Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 23

Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Aug 11, 2008 on Toon Disney
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Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow
Yang has finally collected all the pieces of armor he needs for the ancient spirit heads. But oddly enough, the spirits claim that the only way to prevent the Dark Tomorrow is to throw the items into the Night Master's flame in the Night Master's lair by midnight. Yang tricks Yin into coming with him by making her throw a party. And Yang claims that the best place to do this is at the Night Master's lair, using Coop to get inside. Unfortunately, no sooner does he do this then does the trouble start. The past Night Master Eradicus, is re-born and unleashed into the present world, by Yang! And the four ancient spirit heads turn out to be Eradicus' minions! Now Eradicus decides to create the Dark Tomorrow by switching the personalities of anyone and everyone! (Except for Yin, Yang, and Yo who protect themselves, and Coop who was neutral to begin with.) The only hope that Yang has for salvation is if he can learn to stop fighting for his own fame and learn to put his trust and strength into fighting with his team-mates! But Yang is going to need a little protection help from his enemies in the form of armor! Will Yang's determination and armor be enough to stop Eradicus?moreless

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  • Woo Foo vs. Night Master. FIGHT!(Cencored no more)

    I say that is is one of the best Episodes ever. The show begins with Yang finishing colecting the "Woo Foo Armor" pieces and is told to burn the items in the fire in the Night Master's Lair. Under the guise of a party, Yang burns it and Guess What? ThE OrIGIAL NiGHT MaSTER ErADICUS ApEARS!!!! Eradicus Plunges the Woo Foo Earth into the Dark Tommorow. (big shocker there.) After a duel with Counter Lina, Dave, and Scallowag JR. in gets captured by the Night Master's minions. After runing into the Leage Of Evil, he gets a powerful, awsome armor. A Power rangers like fight occurs and Good guys win. Should of been a two parter. Much better than the next one.

    Let's go to Voltron,

    Tenacon (I can't shout.Sucks)moreless
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G equals one of the greatest "Yin Yang Yo" episodes yet! :idea:

    I know I've said the action in this show can sometimes be compared with "Dragonball Z," but now I think I can safely say, that in terms of action, this show is unmatched by Any show except for "Dragonball Z!" Where else can be seen a deadly 40 foot griffin get resurrected from the dead, four supposed allies turning out to be four adversaries, a chicken keeping his own personality, a blue rabbit unleashing and then helping to destroy a great evil, the bad guys becoming good guys, where can all of that incredible stuff be seen? Only on "Yin Yang Yo!" And in this episode, the armor plot comes full circle. But it wasn't meant for Yang to wear, it was meant for Eradicus' minions to revive Eradicus! The real armor Yang wanted actually came from the bad guys turned good guys! Talk about the plot twists! And Yang finally learned that it's more important to work with his team-mates than for his own selfish pride and glory. And with Eradicus, the Amnesulet and the Night Master lineage being destroyed for all time, that equals for one great episode! There aren't many shows that can produce top caliber stuff like this! That's why I'm glad "Yin Yang Yo" does! I hope the next major plot is filled with just as much excitement and adventure as this one! I'll be waiting for the debut! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Johnathan Wilson

Johnathan Wilson


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James Belushi

James Belushi

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Peter Crugo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Because he sacrificed himself to banish the previous Night Master, the Woo Foo Book Of History gave Coop the credit for that Night Master's defeat (that and the fact his mom is a publiscist).

    • The items used in Eradicus' resurrection were the Amnesiulet, the Lickin' Stick, the Tutti-Frutti Fro Of Double Duty, the Bow-Tie And Suspenders That Suck, the Golden Magic Pants, the Woo Foo Book Of Forbidden Evil, and an "I'm With Doofus" T-shirt.

    • Chronologically, Fighting Fooberty must take place after Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow as Mr. Pondscum still has his original golden polliwog form in this episode. Also, the Licking Stick and the Amnesulet are destroyed for good in this episode.

    • It's learned in this episode that Coop has a weakness for corn and that Coop's mother is a publisher.

    • It's learned in this episode the 4 ancient floating heads are in reality, creatures named Ella Mental, Indestructo-Bob, Rubber Chucky, and Mel-licular. Ella is very intelligent, and she has the power to read minds; Chucky has the ability to stretch in any shape, in any direction, however long he wants to stretch, but he's not very smart; Indestructo-Bob has nearly inpenetrable armor and can bowl over nearly any protagonist, but he's also really stupid; and Mel-licular has the power to shapeshift and regenerate limbs. They all work as minions for Eradicus.

    • It is shown that Ultimoose has now joined up with the League of Evil.

    • The items the villains gave Yang (Ultimooses horns, Carls cape, Smokes sword, the Puffin's umbrella, and Mr. Pondscum's bling) all combined to form the suit of armor that Eradicus' minions described.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Ella Mental: You shouldn't have come back.
      Yang: And you should scowl less. I see some less-then-pretty worry lines!

    • Yin: Yang, they've got me! Run and save yourself!
      Yang: You got it! I'm listening to you because every time I don't, it blows up in my face! (runs away)
      Yin: What? No, I was speaking metaphorically!
      Yang: I don't know what that word means!

    • Lena: (attacking Yang) Surrender! Surrender for Eradicus!
      Yang: Aw, our first spat as a couple!

    • (After Ella Mental materializes)
      Master Yo: (thinking) Hey!
      Yang: (Thinking) Hey!
      Yin: Eh, she's not that hot.
      Ella Mental: (To Yang and Yo) Thank you, boys. (to Yin) You wish you looked this good!
      Yin: How the-? Oh, pellets, can she read minds?
      (Ella smacks Master Yo)
      Master Yo: That would be a yes.

    • (After the Night Master's lair is destroyed)
      Master Yo: It's destroyed. The flame of the Night Master has been extinguished. We've restored Woo Foo to it's former glory! (Everyone laughs and points at Master Yo, who is furless)
      Master Yo: Mostly.

    • Eradicus: Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow, where good becomes evil, evil becomes good, (Scene shifts to Coop) and if you're half-good, half-evil, well then, you're half-evil, half-good.

    • Eradicus: The Dark Tomorrow begins...TODAY!!!!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Johnathan Wilson voices Eradicus like he did in "Doomed to Repeat it". Yet Eradicus sounds different.

    • Dave uses his plant controlling powers for the second time in the series.

    • The lair of the Night Master is destroyed and the Night Master lineage supposedly comes to an end in this episode, although it will later be revealed that Eradicus and the Night Master Yin, Yang, Coop, and Master Yo destroyed are still alive.

    • It is learned that the four spirit heads were in reality, Eradicus's minions and the items they were having Yang collect were to revive Eradicus.

    • It is revealed in this episode that Eradicus was the original Night Master.