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  • Genius just genius

    A bunch of people make a circle a trash talk each other. What a genius idea for tv. For 15 whole years ive been waiting for someone to come up with somwthing just like this. The jokes are funny and its always good to see Willmer making fun out of someone elses crib.

    The first series in L.A was just ludacrisly funny i dont remember going 10 seconds without cracking up. Unfortunately i can't say the same for New York that just bored the pants of me the jokes were VERY lame and the cribs weren't as untidy .Atlanta was ok and thats all you can say about it really nothing much else.
  • Great and Funny Trash-talking show on MTV!

    My 83rd review after: "The Backyardigans" This show I loved and Enjoy and it's sooooo Funny!!! These people right? Trash-talk and make Kidding Jokes about their Mothers and it's even funnier when they Bleep!! I love this shwo and it should Return on MTV. They still show re-runs on Another MTV show but..... IT'S IN SPAINISH!!!! Where's The English Version? I wanna see the English version! It's Betetr and in More pouplar God *beep* It!!!! I loved the jokes like:

    "Yo momma so Fat that she went to the Movies and sat next to Everyone!" HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Now THAT is Hilrorasus! HA! HA! I nearly wet my pants laughing at it! This show is going to get an A. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect!!!

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 It's Blurry and slow and it can use some work.

    Sound: A+ 9.0/10.0 They have Superb Rap Music on this show.

    Dialouge: A++ 10.0/10.0 This is what made this show so great! The Jokes are Funny!

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 9.7/10.0 Totally yes. This show kicks *beep*!!!

    Overall: A 8.0/10.0 A great show on MTV! I would love to watch this again soon. I'll tune this show up!
  • Theeee BEST Yo Momma Trash talkin' show!! Wait... It's the only Yo Momma Trash talkin' show... :D

    It's great if your young, hip, knows how to roll with things, haha, well not for the adults, there not hip, and they just don't get it... Did I say that as nice as I can? I don't think so.. Anyways, his is very inspirational to me, because whenever I watch this every freakn' day I always learn new HOT Sizzlin', Stangan', funny jokes I can tell to my friends!! Same goes to my enemies (evil laughs) mwahaha, Well all I can say about this show that it is da f^%$#!! BOMB!! Watch it if ya wanna learn new jokes, or if your in tha mood to LAUGH UR A$$ OUT!!
  • awesome

    yo momma is a really funny show, i get alot of jokes from the show,im the only kid at my school,that watches yo momma(no one else knows about it)then i own every one at school,when we do yo momma contests...heres two of my favorite jokes:yo momma "things" are so small they are the size of her head band...and...yo momma so stupid she thought she had a girl(saying that TO a girl)and the comeback is yeah well you'll never be the man yo momma was!...anyways i rate yo mommma a 9.9 becuase sometimes they have really dumb yo momma jokes and some ive heard i already...
  • Show about a man named Wilmer Valderrama who goes to various cities to find the best trash talkers and put them in a contest.

    In each episode, host Wilmer Valderrama and his friends travel to a few cities to find some people that can talk trash about others. They then gather a group of people from one city and pit them against each other in a free for all battle. After that's over, the favorites are selected to battle the winner of the battle in another city. The winner gets the rank of best trash talker in their hood and $1,000 cash money. It is a very funny show on MTV.
  • Wilmer Valderrama searches Los Angeles looking for the best trash-talker, and give them $1,000 in cash money.

    Now this show is hilarious homes! I love it because it has jokes I never even heard of. Some jokes were just too funny. It really is a great show. Looking for trash-talkers and give them $1,000 makes such a great T.V. show. Something about this show just makes me laugh so hard. Maybe it's the fact that many trash-talkers compete to win and get some cold hard cash. Err, well, cold cash. Some jokes are not even remotly funny, and others are stupidifily funny! This show is awesome, I give it a 9 because it's just so funny!
  • I love this show. It's the best. I can't stop watching it!

    On this show, Wilmer and his boys, Sam and Jason, go through towns in differents cities/states to find the hood with the best trash talker. They go to two towns and let people free-style it out to see who represents thie town in the final battle. The winning trash talker in rewarded with 1,000 dollars cash and goes on to battle the other three winners that won in that week. The four runner ups go on jury to help decide who advances to the final round. The winner of the best of the week goes on to battle the other three winners to compete for the title of best of the state/ city.
  • Yo Mamma is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot hot hot that it's on fire!

