Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 34

Mind Games / The Carl of the Wild

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 07, 2009 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • Even though Ella Mental gets trapped inside a Box of Infinite Trapitude in this episode, she somehow reappears with Eradicus' other minions in Party Troopers/Shadowcluck, and no explanation is ever given for how she was able to escape from her prison.

    • It is learned in this episode that Carl is a lot tougher to fight when he isn't so domesticated.

    • It isn't revealed what Carl was planning to do with the money he would get for bringing in the Kong-aroo/ Kong-arette.

    • New Move Debut: The Soundproof Foo-field is a version of the Foo-field that not only block's attacks, it also mutes other people's voices so that others can't make themselves be heard to people in the Foo-field. Also, Yang uses his Fire-nado attack for the first time since Old School/A Toy's Story.

    • This is the second time Master Yo uses Yang as bait for a trap, the first time was in Destination Danger.

    • Ella Mental has been imprisoned in the Box Of Infinite Trapitude in this episode, however since episodes have been airing out of order, it's undetermined when this event actually happens.

    • New Item Debuts: 1. The Minder's Helmet is a modified Miner's helmet that allows whoever wears it to protect their mind from being read and allows them to read and enter the thoughts of others. 2. The Box of Infinite Trap-itude is a magical, purple box which can pull in any number of objects into it's vast, magical space and keep them stored in them for as long as needed. It is used to trap Ella Mental in this episode.

    • This is the first appearance of Master Yo's friend, Gumpy, since Destination Danger.

    • Running gags in this episode: 1. Yang keeps letting his mind get read by Ella Mental. 2. Ella Mental keeps reading Yang's mind. 3. Indestructi-bob keeps saying that he likes pie. 4. Yang being led on a wild-goose chase to boxes, and getting a pie in the face when he opens it. 5. The Repli-cats keep copying nearly everything that Yang does. 6. Carl keeps getting hurt and irritated by various objects that are found in the forest.

    • It's learned in this episode that Yin actually likes Coop, and Yang secretly wants to paint Lena's toenails (which he later ends up doing) and writes poems when he is alone.

  • Quotes

    • Yin: Yang, I'm ashamed of you!
      Yang: And that's the first time today, so I'm way ahead of the game!

    • Dave: Just to let you know, Yang, Master Yo told me to tell you that there's nothing located behind me.
      Yang: Really? Then what's in that box behind you?!
      (Yang opens the box and gets hit with a pie)
      Dave: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Gotcha! (Yang hits Dave)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The More You Know: "The More You Learn" slogan is a parody of the old "The More You Know" public service messages.

    • King Kong; Bigfoot: The elusive Kong-aroo is a reference to both the real mystery of Bigfoot in the Californian mountain areas and the fictional big ape in 3 live-action movies. Part of King Kong's name and his ape characteristics are present in the Kong-aroo, and Bigfoot is referenced because just like Bigfoot, Kong-aroo has never been successfully photographed nor has any concrete evidence been found of the creature's location; whether or not anybody has truly seen or found Bigfoot is subject to debate.

    • The Call of the Wild: The episode segment of The Carl of the Wild is a reference/parody to Jack London's well-known novel/movie about a domesticated dog who's thrust into the unforgiving wilderness of the Alaskan wilderness and finds himself reverting to more primal instincts in order to survive.

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