Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 16

Master Dave / Destination Danger

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 20, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • The Tree Stump Kid is finally named on TV, and two new villains are introduced into Yin and Yang's rogue gallery of villains! :D

    :lol: This episode is funny! I can't remember the last time a cartoon character managed to get away with saying the word, "Nuts," as many times Yang did in the episode segment of "Master Dave!" Best part of all, since Yang was talking about the bolts on Carl's robot, pistachio's eaten by the squirrels, and the acorns hanging from the trees, the censors don't have a single excuse whatsoever to try to censor those scenes, because that would be unethical! Yin and Yang learn a lesson that they should never go along with someone's lies as the path of lying leads you into nothing but trouble! A lesson that Dave learns the hard way! Then, Yin & Yang learn the art of being sneaky when it comes to fooling evil villains as Master Yo pretends Yin & Yang are the ones going on a secret mission, while Master Yo secretly goes off to get the real object of importance. Needless to say, the two new villainous goons named Dank & Dire don't stand a single chance against Master Yo and his Knuckles of Infinite Smackdown! The best part of all is when Master Yo keeps his word to the students by letting them go to Magna Land! And this show is still only in it's first season, so who knows what great events the rest of this series has to hold! That's my opinion & I'm sticking to it! ;) Enough said, true believers! :D