yo! Oh man! Yin went all evil and Coop got all evil and I did my own Woo Foo educational slide show but-- (chuckles) But Lena likes me!
      Master Yo: Duh! Couldn't you tell by how she pretended not to like you?

    • (Yin destroys TV)
      Lena: Oh my gosh, it's the Yoops!

    • Master Yo: Yin, we don't have a choice. He likes you enough not to be evil.
      Yin: But how can I keep him from turning evil if I kind of like it when he's evil? Why!
      Master Yo: Because! Teacher! Student! Pretzel!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Celebrity Name Combinations: While Yin and Coop are briefly a couple in evil, they are collectively referred to as Yoop. This is a reference to the fact that some powerful Hollywood couples names are combined to make one name; such as was the case when Ben Affleck was with Jennifer Lopez than later Jennifer Garner, in both cases the couple was called Bennifer, when Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina Jolie, the couple was called Bradgelina Jolie, and when Tom Cruise hooked up to Katie Holmes, the couple was dubbed Tomkat.

    • The Matrix: At one point, when Boopy Von Ha Ha Pants throws a pie at Master Yo, the action is slowed way down when it shows Master Yo ducking and using his tongue to lick the pie clean. This is a parody of various scenes from this movie when the action was slowed down, to show the viewers what was going on.