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    Today I review a stupid Nickelodeon show from Wild Brain. YO GABBA GABBA!

    The show is about DJ Dance Rock (or whoever the crap he is) who gets some kind of stereo which brings 5 strange creatures to life.

    I cannot say anything else as this show is THAT BAD! (its better than Don't Scare the Hare, though) Don't watch this show. Better educational shows include Arthur, Thomas the Tank Engine (Seasons 1-7), Sesame Street and Blue's Clues. I give this show a 1.5 out of 10 with the title of TOTAL CRAP!
  • Yahooee

    Seems like a good show but I have had so many nightmares about the green guy
  • From the ex-fan...

    I used to like this show (when I was 10 years old - kill me now -) for at least 2 years. It started when I saw the ad of it on TV. I got obsessed from the first episode and people used to make fun of me and my obsession at primary school. I got a bit embarrassed but in 2012 when Casper's Scare School came on TV, I got over Yo Gabba Gabba! quickly and became a CSS fan/Scaratic since then.

    Anyway, here are my thoughts on YGG!:

    - I agree with the haters - who on Earth would thought making this show is a good idea? Apparently, it's great for preschoolers but it's a different light to others.

    And if adult fans of YGG! had a nerve on comparing this to Sesame Street, the Wiggles, Lazytown etc. until the end of their time, I'll just kick their asses to get their senses hehe (I'm okay with young fans. Some adult ones are decent but others are just ugh)

    - Now and then, when the TV air ads of this show, I'll just freak out because I am embarrassed that I used to like this

    - I am sure that YGG! wouldn't be a successful kids' show since there are better ones out there (but Dirtgirlworld though *shudders*)

    - Judging the show, I think they do have good morals but they use it in a wrong way (I would appreciate it if it wasn't for LSD-filled lights, colours and special and I'm okay with how the show chooses the guests to appear on the show (I mean, Tony Hawk, Jack Black, Elijah Wood and so on). However, I prefer the Aquabats Super Show over this show

    - The voices are a bit weird but hey, what could go wrong? (*listens to song from YGG!* Oh

    - I am quite glad that it's not very successful as it was back in 2007-2010 because what's so great about colourful aliens/monsters/robot singing songs in weird voices?

    That's my thought/s on YGG!
  • This is the stupidest show nj has sufferd

    Nick Jr. was suffering from terrible programming and they ended up with THIS! I agree with finnysohr, this show is dumb! I changed my mind about this when I was 7, wubbzy is better than this junk! What happend to Oswald? What happend to Oobi? The only good show left on nick jr. is wubbzy! Do me a favor and cancel this!
  • love it!

    My son and I love this show. Its fun, entertaining, and educational. I'm so upset that the 9am showing has been replaced by some dumb kid band. BRING IT BACK!!!!

    Oh my god, I never This show is so f*cking bad!!!! Even Twilight is better than this load of crap! This show better NOT get renewed for a fifth season! 4 seasons is enough I can take for crappy shows! I never even wanted this show to get renewed for a second season!!! I don't wanna even think about this! It's been running for 5 F*&CKING YEARS & NOW I AM DONE WITH THIS SHOW!!! This show better not hit 6 years or I'll do something this show will never regret!!! I rate this garbage 0 if it weren't for the crappy rate scale!!!!

  • what the crap ... the name even sucks

    wow just weird not education not creative their lips dont move and u can see their zippers in the costumes.
  • Best Show on Nick JR!!

    My son and I love every single episode. Thanks Yo Gabba Gabba for the great music and creative ways to learn. Please make more episodes ASAP.
  • Just watch one second of Gabba Land, and you'll want to throw this stuff back to Japan.

    I know, this show is not Japanese, but it sure feels like it is because it is such an acid trip! I mean, seriously, this shoe is too weird to even WATCH!
  • Yo Gabba Gabba=complete sh!t

    Well, I unfortunetly was sitting on my sofa one day (a few years ago) and along came this complete, pure garbage called "Yo Gabba Gabba". Seven years later, I still remember how purely awful that crap was. To this day, the show is still banned in my house. None of my friends like(d) that crap, and even my little brother who's four years younger than me hates that stupid show.

    Ok, first off DJ Lance looks like he's high like 98% of the time. Seriously. He has this gay little voice and his outfit looks like a trainwreck. When I first saw him, I thought he was a wannabe hipster. His glasses are ***ed looking and that orange things looks like it came out of my a** when I was sitting on the toilet last night. Wow.

