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  • Why did this exist?

    Have you ever watched a show when you were a kid, only to look at it now and go, "What the Hell were they smoking?" Yin Yang Yo is the literal equivalent of that.

    None of the characters are likable - if they're not being stuck-up, pretentious brats, they're being extremely sloppy parodies. The stories are incredibly stupid - any jokes they attempt are more anti-humor than anything.

    And, seriously? 8.1 out of 10? Did I see the same cartoon as you guys, because what I saw was unfunny, pretty humiliating and totally pointless.
  • The only reason we'll remember Jetix

    Is there anything this show lacks? It combines so many things that you start to wonder "how'd the do that"? It has heart, romance, and extreme cuteness (who wouldn't like to crush Yin or Yang with a hug), but for the most part, action and comedy. Although the series finale SUCKED (really, creators?), it still was better than most episodes people come up with these days. Not my favorite series (although top ten), but the series I lamented the most for its cancellation. How did this series only got through 2 seasons? Stupid Jetix.

    Favorite scene (from Yinstinct): Yin: Which place would you choose next, Yang?

    Yang: Easy. Booby trap museum. Because it would be easy for you because you don't have any...

    Yin: Hold on oversensitive comment.

    How did censors let this go through? The world may never know.
  • I LOVE IT I DON'T CARE this song means I love it and I don't care what you say about this awesome show

    This show is about two martial artist bunnies that have been raised by a 60's day dreaming panda kids would laugh over this show like Sanjay and Creg their a boy and his snake and ying and yang are brother and and sister shows are halareous now and days in 2013 okay people.
  • The worst show ever!!!

    This show is about two dumb bunnies that saves the world from a evil, ugly cockroach, kind of embarrassing dont you think. This show copy Tiny toons with Yang as Buster and Yin as Babs. All the episodes are a complete waste of my life. I cant beileve this show is in Jetix. Jetix is actually a action channel and Yin Yang Yo has no action at all, its weak. 7.8 is not a low enough score for this show. People have to come back to there sences and get rid of this show and when I say get rid of it I mean for good. Put this show in Nick.jr because it has no action and kids will think dumb bunnies will be perfect as super heros.

    I rest my case!
  • Possibly the funniest and BEST show on Jetix/Disney I've seen! And that's a lot of shows!

    I'm absolutely love this show! It is hilarious and cute! Now I now the animation is a bit odd, but it is also vivid and that's what happens with modern cartoons.

    Also, I'm sure you will agree the characters and the plot lines are hillarious! I mean Yang is a great comic relief character who is actually pretty smart (unlike those stereo-type dumb boy characters that cartoons portray these days), and Carl the cockroach wizard is the classic momma's boy villain. And not to forget the Nightmaster, who is the ultimate villain who also has a comical side. (unlike other ultimate villains like Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown who is far too serious and never comical). Shows need heroes and villains like that!

    So in conclusion, yes the show is a bit over the top with humor, but that's what comedy/action shows are supposed to be like. Tune in and give this great show a chance. But if you are going to fault it's humor and interesting animation, then go ahead, just change the channel, stop complaining about it, and watch some Anime show for all I care! But if you like comical shows like Yin Yang Yo, then keep watching!
  • I HATE this show!

    I hate this show, yet is kinda good. Its about two 12? years rabbits that train in a dojo with an ugly, stinky, 100? years old Panda.
    GRAPHICS: Good, average flash. 7/10
    CHARACTERS: Excellents, except Yo and Yang, those are horrible. 8/10
    SOUND: average 6/10
    FUN: Most of the are:
    b)ugly or stinkis
    I HATE stink jokes, but madness jokes are really greats! 7/10
    HISTORY: Half are horrible, Half are great. 5/10

    +Good Characters
    +Great batlles
    +Good Faules
    -Horrible jokes
    -Lots of GROSS parts
    -Half is Boring...

    So, if you like bunnies, gross and boring jokes, this show is for you. I hate disney, but two years ago i loved disney and this show, now i look back and feel shamed of lots of things, but is an average good show.
  • Good baseline comedy

    This show is a definite step down from the real martial arts action and comedy combination master, Xiaolin Showdown, but it's still fairly good martial arts entertainment. The series was, on the whole, fair and decent. The season finales were al relatively good suspense, action, and comedy. The saga with Yang and the wu fu armor pieces was fairly suspenseful. And the final battle with Eradicus was reasonably action-packed, suspenseful, and reveling, as it should be for a series finale. But the revelation that Yo was Yin and Yang's dada the whole time wasn't really shocking. I had been running on that assumption all along (I thought that Yo was their dad and was training them from childhood).
  • No Summary. I can't remember episode.

