Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 9

The Trouble With Two-ni-corns / Scarf It Up!

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Toon Disney



  • Quotes

    • Yin: Can I please have a scarf?
      Saranoia: Oh, no, I have something much better for you. Here's a hat and mittens.
      Yin: Neat!
      Saranoia: And here is some hot cocoa.
      Yin: Also neat!
      Saranoia: And here is a book of empowering female poetry.
      Yin: Right on!
      Saranoia: And here are some scarves for all of your friends!
      Yin: I'll go find some!
      Saranoia: You do that.
      Yang: Say, do you have a scarf for me?
      Saranoia: (shrieks) HASN'T SOCIETY UNFAIRLY GIVEN YOU ENOUGH?!?!