Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 24

Shadows and Light / The Truth Hurts

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 02, 2007 on Toon Disney
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Shadows and Light / The Truth Hurts
Shadows and Light: Herman's Ant Brotherhood decides to trim all of Master Yo's fur off so Herman can steal the Geo-Demosoic Device! Yin, Yang & Yo put up a good fight but Herman hits the students with a hammer & grabs the device before Yo's fur grows back. The Truth Hurts: Meanwhile, a popular girl named Miranda has Yin's attention that Yin wants to be friends with Miranda and Lena wants to be friends with Miranda, too. However, Miranda doesn't like Lena at all. Secretly, Miranda is actually Saranoia using a magic wand to turn herself into a popular girl. When Yin needs to lie to Yang so Yin has a chance to be popular, the Lie Fairy appears and Yang has to keep the Lie Fairy busy. Yang later finds out from the Lie Fairy the truth about Miranda as Saranoia, and decides to grab the Toilet Brush of Illumination to stop her. Yet Saranoia destroys the brush which is exactly what her assistant wanted!moreless

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  • The action begins! 8)

    Nothing flashy, nothing show-offy, nothing elaborate about my review, just a plain old talk about a plain, old episode that airs on a plain old show. :? Yeah, right! :lol: "Yin Yang Yo" ventures into a brand new territory, the Special Event territory and it was well worth the wait! The Night Master only wants what any other normal villain would want: Unlimited Power! And how does he achieve it? By covering the world in eternal darkness! In a first, Saranoia's lackey is working not for Saranoia but for the Night Master himself! As far as Saranoia's lackey is concerned, the Night Master is actually the Lesser of two evils! Lena proves she's not some girl who can just be ignored and actually lands in a good punch to the whacked out Saranoia for acting creepy to her true friend, Yin. But Saranoia's lackey got the job done he was ordered to do, the Toilet Brush of Illumination has been destroyed! Can the Woo Foo Warrior's stop the Night Master without the Brush? It's going to be a real challenge! Action and comedy is why I love this show! That's why I wrote this review! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • These two episodes were pivotal, as they moved forward the plot and set the stage for the upcoming season finale. The fact that these two episodes were some of the best in the first season is also a good reason for people to check them out.moreless

    Shadows And Light was an excellent episode of Yin Yang Yo! that really helped set the stage for the season finale. The events that took place in this episode pushed the overall story arc further, which is why people need to watch this episode if they plan on watching the season finale. However, this episode also had many other great things going for it; I thought that Herman had an entertaining role, even though I don't believe he's as interesting as his brother, and I liked seeing him and his ant army attack the dojo. I also liked seeing Yin and Yang celebrate over having been given a minor promotion; the two of them are merely children, after all, and I like episodes where they get to pat themselves on the back. The fight scenes were pretty good as well, as I liked how Yin and Yang actually got hurt in this episode. All in all, I give this episode my recommendation and I encourage people to check it out; it wasn't the best episode in the series, but it was rather important.

    The Truth Hurts was also an important episode of the series, though its importance wouldn't be noticed until the season finale. That is one of the things that I have loved about Yin Yang Yo!, as even seemingly trivial details could be of tremendous importance down the road. Regardless, the reason I loved this episode was due to Yin; I felt that she had some great character development in this episode, as she had to struggle between her desires and her loyalties. You'll have to watch this episode to see just what I'm talking about, but episodes like this help prove that she isn't perfect and it helps humanize her, which is essential in ensuring that the titular characters remain likable. I also felt that Saranoia had a great role in this episode; she may be sexist, but such is the point of her character and I believe that it permits some brilliant scenes to take place. She may have had a creepy plan with Yin, but I respect her as a villain and I hope that she has some more episodes in this upcoming season. All in all, this was my favorite of the two episodes; I give it my highest recommendation and I hope that people will take the time to check it out.moreless
Scott McCord

Scott McCord

Yang Sounding Ant

Guest Star

Kathleen Laskey

Kathleen Laskey

Lying Fairy

Guest Star

David Hemblen

David Hemblen

Night Master

Recurring Role

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    • Yang: Since there's no point to being Woo Foo Knights in-a-little-less-training if you can't show off, I'm going to use my new Woo Foo level to... (he changes his sword into a magnifying glass and the scene moves outside) ...burn Brother Herman's ants on the sidewalk.
      Yin: Yang!
      Yang: Relax, I'm not gonna torch 'em! I'm just gonna char 'em up a bit.
      Yin: Oh, well, that's different.
      Yin and Yang: (to the viewers) Remember, burning ants is uncool. (They give a thumbs up while the words "The more you learn!" appears at the top)

    • Lena: Why was there a toilet brush in your umbrella stand?
      Yang: That's an umbrella stand? No wonder it couldn't flush!

    • Lena: Yeah, whatever. When your sister gets back from hanging with Miranda, give her this! (throws a fish at Yang)
      Yang: All this time I've dreamed of you hitting me with trout. And now you're doing it out of anger.
      (Lena glares at him)

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    • Restaurant: McSclusives
      The name of the fancy restaurant in The Truth Hurts is a refrence to the McDonalds chain of fast food restaurants.