    Oh my god, I like like this episode so much. It's the best episode i've seen. But isn't this episode Season 3? Well, maybe TV.com could be wrong. I watched this episode on youtube because it didn't air on Disney Channel in Thailand. I didn't hear all the dialougue because the person who uploaded the video did not turn the volume up too loud. But I still love this episode. I didn't think Master Yo was Yin and Yang's Parent. Like, he's a panda and Yin and Yang are rabbits. Pandas don't give birth to rabbits. It didn't make sense...
  • Oh god, where to start.....

    Okay, so here I was. Just an average, cartoon loving girl about to start school again in exactly 2 days. I never really had any of my own fandoms yet (nor did I even KNOW what a fandom was!) and then, that day, I was cleaning my room, and me and my sister stumbled upon this random cartoon, starring Yin and Yang, twin rabbits who fight their enemies with the power of woofoo, trained by their lazy panda master, Yo. (who was recently discovered to be their biological father) It caught our attention with it's colorful animation and lung-bursting comedy (seriously, this show has made me laugh so hard that my lungs hurt... xD) and pretty soon we were hooked...
    Every week, we tuned in to see the new episode. Sometimes we had to wait longer, and we were literally bouncing off the walls for the next 2 or 3 weeks in anticipation of what was going to happen next. We were really disappointed if we were to miss and episode or two, and then totally ecstatic once we got around to watching the rerun. It became a sweet obsession. Over the past 2 and a half years, this show has become one my #1 favorite cartoon, and of course it's always going to stay that way today, and forever. It mixes some pretty clever parodies of movies and pop-culture with some of it's own creative, original plots. It can get pretty deep into some of the plots, and the story can get pretty complicated, and there are some thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and even some completely random endings to each story. But at the same time, it balances out with it's witty lines and jokes that some of the older viewers will seem to understand more than the younger ones. This show ended after only two seasons, but I believe that it could carry on even farther. There are so many plots and loose ends that still haven't even been tied up yet, not to mention ones that could branch off of previous events and start all new story arcs. A show like this doesn't deserve to be burnt out when, clearly, it still has enough energy to shine for thousands, millions, possibly even higher numbers that I can't even count to, of ages to come!
  • the first season was dull and serious,but the second,COOOOOOL!

    the show is funny,has good jokes and gags,hilarous characters,good parodies to the popular culture,overall to the 70's culture,got things what the children don't understand,good animation with a few errors,a not so good music,but matches with the situations,nice romantic couples,heheh!.
    The firts season was a bit good,but dissapointed me,the second season got more hilarous moments,and better characters,the Master Yo is not so mature than the first season,i like the changes of the character's attitudes,make what the parents see the show with the kids (sometimes my dad see the show with me).
    it's a great show with great chacters,great scripts,impressive animation,TOTTALY RECOMMENDED,Really,i mean.
  • Yin Yang Yo! is a remarkable series that I have fervently enjoyed watching; it is much better than many of its critics make it out to be.

    A few years ago, Disney decided to dramatically change Toon Disney. This change resulted in most of their classic shows being taken off of the schedule in favor of Jetix, which ultimately became the primary focus of the network. I loathed Jetix. I hated their programs and I refused to watch anything that they showed. However, my rage grew cold as time progressed and I ultimately decided to give some of their shows a chance. When I did such, I fell in love with Yin Yang Yo!. It's one of the better animated programs on Toon Disney and I believe it's actually just as good as some of the shows that I had watched before Jetix took over the network. Unfortunately, I still need to see a lot of the episodes, though I have really enjoyed what I've seen so far.

    The primary thing that I've loved is the relationship between Yin and Yang. While their brother-and-sister relationship is somewhat cliché at times, they do genuinely love one another and I love seeing episodes where they try to protect one another. I've also enjoyed how they each have their own personality quirks, which has permitted the audience to grow attached to them over the course of the series. Also, there is continuity in the show, which permits each episode to retain some degree of importance when it comes to plot and character development. I love this series. It's one of my new favorites and I would recommend it to fans of animation; I know people may still hate Jetix, but Yin Yang Yo! is an awesome show.
  • This show is good but it has problems.

