Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 0


Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 12, 2007 on Toon Disney

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  • One word: AWESOME!!

    This really was an awesome episode and it was totally worth waiting 2 whole months for! Lol. First of all, the plot was great and very well thought out. Second, just the word 'Woofoogeddon' sounds cool! Also, the end was REALLY good! In the end, when she was going to zap the Night Master out of existance, she realized that she would also hit Coop! And only 5 minutes after they were friends again! But he'll be back.. in season 2 that is! One last comment I have is how they took the last three episodes of the season, "Shadows and light/the truth hurts", "Who knows what evil lurks" and "Night falls", put them all together and made it into one big episode! I've never seen anything like that done before, and that proves that it's original. And what impressed me is that these three episodes were all COMPLETELY different in many ways, but they were able to mix them up so they made perfect sense. This episode was just really really good, and I could watch it again and again. (BTW, when is it gonna be on again?? Lol!) ;-)
  • This is a great episode!!! I love it! "Shadow Chicken Activate!" LOL! "CHEE! HOO! WAH!!" This great! I love this episode!

    You know this episode is great! No, wait! It's Carlicous!!! Ckikkennoodul (I call him Chikky!) made that up! Now I'm gonna say something! CARL-BONGA!!! That's somthing funny I made up just today!!! This is fun! I love watching this show! Woo Foo!!! AWESOME!!! Yin Yang yo! is great! NOW HERE'S MY CHEIR! In a world of chaos & dissarry, Carl & Carly save save the day! GO! CARL! GO! YIN! YANG! YO! YAH!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOO!!! FFFOOOOOOOOO!!! Woo Foo is awesome!!! Awsome!!! AND CARL!!!!!! CARL! CARL! CARL! CARL! CARL! CARL!... You get my point! I LOVE Carl! Woo Foo! And Yin Yang Yo!
  • Woofoogeddon has a really good storyline. *spoilers in review*

    Yin and Yang finally become level one, but not until they defeat the Night Master. They learn that there is a spy that has been giving the Night Master information. It turns out to be Coop! Yin and Yang go through time to try and figure out who has been spying on them, but they do not figure it out. When they have to retrieve an item that can help to defeat the Night Master, Coop reveals himself then, Yin and Yang get captured. They escape by using the other's powers and then team up with Master Yo, Carl and the guy who wants to be Yang's friend. This special was absolutely amazing!