Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 13

Wonder Tweens Go! / Touchy Feelings

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 28, 2008 on Toon Disney

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  • Poking fun at "Teen Titans" and losing your emotions made easy! :lol:

    This is an absolutely funny episode! And anyone who thinks it isn't is insane! :roll: Zarnot isn't worth the Woo Foo Warrior's time in a fight, because Yin and Yang are more concerned over watching their favorite show (especially since Zarnot can't do anything right! :lol: ) Of course, Yin and Yang aren't the only ones. Lena and Melodia enjoy it to, and won't do their chores until it's over! Unfortunately, The Lesson takes this to mean that he's needed again (like he ever is) and decides to show the four of them (and Dave, just because The Lesson felt like it) why it's more important to be a hero in real life than it is to be a hero in a T.V. show (talk about irony! :D ) So Yang becomes Yangst! Yin becomes Yinsecure, Lena becomes Sass-quatch, Melodia becomes Stinkfire, Dave becomes Fifth Wheel! (They ran out of cool hero names.) They're head-quartered in a Y tower. Yin keeps waffling on what she should or shouldn't do, Yang keeps talking about his dark past in his head, Lena blows off any character that tries to talk to her, and Dave keeps getting mistaken for being a girl and for being the hero's alarm system! It turns out, in this reality, they have to fight Zarnot who has become Genera-tron, an obligatory robot villain with cliche catch-phrases and plots. Unfortunately, all of the characters except for Dave are too busy acting "in character" that they don't stop Zarnot who's actually more of a threat in this reality, figures! So with Dave being the only one with any common sense in this reality, he has to try and vow to stop Zarnot by himself! Fortunately, he doesn't have to do it alone as the others finally come to their senses and kick Zarnot's butt yet again! And what happens when Yin lets Fred blast away Yang's emotions? As it turns out, Yang is not good in a fight without emotions and needs them back badly, so Yin has to get Yang's emotions back and fast! This episode was silly! :idea:
  • Had much to be desigerd. Has noting to do with the story line if it does tell me how.

    The lesson was used to much.
    It is just like an episode of the farliy odd parents.
    Yang loses his feelings that makes no sense expecialy why his emotion of love is so big and yet he rarely shows it.
    In the one where the are put in a cartoon is redundet seeing as they are a cartoon.
    Yang was to much like batman except he talked more.
    Daves name was realy lame.
    They could have made lina look diferen or they could have gave her a better name.
    The idea of Fred bing good makes no sense because even if he was acting good it came out evil.
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