    This is my favourite show on JETIX and I only watch it on Jetix!The show is very funny but the drawings are really stupid.Yin and Yangs ears are floating in the air and what the hecks up with Yos head??!?!?!Edna and Ultimooses nose are a mile long!!!They have a talking log (Wtf????) andh the jokes are not funny.Some episodes are good and some burn my eyeballs and ears!This show is unoriginal but I still like it tought.Yang is very funny and he makes the show great!Oh yeah and I love this show even if it is unoriginal and has bad drawings...
  • Belching, farting, impoliteness, you name it. Everything your parents have forbidden you is there. But the ones who are supposed to give the right example are imperfect out here.

    Two funny little rabbits asking a woo foo master to be their teacher, that's interesting enough. But it gets really great when you discover that this master Yo is an old, grumpy panda who loves to watch television, sleeping and eating nachos. It's almost a miracle that Yin and Yang actually learn something from him.The most of their time the two rabbits have to defend the art of woo foo and prove it's worthy to defeat enemies. And there are plenty of enemies. And all of them are not just dangerous but also crazy.Often Yang is rampaging while Yin tries to cool him off and bring him back to his senses. But just as often they have a fight, sometimes resulting in a total collapse of the dojo.The recipe of this show is simple and effective: nobody's perfect and everyone is crazy. That's the way to make a comedy to a success.
  • Fluffy rabbits with weapons, grumpy pandas, and whiney bad guys...Everything I look for in action/comedy shows! XD

    Yin and Yang are two fluffy little innocent rabbits, but they're no ordinary fluffy innocent rabbits, they're Woo Foo warriors in training!!! Their master is Yo, a grumpy panda who sleeps better than he teaches. Together they fight villans of all types; small, whiney, gross, and well, some are just plain wierd. I REALLY like this show because the comedy is awesome and even the serious episodes have hilarity. Plus, this is THE most original show I've ever seen in TV shows. I mean, who else woulda thought of two fluffy little innocent rabbits training under a panda to become magic warriors who kick butt?! Truly genius!
  • OMG Yin Yang Yo! is totally awesome!! I need to see more new eps!! (specially if they have Yuck on them XD )

    I think this show is one of the best animation shows ever! Its dang funny, entertaining and its characters r animals! What can I say? I love animals and the fact that everyone is an animal or some type of fantastic creature makes the shoe even better!! It always makes me crack of laughter!! I would be dang sad if somebody thought of cancelling it, like many people have done already with good shows... I just hope they don't get rid of YYY, ANd that Yuck (who is my fave characyer EVER) appears more frequently on season 2!! And...Thats all!! Bye!!
  • !Best Children Show Ever¡ Its been a while a Tv show make me stop anything I'm doing for watching a Episode I already watched hundred times before and laugh over and over again¡¡¡.

    This enfatizes what I love most in Animated Shows Humour,Misticism,Combat, Flash Animation and Lovely Characters, Its Truly a Master Piece in my Eyes. Since I meet the Show I liked the way of learning the lessons of Woo Foo, which ressembles the honour code of ancient warriors and some of Phylosophy, such as balance of both Yin and Yang.

    Not to mention other characters as I never watched a show that I liked all the characters, as well as the parodies spreader all over the episodes, this is one of the show I recommend watching as I never seen anyone who doesn't laugh with this show,
  • 3 words to describe this show: Laugh out loud!

    Like I said in my summary, this show makes me Lol! And I mean really LAUGH OUT LOUD! This show is really interesting, the plots are great, the characters are hilarious and.. do I need to go on? At first I thought it was just going to be another one of those shows where there are some people who fight bad guys and save the world. Eh, that would have been ok, but they did just that, and they added their own unique touch. So there's these rabbits (rabbits! For the first time it's NOT humans!) named Yin and Yang (cool names) who use woo foo (also really original) to save the world from bad guys (and most of the time they aren't really that bad! lol). And they are trained by a panda named Yo. And there's this other guy, called the Night Master who hypnotized everyone 100 years ago into thinking that woo foo is for idiots! And Yo must train them well so they are able to defeat the Night Master! And a bunch of other less powerful villians. If I had more hands, I would give this show 10 thumbs up. ;-)
  • Why does everyone hate this show? I think it's great!

