Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 18

The Gig is Up / Doomed to Repeat It

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Dec 11, 2006 on Toon Disney



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    • Master Yo: Ah, such sweet syncopation. Such rhythm. My two students working together in absolute harmony. It makes me want to... shake what my momma gave me! (jumps into the air, playing air guitar, and lands with a split, and a snap is heard) I just broke what my momma gave me!

    • Coop: I said, let me (jumps out and sings) Out!
      Yang: Panda's out, chicken's in.
      Yin: (to Coop) Let me get this straight. You rock?
      Coop: Finally! You figured it out!

    • Yin: We're in a band, we could go in.
      Yang: I don't care, I'm in a band and I do what I want.

    • Yang: Cheese!
      Yin: Titanium!
      Yang: Cheese!
      Yin: Titanium!
      Yo: If you're not going to listen...
      Yang: Cheese!
      Yin: Titanium!
      Yo: ...then by the great panda's hairy hinder...
      Yang: Cheese!
      Yin: Titanium!
      Yang: Gotcha!
      Yin: Ah!
      Yo: (head starts on fire) I'LL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND!! (opens up the tornado)
      Yin: But I like learning! Why do I have to get the learning tornado?

    • Yin: (sarcastically) A three-foot tongue, yay. I'm officially scarred for life.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In The Gig is Up, Yang briefly speaks in a Liverpudlian accent, referencing the 1960s pop group, The Beatles.

    • Carl: This boot was made for stomping! Probably a reference to Nancy Sinatra's biggest song hit, These Boots Were Made For Walking.

    • Yang: I'll be the snotty British guy! Yin: And I'll be the kooky, perky, babbling chick who compliments everybody! Yo: And I'll be the old guy who does the outdated references!
      These are all accurate references to the American Idol judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson respectively. Simon Cowell who insults everybody, Paula Abdul who is always nice to everybody, and Randy Jackson who actually does use a lot of obsolete slang terms.

    • Chai Tea: The ancient Woo Foo masters named Ti and Chai are a reference to an ancient form of Chinese beverage called Chai Tea, which has been around for hundreds of years.

    • Ballroom Blitz: When the hypnotized audience is about to attack, Yin cries out "It's...it's...a ballroom blitz!" which is a line taken from the lyrics 'Ballroom Blitz' by Sweet.

    • The Invisigoths that the ancient Woo Foo Warriors Woulda and Shoulda fight are a reference to the Visigoths, which was a tribe of normadic barbarian warriors during the time of ancient Rome. They're also a reference to another Disney animated show, Dave the Barbarian which also had the heroic characters in the show fight enemies called Invisigoths in one episode.

    • The Gig is Up plot: The idea about brainwashing people through popular music might be a reference to the movie version of Josie and the P-ussycats, where the record executives tried to do the same thing using the musical groups albums to convince people to buy stuff that they ordinarily wouldn't buy.

    • Yang: We'll have to call ourselves a cool rock band name. Maybe Blink 180-Foo or the Wu-Yang Clan!
      Yang's suggested names are both parody names of already existing bands, Blink 182 and the Wu-Tang Clan respectively.

    • The magical amp which Pandangerous and later, the Chung Pow Kitties used in their rock and roll performances is called Laladdin's Amp. This is a thinly veiled pun on Aladdin's Lamp from the 1992 classic animated Disney movie, Aladdin.

    • When Yin makes a comment about Master Yo having a three-foot long tongue, it is most likely a reference to glam-rock band Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons, who has a three-foot long tongue that he usually sticks out during Kiss performances!

    • Yin referring to a Chung Pow Kitty: She's turning the amp all the way to 11!
      This is a reference to the 1984 movie This Is Spinal Tap where fictional heavy metal rock band Spinal Tap had an amp with a loudness setting that went all the way to 11, whereas normal amps only go up to 10.