Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 36

Party Troopers / Shadowcluck

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 21, 2009 on Toon Disney

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  • Absolutely epic episode that deserves a special 444 word length epic review! :D The best episode of the series so far by far! :idea:

    I'd just like to be the first one to say after 62 episodes, it finally happened. It took the good part of 2 seasons to accomplish, but it finally happened. Yin and Coop fall in love!!!! :D It's so nice to be vindicated after all this time! :idea: But first, to discuss what made this episode remarkable! First, instead of organizing their army, Yin and Yang throw a party in order to boost their popularity by having everyone cool be there so the Woo Foo Warriors will become cooler in turn! And just when everything seems peachy, someone inevitably says: "What could POSSIBLY go wrong?" Apparently, a lot when Ella Mental, Indestructo-bob, and Rubber Chucky get involved! They make a mess out of Yin and Yang's party, and really lay the smack-down on the Woo Foo Warriors! But Yin and Yang find out that help can come from the most unlikely of places. Mainly, their good friends that have always been around to lend them support. Dave, Lena, Roger Jr., Boogeyman, and Jobeaux! They band together to save Yin and Yang, beat back Eradicus' minions, and become the Woo Foo Army that Yin and Yang needed to have! This proves that it really is the quality, and not the quantity of friends and/or allies that really matter in their life! Then, Yin and Yang find out that dedication can only go so far, as the Woo Foo Army is unorganized as far as their skills go. Fortunately, something wonderful happens! :!: Drum-roll please!!!! (Triumphant drum-roll plays!) Coop! The Woo Foo Warrior, Returns!!!! 8) (Drum-roll ends, and triumphant trumpets blare!) And not only that, Coop can now change into his Cool Form Anytime He Wants! (Triumphant trumpets blare!) And not only that, Coop can now Use the Powers he originally obtained from evil for Good Purposes! Fighting Evil Instead Of Serving It, and Make Yin Fall In Love With Him At Last!!!! (Triumphant trumpets play a victory tune, and finishes!) :oops: Sorry for the pomp and circumstance, but a special occasion called for a special review! :lol: Yin Finally gets the boyfriend she always wanted, and Coop Finally gets the love he deserves! And best of all, when Yin and Coop prove they can fight well together as well as love each other well, All Their Friends Approve Of Their Love! (Triumphant trumpets play a victory tune and finishes again!) :) And while this is cool, what's even cooler is actually something sinister! :shock: The previous Night Master is still Alive!!!! And he's helping Eradicus fight the Woo Foo Warriors! :twisted: What will happen now?! Three episodes are left to find out! Enough said! ;)