    This show is great. It's funny, well written, and best of all it's FULL of action! When I first heard about this show, I didn't really think it would be that cool. But unlike a bunch of other people, I gave it a chance and watched it. But the first time I watched it, I didn't really think it was that great, but after I saw more episodes I totally got hooked!! I'm a big fan of this show, but I am one of VERY few. It seems like for every person that likes this show, there's 5 people who DON'T like it! Because everyone I ask says that it's stupid or they don't really like it, but hey, that's their opinion! I love this show, and I don't care who knows it! ;-)
  • Two cute-on-the-outside-but-powerful-on-the-inside bunnies in their own show. Oh, and a panda master

    This show is about two bunnies who use their woo foo to fight evil or just solve random situations. I'd have to say this show is very funny with its animation and their funny puns. Like Yang's catchphrase: whenever something goes the way he doesn't expect it to, he says "Oh pellets!" This show can also be actiony because of all the villains and woo foo powers and stuff. I also like the way they made Yin and Yang do all the work for Yo, the panda woo foo master, but only if they deserve it. This is one of the best shows that Jetix has ever put.
  • jetix's finest

    jetix has some of the most boring shows around , but this is genius ! two kung fu rabbits named yin and yang and their master yo use woo foo powers to stop evil in the world . yin is a pink female rabbit who uses some sort of magic laser beams and force fields , while her brother yang , a blue male rabbit , uses weapons such as sword and boomerang ( called yang-a-rang ) . their master yo is a grumpy lazy panda who teaches them the sacred art of woo foo . a brilliant show !
  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especialy, well... CARL!!!!! And Pondscum!

    Carl Rules!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my new best friend!!!!!!! He's soooooooooo cooooooool!!! And Pond-scum put's the 'oo' IN cool! And yuck is cute! And, and, and... whoa! I'm going over board here! What I'm saying is that I LOVE CARL!!!! Carl's my man! Or should I say bug?! And I love him & Yuck so much, (but especialy Carl!) that I'm working on a huge movie:

    Nightfallinggeddon: The Big Adventure!

    What do you think of the names? If you have ideas for better ones or episodes, then I'm all ear! I love this! Yin Yang Yo! is the BEST show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!
  • I'm not really a Jetix fan... but this show ROCKS!

    I always thought Jetix was so boring. All it was to me was a pile of boring, unoriginal, third-grade boy garbage. "Power Rangers" this... "Digimon" that. But then I saw a teaser for this show, and thought "Wow... Kinda reminds me of Fairly OddParents. I might have to check it out!" Then I kinda forgot about it until I found RabbitTakeover.com. I was absolutely HOOKED on this show, even before it aired online. I watched every new episode online until the show premired on TV. Now, I'm not usually fond of action shows. I can only watch a show if it makes me laugh, and that's what "YYY!" does. It's a nice change of pace from all the "super-serious action stuff" you usually see on Jetix. It's original, it has very funny characters, and at the same time it's got lots of action! This show is created by Bob Boyle, and includes the comedic writing style of Steve Marmel, who have both worked on "Fairly OddParents" and "Danny Phantom". Even if you don't like action shows, you'll probably like "Yin Yang Yo!" It's clever, funny, and very fun to watch!
  • Meh, it's a show I can watch.

    Finally, another cartoon that involves 2 animals training in a dojo. I like the crisp clean animation (mainly because they actually use flash very well) the stories are decent (some writers from Fairly odd parents and invader zim) and pretty much villians are either strong or weak. The only I mainly dislike about this show is the master Yang. His face is ugly as anything, I have to watch something else until he's gone.
    Another thing is the bunnies remind me alot of Baxter and Babs bunny from Tiny toons adventure. But overall the show is gonna be upgraded and I can't wait to see it.
  • This show makes me LOL!

