Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 27

The Howl of The Weenie

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Oct 13, 2008 on Toon Disney
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The Howl of The Weenie
The sweet and scary holiday of Weenie-Howl is coming up, which means everybody will be trying to be scary. But what's really scary is that Eradicus hasn't been destroyed, but he is still alive and kicking, and he wants to strike back! Eradicus orders his minions to steal all the fear out of people in order to make a deadly monster, the Howl-Weenie hatch from an egg, so that it can destroy anything it sees. And not only is the Howl-Weenie hatched from fear, it feeds and grows stronger from fear as well! And with Yang refusing to be scared of anything, and Yin not being scary at all, the Woo Foo Warriors are going to have a tough time beating the Howl-Weenie unless they find a way to frighten the beast! Can they do it?moreless

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  • Howl of Weenie? Givethanksing? Brick or Eating? X3

    Another week, another Yin Yang Yo! Episode. This one is about Halloween, Eradicus is excited for this holiday(Well, Howl of Weenie, but close enough.) Intill he found out that this holiday changed! Instead of monster's scaring the bejeebies out of everyone, we find out that nowadays kids dress up as monster's themselves and get free candy! To combat this, Eradicus makes a egg that feeds on fear and would turn into a Weenie. Meanwhile, Yang is bummed out since he finds that nothing scares him anymore. Yin is bummed since she can't be scary. I ean really, who's scared of a Pink Bunny? =P Eventually, them two and their friends go to this haunted house. That house is where Yin and Yang's friends get kidnapped so their fear can feed the egg! There is a side-effect though: Fearlessness. Now, I guess being Fearless is okay. But not for long. Dave isn't afraid of his termites (Not good, btw.) And Coop kisses Yin! (Yin blocks most of the kisses though X3) I thought that was funny, but alas no, I don't think Coop would ever win Yin's love. (Sorry for all the YinXCoop fans, but it just seems to me that Coop's just the comendy relief character when it comes to his love for Yin) Watch the rest of the episode to see what happends. Will Yin ever be Scary? Will Yang ever be scared? Why haven't I mentioned Yo? Did something happen to him? Did something happen to Carl the Cockroach Wizard to make him not appear in this episode--not even for a Cameo!?!? *ahem* Sorry.moreless
  • Eradicus strikes back with an evil Howl-Weenie, and Coop Finally begins to earn Yin's love when he finally gets to kiss her! :!:

    I've said it long before Yin was even really aware of Coop's existence, but I always knew Coop would win Yin's love someday! Yet even I didn't know that it would be during this scary holiday! Eradicus hasn't been defeated so easily! He's still alive and kicking, plotting his next move against the Woo Foo Warriors. Eradicus' plan this time is to steal the fear from city citizens to hatch a vicious Howl-Weenie! This legendary creature is not only created by fear, it grows stronger from fear as well! Meanwhile, Yang has grown up a lot since he first came to Master Yo's dojo. He's no longer afraid of the things he used to be afraid of, and he's become an accomplished warrior who can defeat many evil threats! Yang no longer needs to be scary, but Yin does! But Yin simply doesn't know how to be scary, and can't be scary even if her life depended on it! But what she doesn't expect is that Coop actually appreciates her efforts, and he loves her because she's determined to never give up in her attempt to be scary. But it's not until Coop finally loses his fear that he finally has the courage to show how he honestly feels about her, and finally gives Yin a kiss! And that kiss equals Hello Ratings!!!! :D Coop is definitely going to win Yin's love now! Of course, love is the least of Yin's problems with the Howl-Weenie having hatched and tearing the City apart! The only way the Howl-Weenie can be defeated is to give the scary creature a taste of his own medicine! And Yin actually manages to accomplish this when she decides to be: Cute! Her adorable behavior actually frightens the Howl-Weenie and destroys it, which means Yin has finally become scary to something! And Yang learns that Weenie-Howl isn't about being scared of others, it's about scaring others that's really fun! This episode rocked, and I can't wait to see more episodes of this show that rock just like this one! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • While Ella Mental, Rubber Chucky and Indestructi-Bob came back with Eradicus, Mel-licular didn't return since Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow. He was written off the show for unknown reasons.

    • Miss Millipede from Yin, Yang, Yuck!, the multi-eyed monster from Scary, Scary, Quite Contrary, and Carl's Friend from Pro's and Con's, all have non-speaking cameo appearances in this episode.

