Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 07, 2008 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • When Master Yo took the bowtie off of Boopy Von Ha Ha Pants, it was red with yellow polkadots, but when he put it on, it was purple with yellow polkadots; also, in future scenes, Boopy was still wearing a bowtie.

    • It is never revealed on-screen how Lena got out of the closet Yang locked her in.

    • New Move Debut: Woo Foo Pie, lets Master Yo magically materialize pies out of thin air, to throw at an enemy. In this case, Bloopy Von Ha-Ha Pants.

    • It's revealed in this episode that a character's Aura can change colors depending on how evil they are. For instance, when Yin was in her second form of evil, she channeled a purple Aura. When Yin was in her strongest form of evil, she channeled a black Aura that was bat shaped! But when she became good again, her Aura was her normal, pink color.

    • Yang mentions events from the previous episode to Yin and Yo, but how could they know about it if Yang hit the reset button on the Amnesulet? Response: He probably told them about it between the events of "Deja Foo" and this episode.

    • When Yang and Lena say "Ah pellets", Yang's mouth doesn't move.

    • Yin gets over her infatuation of the evilness within Coop, so Coop goes back to being a dork so that he can still be her friend (although Coop is still tainted with evil.)

    • First time that Yin has gone on a date with Coop (albeit against her will.)

    • Yang finally learns in this episode that Lena likes him as she tells him herself.

    • It's learned in this episode that Coop likes being called Sugarbeak, he considers it a compliment.

  • Quotes

    • Master Yo: So we meet again, Von Ha-Ha Pants.
      Bloopy Von Ha-Ha Pants: Do I know you?
      Master Yo: I've come only to claim what is mine. Mine, but wrongfully taken by... why am I talking like this to a clown?! Just give me back my dang tie and suspenders!

    • (Bloopy Von Ha-Ha Pants drives off with Master Yo's bowtie and suspenders)
      Master Yo: Somebody stop that small, compact, gas/electrical hybrid!
      (B.V.H.H.P. drives up to him)
      B.V.H.H.P.: Actually, our car is fueled by physical humor. (Throws a pie in Master Yo's face) Full tank!

    • Yang: So, you squeeze it and it goes (farting noise)? Man, I am never gonna get tired of that.

    • Yin: This is going to take some getting use to.
      Yang: The "dating your best friend" thing?
      Yin: The "you not being a jerk" thing.

    • (Lena is holding onto Yang)
      Yang: Lena, I always dreamed one day you would melt in my arms, I just didn't think it would be so literally!

    • (Master Yo sees Yang hitting punching bag and Yin reading)
      Master Yo: Wait a minute! (points to Yang) You're supposed to be ignoring your training for a video game, (points to Yin) and you're supposed to be nagging him because he's not training!
      Yang: Well ever since I almost got you guys wasted because I was a jerk, I've decided to focus on future threats.
      Yin: And since he's less of a jerk, I'm less of a snit.
      Master Yo: I've always dreamed of students like this!
      Yin: Good ones?
      Master Yo : No, easy ones!

    • (After Yin turns more evil)
      Yang: (sits on top of Lena's head) Why do I have the feeling that this ends in a montage where things get worse?
      Lena: Yang, you can get off me now.
      Yang: But I like it here. (Lena hits him)

    • (After Coop transforms for the first time)
      Yang: (to Yin) Aren't you going to do something?
      Yin: (lovestruck and drools) I am!
      Yang: Drooling isn't something!

    • Yin: Coop! You need to calm down before something like--(Coop transforms into stronger, eviler version of himself and starts zapping civilians, Yin becomes lovestruck)--before something like THAT happens!

    • (After Master Yo comes into the battle)
      Yang: Master Yo! Oh man! Yin went all evil and Coop got all evil and I did my own Woo Foo educational slide show but-- (chuckles) But Lena likes me!
      Master Yo: Duh! Couldn't you tell by how she pretended not to like you?

    • (Yin destroys TV)
      Lena: Oh my gosh, it's the Yoops!

    • Master Yo: Yin, we don't have a choice. He likes you enough not to be evil.
      Yin: But how can I keep him from turning evil if I kind of like it when he's evil? Why!
      Master Yo: Because! Teacher! Student! Pretzel!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Celebrity Name Combinations: While Yin and Coop are briefly a couple in evil, they are collectively referred to as Yoop. This is a reference to the fact that some powerful Hollywood couples names are combined to make one name; such as was the case when Ben Affleck was with Jennifer Lopez than later Jennifer Garner, in both cases the couple was called Bennifer, when Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina Jolie, the couple was called Bradgelina Jolie, and when Tom Cruise hooked up to Katie Holmes, the couple was dubbed Tomkat.

    • The Matrix: At one point, when Boopy Von Ha Ha Pants throws a pie at Master Yo, the action is slowed way down when it shows Master Yo ducking and using his tongue to lick the pie clean. This is a parody of various scenes from this movie when the action was slowed down, to show the viewers what was going on.