    Oh my gosh! This show is SO funny! I can't believe the people who hate this show! Come on, give it a chance!
    It's such a great show and it always puts me in a happy mood. The characters are what makes this show great, because they are so hilarious! And I've always loved shows that involve fighting. Ive also always loved shows that are funny. Put them both together and you've got the best show ever!
  • Um...alright.Kung Fu rabbits.Must've busted a major brain vessle coming up with a complicated show like this. lol.

    Well,it seems to be a Tiny Toon,Puff Ami Yumi and Jackie Chan combo cross here.The rabbits are cute but the premise is kind of cliche'.I don't believe in trashing a show like I see some do but I hope some uniqueness reaches this show.
    It does look cute but a bit...eh,I can't think of a word
  • Possibily the best show made in 2006 and will go on to be the best in 2007. This is the best show I have seen since... auctually this better thant hat one. Not bad, I'm a flash fan and I love this show. Haters, watch at least an episode or two. Its cool

    The theme song is good, character development is getting somewhere, plot is well understood. It's the only reason I watch Jetix now. Its even been nomitated for the Golden Reel Award (for the episode: Return of the Night Master). And you have to agree, it's preety funny. I'm glad it going into season 2 sometime in fall (I think it's fall), with 26 more episodes. Haters call it an unoringial. If you find someone that looked at a baby shrit and said, "Kung-fu ninja rabbits!", before Bob Boyle, call me. Who knew you could: "Samurai-in-training" shirt + bunnies= awesome cartoon?
  • This show is funny and cute about the mis-adventures of two rabits in the training of woo-foo with thier sensie master yo, this show includes hillarious villians.

    This show is so awesome that ill sue sp? on demand if they dont put more episodes on. Back on topic now, theres everyones favorite rabits of animation Yin and Yang and
    everyones favorite animated cranky panda mster Yo against the villians such as Carl, Yuck, Herman, Night Master, Ultimoose, and many many many more. This show contributes
    toilet humor, mild vilence, and the word suck/sucks, making
    it un-ipropriate for children under the age of 7. The shows basics are combat with magic and might of the style of woo-foo and concoring fears and much more. Thats why this
    show should be in the top 10!
  • Two cute rabbits + One cranky panda + crazy ninja magic powers = instant masterpiece! :D

    Who would've thought all it takes to make a great animated series was taking two unlike things, throwing them into a blender, and add the craziest villains this side of Kingdom Come would result in the most action packed, comedy show since "Dragonball Z?!" Well, someone must have said " Let's see if it works!" and a good thing they did, because after "Dragonball Z" ended dubbing new episodes in English in America, this country has been starving for some good anime inspired action scenes and this show has come in at just the right time and filled a need that needed to be filled in a very big way! I definitely catch this all the time so I can review the episodes and rack up the points as I want to prove how much of a fan I am of this show! My favorite villain I love to hate is the Kraggler, and it's always funny to see how Yin's nagging and Yang's naivety always end up clashing with each other in causing a whole mess of trouble! This show is funny and exciting at the same time which is a real winning combination! Enough said, true believers! :D
  • Crazy kung-fu bunnies, Naggy sisters, Lazy pandas and a crazy, evil villain cockroach called Carl... WOAH!

    I know what you're thinking; 'Wow. This series looks LAME!' but you are completly... WRONG. I thought the same when i saw the adverts but when I tuned in, it wasn't actually half bad. Its actually very funny and I've laughed out loud on almost EVERY EPISODE. (Seriously, thats quite an acheivment considering I've never laughed when watching any of the monty python films...) The continous arguing of siblings Ying and Yo remind me of my relationship with my twin sister, so I guess it has a little bit of a bonus in that perspective.

    Anyway, ignore the bad reviews. Dont judge it by the adverts like some of the anime-nerds have (those anime-nerds seem to hate anything but anime). Give it a try; tune in and ENJOY! PS. Don't let the appalling theme song put you off either!
  • Bunnies are really, one of my favourite animals, and this show really is something!

    When the first commercial of Yin Yang Yo! was released, I was like, "Pfft, kung-fo bunnies? Big deal, who'd want to watch that." Some reason when I kept watching the commercials until finally the show was on air, I got interested the watch it. The starting up part of the show was kinda weird, and the cartoon style looks like a kid's drawing and I agree with that. But the show itself is quite funny, and somewhat good to watch if your bored. My friends are starting to enjoy this show aswell as anyother! And, "Awww, pellets!" Is a new one..
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