Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 3

Yin! Yang! Yuck! / Beetlemania

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 04, 2006 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • When Yin, Yang, and Yuck go to a pizza joint, on the table where they are sitting is a single pizza. Although Yuck violently eats the pizza, getting it all over Yin and Yang, in the next shot the pizza reappears.

    • New Move Debuts, Yuck: Yuckicane lets Yuck spin around like a hurricane and lets him suck up nearly anything in his spinning whirlwind attack; Fists of Fire makes Yucks fists huge and glowing with burning magic, it's a level 2 Woo Foo move.

    • This is the first time an episode segment has a title similar to the name of the show

  • Quotes

    • Ms. Millipede: I know you're in here twerps. Don't be shy, Ms. Millipede just wants to (squishes a fruit) HUG YOU!!

    • Yin and Yang: (after Yuck appears) Aw, isn't he cute?

    • (Yang is trying to fight the metallic beetle)
      Lena: (to Yang) I'm assuming you have a strategy.
      Yang: Sure, I'm wearing him down. He's got to get tired of batting me around sooner or later. (Gets hit) It's just going to take a little time.
      Lena: This here, is why Woo Foo Warriors are the laughing stocks of our entire town!
      Yang: (giggles nervously) You're not helping, precious!

    • Master Yo: (watching his students hugging) Okay, this is weird. (watching them clean both sides of their room) This is wrong. (watching them have fun cleaning plates) And this is downright creepy! (to students) Okay, KNOCK IT OFF!!!

    • Lena's Father: Thank you, Woo Foo warrior, for coming to our aid.
      Yang: Ah, nothing I wouldn't do for any father of a girl I'm attracted to! (Pause) Did I just say that out loud?!
      Lena's Father: Yes!

    • Lena: You lied to me?
      Yang: Yes. I lied to impress a girl. I'm the first guy ever to do that.

    • Yuck: Do you know how hard it is to get car parts and blood off your knuckles?

    • Driver: (After getting flung backwards by Yuck) Thank you airbags.

    • Driver: Hey! Idiot! Get out of the street.
      (honks his horn)
      Yuck: (laughs) Honk at me again and see what happens.
      (driver honks his horn and Yuck beats him up)

    • Dave: Hey! I thought we had an agreement about being kind to wood. Wood power!
      (Yin smacks Dave with a tree)

    • Kyle Massey sings: Yin Yang Yuck! (Master Yo come up from the bottom of the screen) Master Yo: Yuck?

    • Yuck: Any last words, old man?
      Yo: Kumquat and meteorite. I don't know. I always like those words.

    • Yang: (to Yin) Remember what Master Yo said?
      Floating Master Yo head images: A Woo Foo knight is like an orange chicken; sweet and sour. You have to balance out all of your ingredients. And get those bumps on your heads checked! I think you might have dain bramage!

    • Dave: Wood power!

    • Announcer: The winner and still champion, Master Yo!
      Master Yo: You know what they say, Kraggler; you snooze, you lose!
      (Crowd goes silent)
      Yo: Come on, people! This stuff is hilarious!

    • Yin: (to Yo) I just wanted to wish good luck.
      Yo: I have no need for luck. This should be as easy as pie. Get it? Pie?
      (Yin walks off)
      Yo: Come on girl. This stuff is gold.

    • Yo: I guess you could I'm with the "upper crust". (laughs) Get it? Upper crust?
      (Yin and Yang stare at Yo and a fart is heard)
      Yo: (leaving) You know that was funny.

    • Yang: For a big, hulking mass of destruction, you sure are light on your feet.

    • Yang: Alright you six-legged mass of destruction. You're the only thing keeping me from impressing a cute girl. So bring it!

    • Lena: And this is the Trollgre you defeated single-handed? Yang: (with pride) Using the power of apology.

    • Yin: (after Yo and Kraggler argue) Well, that was as fun as watching paint dry.

    • Yang: Aww pellets.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Beetlemania: The episode segment title is a pun/reference to Beatlemania. This commonly refers to the fanatical obsession with the popular rock group, The Beatles, from 1962 to around 1967.

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