Yo Momma

Season 3 Episode 21

Best of Atlanta

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Unknown on MTV - Music Television

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  • E-Man, S.E.M.E, Navv and Pak Attack come for the what should've been the best battle of the season. In the end, E-Man comes down as the winner and the recipient of $5000 and the crown of Atlanta.

    I felt that this battle did not live up to my expectations. Despite the presence of Pak Attack and E-Man, both of whom are hard-hitters, the finals were disappointing for a season which brough us so many top trash-talkers. What happened to the Pak Attack who battled for Dallas who we all knew and loved watching. He totally destroyed his competition back then. He had trouble in the best of the week, but that was still to be expected. He was totally destroyed in this episode. I'd have liked to see him win but I wasn't really expecting it to happen 100%. Navv owned all his competitors in the best of the week. "Long John Silllllver....lol.". He did fairly well too. E-Man was a great fighter but I thoguht that even though we won, he still could've been so much more. S.E.M.E was a depressing guy to watch lose. Over all, it was more like watching a normal match. And at that, not even a special episode like the first one where Hair Jordan appeared and made everyone fall in love with him in a non-gay way. Overall, this episode could've been much better. But it was still worth watching.