    • List of fears the characters have:

      1) Master Yo - high cholesterol
      2) Dave - bad jokes and termites
      3) Roger the Skelewog - his own wife
      4) IndestructiBob and Rubber Chucky - the first day of school
      5) Yang - nothing

    • Running gags in this episode: 1. Yang refuses to be scared of anything he sees that is usually considered to be scary. 2. Yin tries to come up with a scary costume idea, and keeps failing until she faces the Howl-Weenie. 3. Eradicus keeps blasting his minions when they say something stupid or don't know what Eradicus is talking about. 4. Master Yo keeps trying to get free candy, and usually fails. 5. After the town citizens lose their fear, they refuse to run away from the Howl-Weenie.

    • After Coop loses his fear, he kisses Yin for the first time in the series!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Lena: Look Yang, I'm sorry if you're too cool for the room...
      Yang: Apology accepted.
      Lena: But it's Weenie Howl, and the rest of us want to have a good old scary time.
      Yang: So do I! Will you wake me when it starts?!

    • Lena: You can stay here and be grumpy...
      Yang: Okay!
      Lena: Or...
      Yang: Really? I thought you were done.
      Lena: Or you can come out to the Boogeyman's annual Weenie Howl funk party, and possibly hold my hand on the dance floor.
      Yang: (sighs) Consider me bribed. Heck, disco music is pretty scary.

    • Eradicus: (walking back and forth) So my minions, do you know why I've summoned you all here?
      IndestructiBob : To tell us you're really a parrot?
      Eradicus: (surprised and a bit unsure) Seriously, do I scream "Polly want a cracker," to you?
      Rubber Chucky: No, No.
      Ella Mental: No, not at all.
      IndestructiBob: But neither did my cat, Mr. Featherbeak. It took us all by surprise. (Eradicus zaps IndestructiBob)

    • Lena: I'm officially fearless so I can say this, I think you're cute but your ears are dopey.
      Yang: Hey!

    • (Eradicus rampages through town, only to see nobody running away)
      Eradicus: What's going on? No one's scared.
      Ella Mental: Well, duh. We sucked it out of them. That was the plan remember? (angrily, Eradicus zaps Ella)
      Ella: I'm getting tired of that.

    • Yin: Isn't anyone feeling scared of me?!
      Coop romantically: I'm feeling something for you if that makes you feel any better.

    • Ella Mental: Eradicus, you still haven't told us. How do we bring the Weenie-Howl back to life? (Eradicus zaps her) With all due respect, that was a fair question.

    • Yang: Yin, will you stop clowning around?! I want more scares and less jokes!
      Yin: Why? I haven't heard of one joke here yet!

    • Dave: You better put me down! My friends will come to rescue me!
      Rubber Chucky: No, they won't.
      Dave depressed: You're right, they won't.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was made available for viewing online at Disney Channel's official website before it made it's TV premiere.

    • Despite what it looked like in Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow, Eradicus is still alive and the Night Master lineage could still possibly continue.


    • Yin: Oh, no! He only plumps up when we try to cook him! This line is the famous slogan for Ball Park Franks.

    • Trick Or Treat: Master Yo goes Brick Or Eating, a parody of the famous Halloween tradition.

    • Thanksgiving: Yang mentioned the holiday of Givethanksing, which is an obvious parody of the holiday that comes in November.

    • Halloween: The holiday of Weeniehowl is parody of the holiday that comes every October 31st.

    • Yang: I think there must be something wrong with me Yin. Weenie-Howl is here, but I'm not scared. I just don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel.
      This quote that Yang says is very similar to what Charlie Brown says in the 1964 animated T.V. special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, only Charlie Brown talked about not feeling happy for the Christmas holiday instead of Yang's holiday.

    • Seinfeld: When Eradicus is doing his stand-up joke, a musical rift from the long-running T.V. series plays to punctuate the fact that Eradicus is trying to be funny even though he actually isn't.

    • A Christmas Carol: When Master Yo sees Yang covered in yellow goop, Yo thinks Yang is the Ghost of Cholesterol Future, and promises to change his bad-eating habits so the Ghost will stop haunting him, and so Yo will have a better future. It's similar to what happens towards the end of the Charles Dicken's masterpiece, where Ebenezer Scrooge sees the Ghost of Christmas Future, learns the possible consequences of not changing his greedy habits, then promises he will change so the ghost will stop haunting him.

    • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The idea of the Howl-Weenie being created and growing stronger from fear, and the fact that it could only be defeated by the opposite of fear which was cuteness, is similar to the rebirth of Captain Pollution in the multi-parter episode A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Captain Pollution was created from pollution, grew stronger from more pollution, and was only defeated by the opposite of pollution, a natural element of the Earth.

    • Betty Boop: When the Weenie-Howl song starts playing, the words appearing on-screen and having a bouncing ball jump on the words as they're being sung, is very similar to what was done in many segments of this old Fleischer/ Paramount cartoon shorts that appeared from 1929-1939.