Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 37

Yin! Yang! You!

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Apr 05, 2009 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Carl, constantly tired of failing to blot out the suns in his world, decides the only way he is EVER going to succeed is to REMOVE Yin and Yang from his world, and he has a perfect way to achieve it. Carl can't help but notice that Yin and Yang fight over whether Lena likes being Lena's friend more, or whether she likes to be Yang's boyfriend more. So Carl captures Lena (on her birthday, no less) and throws her into OUR dimension onto Earth! Lena winds up in Hollywood, California in the home of Jason Earles on his birthday! But Jason Earles has more important things to worry about then a strange blue dog falling through the sky. Jason has to worry about making sure his hair is more awesome than Mitchel Musso's hair! Yin and Yang find out Carl's plot all too soon, and waste no time in chasing after Lena; but they make sure to pull in Carl with them, since he caused this mess in the first place. Unfortunately, the Woo Foo Warrior's plan proves to be a drawback. Yin and Yang find out the hard way that nobody on Earth can understand them, since humans can only hear Yin and Yang speaking rabbit and not English! Not only that, but Yin and Yang find themselves becoming more like actual rabbits at a fast, alarming rate! Meanwhile, Carl makes a wonderfully evil discovery that even though Earth is filled with giants who make Carl even smaller in our dimension than he is in his own; because of Carl's magic powers, the humans are completely terrified of him! Even worse, Earth's cockroaches are completely in awe of Carl's magic powers, and waste no time in embracing Carl as a leader who will finally lead cockroaches to the top of the evolutionary ladder on Earth! Yin and Yang catch a lucky break however, when they find out through a television broadcast that in Hollywood, California, Jason Earles has a new, blue, pet dog, and it turns out to be Lena! After flying on an airplane doesn't work out, Yin manages to foo-portate the both of them to Jason Earles house. But by then, they find out that Yin, Yang, Lena, and Carl now all look like realistic versions of their animal counterparts, but keeping their original world colors. And Carl has got all the ingredients he needs to make a potion that will cause the Earth's moon to eclipse the sun and blot out its light forever! All the ingredients, except one important recipe key; the hair of two totally awesome dudes. Ironically enough, the hair that Jason Earles and Mitchel Musso have is exactly the kind of awesome hair Carl needs! Yin and Yang, unable to squelch Carl's large cockroach army, decide that their only alternative is to destroy the hair of Jason Earles and Mitchel Musso, rather than let Carl have it. But before Yin and Yang can get Lena back to their own dimension, Carl proves that he is determined to prevent them from returning their! Yin and Yang decide to take a long shot and to their surprise, find out that their Woo Foo Aura still works on Earth! They make short work of Carl's real cockroach army, but before Yin and Yang can finish Carl and his army off for good, animal control shows up, prepared to take some drastic action! Knowing that they've done everything they needed to do in order to stop Carl and rescue Lena, they quickly jump back through Carl's dimensional gateway, and get Carl returned to their dimension as well. So not only did Yin and Yang stop Carl in both OUR dimension as well as their own, they also found out that Lena just wants to hang out with Yin and Yang both equally, rather than have them fighting over her.