Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 4

Imperfect Fooplicates / Messy Relationships

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Feb 04, 2008 on Toon Disney

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  • The first one was great.Sadly I still didnt watch the second one.

    In the first episode Yin gets a charm that can create fooplicates an Yang a collbroad box also know as hes awesome WooFoo battle (Yang is so crazy :D).Anyway Yin and Yang have to do chores but they are to lazy to the create fooplicates that will to chros and train for them.The Yang fooplicate steals the charm of fooplication and they try to create fooplicates of them selves but the laser blasts off a miror and ZAP!They recreate Yuck and he steals the charm from them and creates millions of fooplicates!When Yin and Yang get back they get attcked by some of fooplicates while Yuck and the others are destroying the town.Yin and Yang trick Yuck and Yin gets the charm and destroys it.Yuck absorved all the power off the fooplicates and became Master Yo's level if not more but he lost control over them by hicupps.It was a very fun episode =D.Better then some others...
  • Yuck and Melodia return! 8)

    I can't believe some people actually don't Like this episode just because Yuck was made bigger and more muscular! Quite frankly, I prefer the change. Yin gets her first Woo Foo Charm, the Fooplication Charm! She can duplicate anything/anyone as many times as she wants with her green bracelet! When Master Yo leaves, Yin and Yang decide to use it on themselves! And Yin and Yang force their 2 grayer clones to do all the training and housework for them. However, the Fooplicates can think for themselves and steal Yin's bracelet. The Fooplicates decide to create Fooplicates of themselves, but their attempts to do this go awry! By accident, they re-create Yuck, and Yuck wants revenge once again! He creates an entire Fooplicate army, dedicated to over-running the town and making Yuck into an emperor! When Yin and Yang find this out, they Literally have to fight against themselves! But when the normal approach doesn't work, Yin manages to overcome this problem by tricking Yuck in the same way the Fooplicates tricked Yin, and Yin de-Fooplicates the Fooplicates! But Yuck has an ace up his sleeve. He sucks in all the de-Fooplicated Fooplicates, and gets a Huge power boost! Now he's his own individual green rabbit: large and in charge! Or he would be if it weren't for a nasty case of hiccups, now Yuck can't control his powers! But Yuck will be back someday! Meanwhile, Melodia still pines for Yang even Yang doesn't return her love for him, and I can't say I blame Yang because I don't. But Fastidious is determined to drive a wedge between Melodia and Yin by tricking Yin into thinking that the Stink Aardvarks are attacking her! Once again, Yin gets evil and angry and is determined to get: Revenge! The war wages on until the Stink Aardvarks are completely clean! Now Fastidious will have no problem Destroying the Stink Aardvarks! But Yang proves he is too much of a friend to let the Stink Aardvarks be destroyed, and he helps them fight back and beat Fastidious! :D This is a good episode! 8)