Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 6

Too Much Yangformation / Aura... Or Not

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 05, 2006 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • New Move Debuts: Master Yo, Paws of Power makes Master Yo's hands grow huge and he can magically fire off multiple giant fists at an opponent, packing large amounts of damage; Woo Foo Aura lets Master Yo channel a gigantic entity of pure power which allow him to lift objects that he normally couldn't, and unleash massive amounts of damage to an opponent, Master Yo's Aura is green. Yang: Paws of Pain is Yang's version of Master Yo's Paws of Power. At first he can only activate it out of his love concern for his sister Yin. Yin: Solo Woo Foo Aura, Yin channels a Woo Foo Aura, but she can't control it like Master Yo can yet. Her Aura is pink.

  • Quotes

    • Master Yo: What's wrong with you?
      Yang: Can't do anything.
      Master Yo: And you?
      Yin: Don't wanna do anything.
      Master Yo: It's like something's sucked all the spirit from your body. But on the other hand, the dojo's never been quieter, so I DON'T CARE! To the Not-My-Problem-Mobile!

    • Carl: Yes! At long last, I've got the Potion of Super Humongous Growthitude and I can FINALLY blot out the sun! (Points to sun, camera pans to it) You! I'm coming for you! (Camera pans to a higher sun) Then you! (Camera pans to an even higher sun) Then...probably you. (Camera pans back to the lowest sun) But DEFINITELY you!

    • Yang: I'll figure out these paws of pain sooner or later.
      Yin: Maybe you should start calling them, the paws of love.
      Yang: Whatever.
      Yin: Every time you say "whatever" it means "I love you".
      Yang: Whaa- (makes buzzing noise) Pellets!

    • Yang: Yin! Your spirit! We have to get it back!
      Yin: Whatever.
      Yang: No! Not 'whatever!' You have to care! I don't care, and even I care! Come on, let's go! (Grabs her arm and it slips away 3 times, than he grabs her ears) Ok, now let's go! (Back in town, Yin's Aura is making everyone clean it)
      Creature: See? We're cleaning as fast as we can, and everybody's happy! Happy, I tell you?! HAPPY!
      Yang: Not everyone! (the aura looks surprised) You might have stolen my sister's hatred of littering, but you're like totally bad at it! She can't live like this, not without her spirit. Now, give my sister her energy back, before-- (the aura absorbs Yin)
      Yang: Yin!

    • Yang: (Trying out the Paws of Power) Paws of Pain!
      Yin: It's called 'Paws of Power'.
      Yang: Yeah. But i like to call them Paws of Pain.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Movie: The movie Yin and Yang are seeing in Too Much Yangformation, is an allusion of Swedish film The Seventh Seal.

    • The Powerpuff Girls: Yin's Woo Foo Aura in this episode is similar in behavior to the Dynamo Robot seen in a couple of episodes of this hit show which were namely Uh Oh Dynamo and Live and Let Dynamo.

    • In Aura...Or Not, Master Yo sees a show called Martin the Mysterious, this is an allusion of the animated show Martin Mystery.

    • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The idea of Carl wanting to be huge so that he can be a threat to the world at large is very similar to what happens on this long running series and its many following spin-off series. In the live-action show, the main antagonist usually makes one of their hench-creatures huge so that they can be a threat to the world at large.