Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 25

Who Knows What Evil Lurks

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 09, 2007 on Toon Disney
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Who Knows What Evil Lurks
Who Knows What Evil Lurks: Yang is convinced that the Night Master has someone spying on the Woo Foo Warriors. To find out if this is true or not, they use the Kraggler's Chronologicum to go back into the past within the time stream to see if they can find this spy. But since the Night Master doesn't want them to find out that the spy is Coop, the Night Master sends Zarnot after them.moreless

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  • I absolutely loved this episode. It was unique in the manner that it revealed additional details about previous episodes, and it also helped set the stage for the upcoming season finale. All in all, this is one of the best episodes in the entire series.moreless

    Who Knows What Evil Lurks was a spectacular episode of Yin Yang Yo! that was rather important, as it helped build upon the overall story arc which played out in the season finale. Due to such, this episode had a stronger plot than most other episodes of this series; this episode was also a full twenty-two minutes long, which permitted its plot to be carried out without being rushed. However, what I liked most about the plot was how it required character development; we learned a lot more about Yin and Yang, and we got to see some of their inner thoughts about events that had taken place in previous episodes, which really permitted us to better understand why they act the way that they do. The only downside may have been the ending, as even though it was sentimental and actually made sense, I felt that the events that took place should have been taken just a bit more seriously. Regardless, this is one of my favorite episodes of Yin Yang Yo! and I hope that people will check it out, especially if they plan to watch the season finale.moreless
  • Long live the Woo Foo Warriors, and long live Coop on his redemption day! :D

    How can I describe this episode? Awesome, awesome, awesome...did I mention it was awesome?! At first I thought I might have to take notes on this movie as it seemed so big to me. While I ended up not having to, I still consider this the best special show event to happen during the entirety of the year 2007, and the year's not even a quarter of the way done yet! Yes it's true, Coop has been a bad boy. Ironically, this is what makes Yin finally attracted to him! (As I once again correctly said was always bound to happen sooner or later! ;) ) There's a thin line between being imperfect to just being mean to someone who just loves you. Yin realizes too late the price of being mean to a chicken who all the time was only trying to like her and yes, especially love her! This is a price Yin doesn't take lightly, and with Yang and Master Yo's help plans to make the Night Master pay for enlisting the services of a bird so young. The Night Master considers imperfections a sign of weakness. After all, what can three imperfect warriors do against a seemingly perfect master of darkness? But just because someone has been imperfect, that doesn't mean they're bad. It's the imperfections Yin, Yang, and Yo have that make them strong fighters & Yin is sincerely sorry if she has ever expressed any meaness to the bird that loved her. The Night Master thinks that sorry doesn't account for anything in the world but for Coop, it counts for everything. Coop undoes his traiterous act by standing up to the Night Master, fixing the Toilet Brush of Illumination, and allowing it so Coop could finish off the Night Master even if it meant she had to hit Coop to. Coop knows he has done wrong and wants to atone for his mistake, but promises Yin she'll see him again if she searches for him. Yin promises she will. This amazing episode makes me proud to be a fan! Enough said, true believers!moreless

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