Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 19

Mission Yinpossible / Disapp-Eared

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jul 14, 2008 on Toon Disney
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Mission Yinpossible / Disapp-Eared
Mission Yinpossible: Carl gets the magical artifact called the Pink Fuzzy Slippers of Heart's Desire! By putting them on, his heart's desire of getting his mother Edna to love him more than Herman comes true! Yin and Yang figure its only a matter of time before Carl uses the Slippers for more evil ends, but Carl's new house is protected with booby traps! Will Yin and Yang need to be complicated, or will their mission prove to be more simple than it really is? Disapp-Eared: Yang is supposed to be learning a new move called the Sonic Defibrillation Blast, but Yang doesn't want to learn another lame might attack, he wants to learn a magic attack since Yang knows he can do magic to. But Master Yo tells Yang that he isn't ready for an invisibility move yet. By mistake, Yang grabs the scroll explaining how to turn himself invisible, but he skips the important warning of how to use the move properly. It still makes Yang invisible, and it also makes him inaudible! Yang thinks this is a good move at first, but when he overhears how Carl has come up with another plan to blot out the suns using Yin's energy, can he figure out a way to save Yin before its too late?moreless

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  • Carl finally gets his heart's desire (or does he?) And Yang learns how to become invisible as well, and soon wishes that he hadn't and wasn't! :lol:

    This episode is about irony. The trouble starts when Carl gets the Pink Fuzzy Slippers of Heart's Desire! (Writers, they just can't make this stuff up!) And instead of giving him command of Earth, they finally make Edna love Carl more than Herman! Yin and Yang don't like the sound of Carl having those Pink Fuzzy Slippers and are determined to take them! But Carl has a new stronghold: Monte Carl, and its loaded with Woo Foo booby traps! The first irony is Master Yo's advice of using simplicity actually proves to be very helpful! When the Woo Foo Warriors don't use any Woo Foo, the alarms don't go off! The second irony is Carl doesn't even Want the Pink Fuzzy Slippers anymore. Sure, they're making Edna dote on him, but Edna's love is now suffocating Carl, sometimes quite literally! Carl no longer wants a mother who cares Too much, he wants a mother who could care less! Thankfully for Carl, his slippers get removed, Edna goes back to loving Herman more than Carl, and Carl's actually thankful for that! The third irony is a move Yang Doesn't want to learn, the Sonic Defibrillation Blast move, might actually prove to be useful. Instead, Yang wants to learn how to turn invisible like Yin can. By accident, Yang grabs the scroll explaining how one becomes invisible (bonus points for me in predicting one of those rabbits would try to become invisible without Master Yo's permission!) In typical Yang fashion, he neglects to read the important warning on how to use the move properly! Even though Yang becomes invisible, he also becomes inaudible and intangible! At first, Yang thinks its cool he can walk through anything and say whatever he wants without anybody hearing him! Of course, the fourth irony is it isn't a cool move when Carl reveals his new plan of blotting out the suns, and draining Yin's energy into him to give Carl all-powerful properties, including the ability to block out said suns. Yang literally can't warn Yin about it! Can he find a way in time? Probably! :idea:moreless
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Johnathan Wilson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • New Move Debuts, Yang. Yang-invisibility is Yang's version of Yin-visibility. In addition to not being able to be seen by anybody, he also can't be heard without a special move. Sonic Defibrillation Blast lets Yang emit a destructive (and stinky) sonic blast from his behind that can be heard even if he's invisible!

    • It is never revealed on-screen how Yang can become visible or audible again.

    • In this episode, Carl finally gets over his desire of having his mother dote over him instead of Herman.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Carl: It's one of my enemies wearing a cheesy disguise! Well, that's dumb. You'd never catch me doing that!

    • Roger Jr.: Shouldn't you be studying your new power?
      Yang: Shouldn't you be studying shut up?!

    • Yang: Oh man! Talk about the irony! Now I have to go back to the dojo, find the scroll for the Sonic Defibrillation Blast move, and learn the move that I should've learned in the first place! I'm just thankful that I am invisible and inaudible so that nobody could hear me admit that I made such a stupid mistake!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Monte Carl: Carl's new home that Edna buys for him is a parody/reference of a famous place for gamblers. The independent Europian country of Monte Carlo.

    • Charlie's Angels: Another segueway in the episode segment of Mission Yinpossible parodies the segueway of the popular 1970's show, which originally was the three woman black shadows making their various karate poses, and instead, Yin Yang Yo has Yin and Yang making various karate poses!

    • James Bond: Two allusions are made in relation to the fictional super-spy of many successful books and movies. During one of the Mission Yinpossible segueways, Yin and Yang appear through what appears to be a gun chamber before the camera pans out to reveal the whole location of Carl's house, and at the very ending of that episode, with the fake movie title of The Spy Who Fooed Me is a parody of the book/movie called The Spy Who Loved Me.

    • Mission Yinpossible: This is a pun/reference to the 1966 TV series Mission Impossible, and the 1996 movie of the same title.