    Secondly, those songs make me want to kill myself. They are repetitive and are pretty much all the same sh!t over and over again. I mean come on next thing you know Miley Cyrus will be twerking it up with DJ Lance on this show and maybe Robin Thicke and Lil' Wayne will appear on the show "teaching" kids about life. God, if that happened I would just not want to live on planet Earth anymore. The songs sound like something getting run over by a train or any fricking vehicle OVER and OVER again. Actally, I take that back: something getting run over by a vehicle would sound a load better than the "music" they play on that show.

    Speaking of crap, look at those, um, I guess you could call them things? Well, those "things" are just plain disgusting to look at. Every time I see a commercial for that sh!t called yo gabba gabba my eyes are literally on fire because I am looking at these colored turds that are flapping around like a cartload of idiots.

    Ok, so I apologize for complaining so much, but think about it, what is there to like about this show? Nothing. That, my friends, is the answer. Oh, one more the he|| is the show called 'yo gabba gabba?" the name is so stupid and it sounds like gibbergabber. I speak 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Russian) and not one of them is "IDIOT". Believe me, in all my language studies I've heard some pretty funny sounding stuff, but Yo Gabba Gabba is not cute, funny, imaginative, or cool. It's just d-u-m-b. DUMB

    Please, allow your poor little offspring to watch this kind of crap. After all, they are the future. If you want our future to be filled with dancing ***o creatures and sh!t headed dancing DJs, then so be it. That's your choice, buddy. When/if I do have kids, I will definitely not let them watch this sort of crap. But, as I stated above, your future is your choice. Hey, if Obama can be the president, who's to say one of the things or DJ Lance can't be the president too? Well, the day that happens, gooooooddddd-byeeeee USA and goooooodddd-byyyyeeeee order, hope, liberty, peace, and freedom.

    So please, if you don't want to be in a gabba-Apocalypse, don't let your children or ANYONE AROUND YOU watch that crap. The future generations will thank you.

  • Wahhh No Gabba

    My grandson(3yrs) and granddaughter(2yr) love this show!! They would depend on it in the morning. Now they took it off netflix, They learned alot from Yo Gabba Gabba. Dj Lance is makes alot of sence and taught them alot.

    And my Granddaughter ask their mom (granddaughter) "Mama why you turn Gabba Very mad
  • Absolutely ridiculous

    I do realize that this is a show for kids, not adults, but the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba really must think kids are stupid. There's also no way the creators of this show weren't on drugs when they thought this stuff up. I see no educational value in this show. "Don't bite your friends?" Yeah, my three-year old daughter really needed a yellow robot and a big red, one-eyed whatever the heck that thing is to tell her that. The songs are repetitive, stupid, and incredibly annoying. There are plenty of other, much better, shows that my kids can watch for entertainment and educational purposes. I would rather they watch Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, or Little Einsteins all day, non-stop, than watch another episode of this horrible show. Even Backyardigans is more tolerable, and I can't stand that show, either.
  • Please don't cancel Yo Gabba Gabba

    This show is life saver for me when it comes to my 22 month old son and my 19 month old nephew even my 4 year old daughter loves this show. My son gives me a hard time when it comes to his bed time as soon as he hears the YGG theme song he grabs his bottle lays down and winds down, by the end of the episode he's fast asleep. He's been watching it for about one year now. He absolutely depends on this show when he wakes up. Before he goes to sleep at night, and when he takes his after noon nap, He knows his body parts he sings he dances he even counts he's only 22 months. I noticed it wasn't on demand this am and it didn't air at 3pm I hope it was just a mistake because my son would go crazy with out his favorite show.
  • You don't have a clue, any of you.

    This show is wonderful! My daughter is 2 years old and has been watching it for the last 6 months and has learned SO much from it. She's learned songs, and basic "don't do this" rules. Just because your mind can't gear up and get with it doesn't mean it's not great for your kid. It's funky, it's colorful, the characters are varied within ages, colors and 'fun' backgrounds. Something for every child to connect with . DJ Lance is interactive on a personal level but doesn't dumb it down to a level like some adult actors do when talking to children. Grow up, all of you. It doesn't matter if you enjoy it, but if your child enjoys it. They'll grow out of it, and you'll hate the next thing they like. Boo hoo.
  • Prision will favor me here

    Well, it is not that good. Th damn thing is so annoying I would rather be put in a pissed out rotting prison than watch this.
  • Best kids show on tv

