Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 6

Too Much Yangformation / Aura... Or Not

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 05, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • This is one of the episodes that makes this show the way it is: AWESOME!!

    This is a great series. There are some episodes that I think aren't really that good, and I could name at least 5 of them! But this one isn't one of them. This episode was AWESOME! Both of the ideas are original because I have never seen anything like this done before! In the first episode, "Too much Yangformation" they have a big test coming up, and Yang forgets (on purpose!) to study! So he uses a pair of glasses to make himself super smart so he can pass the test, but it gets out of hand and he becomes a big jerk! Lol. In the other episode, "Aura.. or not" they learn a new power called an 'aura' where they have a glowing body around them that gives them special abilities, but you have to use your feelings and emotions to channel it. While Yang has no luck channeling his, Yin channels hers because of her love for the environment. But then something goes wrong and it runs off, and she starts to disappear. These were 2 REALLY good episodes that make me proud to be a fan! ;-)
  • My favorite episode!

    This is probably the best episode they have made yet! It was really cool and SO funny! And it was really cool when they channeled their auras! I've tried to watch this one before, but I never got a chance because I just kept doing other stuff. When I finally saw it, I was just like, WOW! But actually my sister was the first one to see it. But what she told me was not exactly accurate. She told me that they were doing their spirits. They're called auras! And she told me that she was losing her spirit. And she also told me that Yang had to use his "spirit" to save her, but he couldn't even do his yet! Wow, was she off!
  • New moves are learned in this episode.

    Too much Yangformation is about Yang putting on a pair of glasses to make himself super smart. After a while, Yin cannot stand that her brother is cheating to make himself smart. Carl sees that Yang knows everything and tries to get him to write down the ingredients needed to make the potion to make him huge. Yang writes them down, Carl becomes huge, they defeat him. Aura...Or Not introduces two new moves: Aura and Paws of Power. Both are very cool. I really like the Paws of Pain because they rock! Truely an episode worth watching.
  • Yang becoming smart and Yin acting like she doesn't care.

    I loved this episode. In Too Much Yangformation, Yang dosen't study for a Wuu Foo quiz but he cheats by using Wuu Foo glasses that make him really smart so he smokes Yin in the quiz, But then Carl trys to make Yang tell him the ingreedents for The Super Posion of Ultimate Hugeitude and of course Yang tells it to him. In Aura...Or Not, Yin learns to make an Aura but when it see Coop litering it goes crazy and goes through the town making everyone stop poluting so Yin starts to lose her spirt and Yang has to stop Yin's Aura.
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