Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 24

Today You Are a Bear? / Pets Peeved

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Aug 18, 2008 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Today You Are a Bear?: When Yin and Yang learn that bears have Bear Mitzvahs where they get a lot of presents, they want one to have one to, even though they aren't bears. An evil pig named Ranger Jon sees this as a way to fulfill his evil vendetta against bears (over very little things no less.) He disguises himself as a bear, then tricks Yin and Yang into going through a bear metamorphisis. In reality, all Ranger Jon is doing is turning Yin and Yang into negative bear stereotypes, in an attempt to provoke the bears into a blind rage that will get Yin and Yang mauled! Can Master Yo show the two Warriors that certain stereotypes don't actually apply to all and/or any bears at all? Pets Peeved: Yang longs for a pet of his own, but Yin claims that Yang is too irresponsible for the responsibility of owning a pet. But when Yang reminds Master Yo that Yin has done no better in taking care of pets, Master Yo relents and lets Yang have a puppygriff, and Yang calls his puppygriff, Little Schnozface. Unfortunately, Yang quickly grows bored with him, and when Yang ties a bone to a train, the puppygriff chases after it and runs away. When Yin and Yang look after it (three months later) they wind up in Tallville! There, they find out that the Puppygriff has gotten huge and is none too happy about Yang's abandonment. Even worse, Yin and Yang end up getting a taste of what its like to be a pet when an evil, little tall girl named Rita decides to make Yin and Yang into her pets! Unable to escape on their own, Yin and Yang know their one chance of escape from the overbearing, neglectful personality of Rita (who's an even worse pet owner than Yang is,) will be to rely on Little Schnozface. Will the big puppygriff accept forgiveniss from Yang and break the two Woo Foo Warriors out of there?