    This show is the only thing my daughter watches. It's teaches basic morals a lot of kids lack these days. It blends art, retro, and music. Remember its not meant to entertain you, its to entertain your children. Plus, i enjoy the bands that are on the show. No crazy pop stars that are poor role models. It's not as creepy as the wiggles, and not as psychotic uber color crazy as the doodlebops. Highly Recommended!
  • this is purely a nightmare to end nick jr. altogether

    ok, the voice actors. who is emma jacobs?? she rips off kath soucie's cartoon voice acting, and she should definitely win and be nominated for the raspberry awards, just because her voice acting doesn't serve any purpose. i can't believe i am watching a nick jr. show gabba gabba where all you do is sing and dance. the music video section rips off various cartoon arts such as dexter's lab, spongebob squarepants, and family guy. stay away from this horrible tv show as long as you can. kath soucie and tara strong had nothing against foofa. for my goal of 100 thumbs up on this review, we agree to stay away from this nightmare, and watch some other awesome tv shows such as the powerpuff girls, spongebob, pokemon, dexter's lab, ed edd n eddy, and scooby doo.

    no offense, but this show should be given a razzie award for the worst supporting actress: emma jacobs.
  • This is one of the most crappiest shows on earth!

    Yo gabba gabba is just plain stupid. all they do is sing and dance and every once in a while some random kid as 8bit or riding some thing. i mean cancel this now nick jr!!
  • Just Plain Horrible

    Kids TV shows just reached an all time low. I do not know how anyone can sit and watch something like this. The songs are obnoxious, the acting is bad, and the plot is obscure.

    This show is similar to many of the over top post-modern shows, but lacks any good qualities to make it worth watching. It is supposed to be an educational show for children, but what type of "education" are these children receiving? You guessed it, Nothing. All this show helps kids to do is be rowdy and make noise. What happened to counting, reading, or writing skills?

    Any way you look at it, this show is not worth a watch. Might as well watch Sponge Bob if you want to be entertained for half an hour. Another thing at Yo Gabba Gabba! fails at.

  • Worst show ever after wonder pets!

    I hate this show so f**king much its worse than wonder pets.All they do is sing and play that make me wanna vomit on the monsters or maybe kill them.Why cant they make shows like Johnny and the sprites,Bear and the big blue house,Eureekas castle,Jojo's circus,House of the mouse or Blues clue's What happened to those shows.This show defenly 100% has to be canceled
  • and i thought Fanboy and Chum Chum was bad enough, but this, this is even worse!

    so yeah, i decided to watch a few episodes of this show, and guess what, it sucks! i'm not kidding. i'd rather watch Failboy and Dumbf*ck (Fanboy and Chum Chum) than watch this. I'd rather get the RROD than watch this. I'd rather be in a empty room, with a locked door, no windows, oxygen, food, water, bathroom, computer, console, anything to entertain me while i'm in space waiting to explode because of this f*cking show. if their was a contest for worst TV show in kid show history, THIS WOULD WIN 3 AWARDS IN A ROW. but enough b*tching, let's get into the review.

    Plot: DJ Lance Rock says the magic words "Yo Gabba Gabba" and brings his toys to life to teach lessons about sharing and caring, and to encourage preschoolers to get up and dance along to a variety of songs and games. Muno, a friendly red cyclops; Foofa, a cute pink flower monster; Brobee, the little green (emo) one; Toodee, a blue cat-dragon; and Plex, a magic yellow robot, all sing and play in Gabbaland, a cheerful, colorful world filled with music, dance, and life lessons.''''Mark Mothersbaugh, lead singer of Devo, regularly hosts a drawing segment, and rapper Biz Markie teaches kids how to "beat box".

    Problem(s): let's just get this out of the way right now, everything about this show sucks. EVERYTHING. First off, the Characters are just plain stupid, infact their so stupid, their even forgettable. Second, i cannot stand their songs and acting. it's just bad. Last, the titles are just pointless.

    Overall: don't waste your time watching this show, there are Much better shows like blues clues and spongebob squarepants. this show makes Fanboy and Chum Chum looks good.

    EDIT (4/21/2012): Ok, to be fair, it isn't THAT bad, but it's still horrible. then again, this IS a kid show, so i have nothing to complain about that.

    Also, i was only complaining about the minor problems and not the major problems. i will remake this review and try to add more major problems rather than minor problems.

    i'll give this show a:

    2 out of 10. your better off avoiding this show.
  • i love this show!!

    I have heard so many people disagree that this show is garbage blah blah blah but i love it! My daughters watch this show and many others but by far learn many things from this show. My daughters understand that people are different and that we should take turns. Yes, I grew up with many different cartoons that were not as knowledgeable and that did not teach many good mannerisms but this show is enjoyable and sets the scene for action. It is not discriminatory against children with special needs and has a variety of ethnicities present. I love the little dance moves they teach as well.
  • This show isnt for adults, its for children!

