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Season 3 : Episode 21

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Host Wilmer Valderrama searches Los Angeles,New York,and Atlanta looking for the best trash-talkers. This unscripted comedy competition series pits trash-talkers up against each other in a battle for $1,000 cash and a chance to advance to the final tournament for the chance at another $1,000 in cash and some extra prizes. Yo Momma airs daily.

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    On our list this week: Parks and Recreation, basketball, Wilmer Valderrama, and The Littlest Bachelorette.

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    • Genius just genius

      A bunch of people make a circle a trash talk each other. What a genius idea for tv. For 15 whole years ive been waiting for someone to come up with somwthing just like this. The jokes are funny and its always good to see Willmer making fun out of someone elses crib.

      The first series in L.A was just ludacrisly funny i dont remember going 10 seconds without cracking up. Unfortunately i can't say the same for New York that just bored the pants of me the jokes were VERY lame and the cribs weren't as untidy .Atlanta was ok and thats all you can say about it really nothing much else.moreless
    • Great and Funny Trash-talking show on MTV!

      My 83rd review after: "The Backyardigans" This show I loved and Enjoy and it's sooooo Funny!!! These people right? Trash-talk and make Kidding Jokes about their Mothers and it's even funnier when they Bleep!! I love this shwo and it should Return on MTV. They still show re-runs on Another MTV show but..... IT'S IN SPAINISH!!!! Where's The English Version? I wanna see the English version! It's Betetr and in More pouplar God *beep* It!!!! I loved the jokes like:

      "Yo momma so Fat that she went to the Movies and sat next to Everyone!" HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Now THAT is Hilrorasus! HA! HA! I nearly wet my pants laughing at it! This show is going to get an A. Here the Results:

      Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect!!!

      Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 It's Blurry and slow and it can use some work.

      Sound: A+ 9.0/10.0 They have Superb Rap Music on this show.

      Dialouge: A++ 10.0/10.0 This is what made this show so great! The Jokes are Funny!

      Lasting Appeal: A++ 9.7/10.0 Totally yes. This show kicks *beep*!!!

      Overall: A 8.0/10.0 A great show on MTV! I would love to watch this again soon. I'll tune this show up!moreless
    • Theeee BEST Yo Momma Trash talkin' show!! Wait... It's the only Yo Momma Trash talkin' show... :D

      It's great if your young, hip, knows how to roll with things, haha, well not for the adults, there not hip, and they just don't get it... Did I say that as nice as I can? I don't think so.. Anyways, his is very inspirational to me, because whenever I watch this every freakn' day I always learn new HOT Sizzlin', Stangan', funny jokes I can tell to my friends!! Same goes to my enemies (evil laughs) mwahaha, Well all I can say about this show that it is da f^%$#!! BOMB!! Watch it if ya wanna learn new jokes, or if your in tha mood to LAUGH UR A$$ OUT!!moreless
    • awesome

      yo momma is a really funny show, i get alot of jokes from the show,im the only kid at my school,that watches yo momma(no one else knows about it)then i own every one at school,when we do yo momma contests...heres two of my favorite jokes:yo momma "things" are so small they are the size of her head band...and...yo momma so stupid she thought she had a girl(saying that TO a girl)and the comeback is yeah well you'll never be the man yo momma was!...anyways i rate yo mommma a 9.9 becuase sometimes they have really dumb yo momma jokes and some ive heard i already...moreless
    • Show about a man named Wilmer Valderrama who goes to various cities to find the best trash talkers and put them in a contest.

      In each episode, host Wilmer Valderrama and his friends travel to a few cities to find some people that can talk trash about others. They then gather a group of people from one city and pit them against each other in a free for all battle. After that's over, the favorites are selected to battle the winner of the battle in another city. The winner gets the rank of best trash talker in their hood and $1,000 cash money. It is a very funny show on MTV.moreless

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