Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 36

Party Troopers / Shadowcluck

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 21, 2009 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • Running Gags in this episode: 1. Indestructi-bob keeps asking Eradicus if various food items are going to be evil food items, and Eradicus keeps saying yes. 2. Master Yo's voice in the green couch keeps asking what noise he is hearing from inside a closet, while Yin and Yang keep lying and saying that everything is fine. 3. Rubber Chucky keeps making bad jokes, and Yin un-intentionally makes bad jokes that Rubber Chucky would make. 4. Whenever Yin and Coop do something sickeningly mushy, the camera pans up while the other Woo Foo Warriors vomit. 5. While Yin and Coop are dating, they continually ignore the other Woo Foo Warriors most of the time while they get their butts kicked.

    • It is revealed in this episode that Jobeaux knows possum-type fighting in addition to Woo Foo fighting.

    • Yin and Yang get Lena, Dave, Roger Jr., Jobeaux, Vinnie the Bear, and then Coop to join their Woo Foo Army (along with Boogeyman, who joined in a previous episode.)

    • Coop and Yin are now officially in love with each other, dating, and everyone eventually approves of it.

    • Apparently, Dave has control of all forms of wood, such as furniture. And according to Lena, Dave's power over wood makes him moderately cool.

    • Coop now has control of the previous Night Master's energy inside of him. His aura also has a new form.

    • Somehow the previous Night Master has returned since Night Fall and is currently running a garage sale where he sells his old equipment to Eradicus (for now, at least).

    • Apparently, Master Yo is able to channel his aura through his chair from wherever he is vacationing (though he claims to have been banished).

  • Quotes

    • Yin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why are you in such a hurry to rescue Lena?!
      Yang: A very good question, Yin!
      Coop: Um, (buck) no reason!
      Yin: Buck, really? Do you think she's PRETTIER THEN ME?! Is THAT IT?! Or is it the SASSY thing?!
      Coop: What?! No! You know I only have eyes for you, bunny-kins!
      (Dave runs by screaming)
      Yin: Really? No, you don't!
      Coop: Yes I do.
      Yin (in a more flirty tone Nuh uh!
      Coop: Uh huh!

    • Jobeaux: I was impacted, and hit! Wait! They aren't the same thing, are they? /
      Dave: Ivy, Ivy; listen I'm, commanding you to quickly climb, even though I don't usually, do this poetry stuff.

    • Jobeaux about the Woo Foo Army formation: This is just as exciting as when my uncle married my three cousins! (Yin gives Jobeaux a weird look) My uncle is a minister. My 3 cousins each married a man, 1 for each of them.

    • Previous Night Master: A refund? Sorry bud, ya break it, ya bought it.
      Eradicus: But they-- hey! Don't I know you from somewhere? You seem very familiar.
      Previous Night Master: Well, I don't know. Did you ever work in... EVIL?!

    • Yin: So, do we still reek?
      Yang: Yeah. But if you come through in the clutch, we'll look the other way. Welcome back "Boopsie-Woopsies"!
      (Camera begins to pan up)
      Lena: No, wait! We're not gonna barf! (Camera pans back down)
      (Yin and Coop are about to kiss, but Yang pushes them out of the way)
      Yang: But seriously, can you take it outside?!
      (Yin's hands and Coop's body glow with anger)

    • (Coop and Yin are watching a sunset while their friends are being hurt by Eradicus' minions)
      Yin sighs: Isn't the sunset beautiful Coop? (The rest of the Woo Foo Army groans in pain and agony)
      Coop: Look at that, poopsie woopsies. Aw man, that's just terrible!
      Yin: I know, it's totally ruining our view!
      Coop: I suppose we should do something!
      Yin: It doesn't seem right to just sit here and watch our friends get hurt.
      Coop: You mean like we've been doing ever since I came back?
      Yin: We haven't been... (Flashback sequences show Coop and Yin fawning over each other while their friends fight Eradicus' minions.) (Coop and Yin both cry)
      Yang: Wait! Is that guilt I hear?
      Coop and Yin: Yes!
      Yang: Awesome! Then are you two going to help us out and beat the snot out of Eradicus' minions already?!
      Coop and Yin determined: Yes, we are! Let's do this!

    • Lena: (to Ella Mental) Put me down! I don't even have any powers!
      Yang: Actually, you are pretty sassy!
      Lena: That's a trait; not a power!
      (Rubber Chucky is backing Dave into a corner)
      Dave: Oh, I'm so nervous! (A tree crashes through the wall and strikes Rubber Chucky) Oh yeah, I forgot that I had that kind of power.
      Lena: YOU forgot the ONLY thing that makes YOU even MODERATELY COOL?!
      Dave: (chuckles) Yeah, sorry!

    • (Yin and Yang are getting beaten by Eradicus' minions)
      Lena: (to her friends) Are we just going to stand here and let those guys beat the Foo-joobus out of our friends?
      Dave, Roger Jr., Boogeyman, and Jobeaux: No!
      Lena: Wow, my answer was, "Apparently so." But I'm glad you all disagree!

    • Yin: I gotta say Yang, we really did it! We threw the greatest party in history and Master Yo couldn't stop use! What could poss--. (Yang covers Yin's mouth)
      Yang: No! Don't EVER say THOSE words!
      Dave: You mean; "What could possibly go wrong?"
      (Ella Mental, Indestructo-bob, and Rubber Chucky reveal themselves and start attacking the party attendees and the party)
      Yang: Precisely, Dave!

    • Roger Jr.: Great party, Yang! Its almost like you're not throwing it!
      Yang: Thanks, Roger, it's almost like I'm glad you're here.

    • (Yin and Yang holding fliers in a restaurant filled with creatures)
      Yin: Who wants to come to the greatest party in history!(Everybody cheers, "Yeah!")
      Yang: At the Dojo!
      (Everybody disappointingly groans)
      Yin: And our master's gone and there will be no chaperon's! (Everybody cheers, "Yeah!" again)

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