    The show isnt meant for adults to watch, its meant for children. Children just so happen to love when characters sing and dance....
  • No,No,No not the right show

    Don't like the show
  • An all time low for kids shows.

    I know this show ain't for me but I wouldn't let my kids watch this show if I had any. The kiddie shows I grew up on weren't as terrible as most of the kiddie shows they have now. What happened to characters that look sort of real so kids can at least relate to the show and enjoy it but no they have bad character costumes, with bad colors and altogether it is just bad. What happened to simple stuff like Big bird and sesame street, they are trying to go above and beyond the simple old stuff that was on tv and it just doesn't look right to me, they need to go back to the simple stuff if you ask me.
  • So stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is so annoying! I mean seriously. This show has like 13 songs in just one episode. And they're terrible. My parents even said that they wouldn't let me watch the show if I was younger. I mean, that one guy has only 1 eye and has spikes or something around him. The green guy has stretched out arms. The pink one is so fat, she can't even get her seat belt on (in Car). My sister's friends came over one night, we had it on demand, so we watched the "Car" episode, and we all laughed because it was so ssssstuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddd!Especially Biz's Beat of the Day. I recommend not to watch, watch other children's shows like: Blue's Clues, or Spongebob, just don't watch "Yo Gabba Gabba"! It'll save you some time.
  • wth?!?!

    this show is freaky! every ep has songs in it that are just retarded. their names are stupid too(so stupid i cant even remember 'em). dont let your kids watch this piece of trash. instead, let em watch any of the nick jr. shows from the 90's. they're much, much, much better than this crud. what exactly are those giant creature things supposed to be? i know one's a robot. i just dont get tis show! also, the songs they sing could possibly drive somebody nuts! cancel this & bring back blues clues!!! every ep is bogus. it's just them creature thingys & robot dancing around & doing stupid stuff!
  • One word: biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizarrrrrre!

    Okay, this show may be great for little kids, but I'll bet everyone my age who's seen it at least once thinks it's pure torture. I've seen it only once, and I just didn't understand it at all. What the heck are all those creatures anyway? The only identifiable one is the robot. And what's up with the guy in the orange jumpsuit, the dinosaur with a corncob for a head, and the flying piece of bread? My advice, don't watch this unless you want to waste the rest of your life trying to figure it out. The only reason I'm giving it 3 points is because brobee is kind of cute even though I'm not sure what he's supposed to be.
  • Worser than Sesame Street.


    OK. I'm just an ordinary 14 year old Vietnamese tomboy, but this show is bleeding my eyes.

    I used to like this show when I was in Year 7, but I hate it. It has character flails by the way. And teenage fans, for your information, I suggest that you need a serious life and get over it, like me.

    Talk about the show summery, I would get dressed in a zombie costume if I see a cast of YGG. I'd rather watch my faovurite shows and cartoons than this garbage. Shows like this is teaching kids like crazy, not just bad. It's a lot terrible than one of my favourite shows.

    Seriously, teenage fans of YGG are like Twihards, but has unusual details. My friends hate this show as well! I wish YGG will be cancelled and replaced by a good and better show.

    Stupid, lame, retarded, not good for REAL teenagers and really repetitive!

    Real teenagers watch what they like, unless YGG!

  • Yo Gabba Gabba! is a fantastic new TV show that engages toddlers and pre-schoolers in fun activities while also teaching basic skills (e.g. sharing, brushing teeth, etc.) - A family-friendly TV show that is educational and encourages kids to be active.

    Yo Gabba Gabba! is a welcomed relief from other kid shows that sometimes lack a moral, or point, to the show. Yo Gabba Gabba! keeps kids entertained by getting them to jump around and interact with the show (although parents should also watch the show with their kids to help them participate). Furthermore, it teaches and reinforces good behaviors in kids, such as sharing, being polite, and helping. After watching the clips available on www.yogabbagabba.com, my nieces were even able to mimic the rap sounds made by Biz Markie. They sing the "Jump Jump Jump" song while playing on the trampoline and sing "Party in My Tummy" while eating their vegetables. In summary, this is an amazing show that will entertain both kids and parents. (Parents - don't worry because the songs that get stuck in your head are fun and not nearly as annoying as other kid's shows.) Tell you family and friends to support this educational and fun, new television show!! It premieres on August 20, 2007 on Nick Jr.
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