    Yo mamma is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot hot hot.
    It is the best and first trash talking show I have ever seen.
    It is crazy.You needto see this show right away.Afrter you do if anyone tells you anything you can totally humilate them infront of everyone.
    And from then be known as Trash talk King or Queen.
    This show is very hot hot hot. You betterwatch it before it sets on fire! :)
    I have not seen all the episodes and I am known as trash talk Princess.
    You and the show will become popular!
    Peace out......... love
    Trash Talk Princess
  • Too much trash talk is never enough

    This show is awesome! Really, too much trash talk is never enough. I love the jokes! They're funny!

    Yo Momma so fat, I ran around her twice and I got lost.

    Yo Momma so stupid, she put a quarter in a parking meter and waited for a gumball.

    Yo Momma so ugly, even Freddy Kreiger has nightmares of her.

    Any way the show is funny
    I like it and I want more episodes to air.
    I once thought it was bad at first, but when I saw another episode, it was funny!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • I Love this show very much

    This show is pretty awesome as it is something new to MTV. Yes, some of the jokes aren\'t that funny, but it takes a lot to come up with original jokes and the way they are delivered just makes it even better. I am only going to bag about the matches in general. Like the show should have team battles or have contestants bag on fathers also or more Momma topics. Also when bagging eachother, the contestants should be a bit more clever. Don\'t state the obvious. Be creative.

    I love some of the characters such as Harp, Jamal, Chuck, Aeisha, BGB and others. These people are what made this show comtinue and have a 3rd season on the way. I just wish the show had more people from different backgrounds competing such as more Asians and other groups. It can be repetitive, but this show is great to watch for a while, but the theme song can get monotonous ya know? All in all great idea on paper, great delivery, but the show needs mroe interaction and more creativity. There should be some guys from LA and New York battle eachother or something in a tag style match. Also it seems as though only a small number of people participate. I also feel as though not many areas of New York were done. Long Island, Staten Island, and een some more parts of LA could have worked. I think it would be a pain though to go froma nd back different NYC islands and stuff, but still props and kudos to a great show.
  • This show is actually quite addicting.

    The first time I saw Yo Momma I thought it was a dumb concept but then I found myself watching again and again and again and soon enough I found myself watching whenever I can. Some of their jokes are creative (and sometimes very offensive) but I can't help but watch.

    I hate it when they reuse jokes because they use it so much that it's not funny anymore.

    I don't really like the new episodes because I don't think that the people in season 2 have then same edge that they had in season 1. Season one was a really good season. They had really creative people on their show and they made it funny. This season... Not so much, because I find a lot of their jokes were used in season 1. But no matter I still like the show.
  • I thought it was going to suck, since MTV hasn't had anything good on it in 10 years. It wasn't great but it didn't totally suck either.

    I thought it was going to be pretty lame and it sort of was, I guess this is the type of show you have to be in the mood for. There were certainly some people that made me laugh, and there were some people using jokes from the 7th grade. I was surprised that some people were laughing at some of the lame old ones, that was dumb. I did like how they got to go into each others apartments and find something embarassing that was interesting. Wilver Valderama is cool too, except when he is in the people's houses he kind of tries to hard. I like how they have one neighbor hood against another that was cool. The end part I guess is the best part of the show, were they just go all out, some of that was pretty funny. I would watch this again if nothing else was on.
  • uh-oh

    this show sucks. it has nothing to do with how funny the jokes are. The show is still amazing when u cut out that Wilmer Valderrama guy is so annoying. it is almost impossible to sit through his wanna be gangster and sweet. He trys way to hard to be popular when he already is popular. I think it all started with lindsey lohan and after that it just got worst and worst, is there no end to his wanna be ways. He started the decline of that 70's show by acting like he was the show. I say even though its his show =, you cut him and get someone thats funny like dane cook or stephen lynch.
  • this show is great

    i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i I think this show is very creative and the jokes are funny.
  • Waste Of Time. Worst thing i have ever seen abd i have seen some **** Why i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m i even reviewing this. Because i need to tell you not not watch it. Cause if you do YOUR MOMMA WON\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"T BE THE ONLY THING I GIVE THE SMACKDOWN TO

    Plot is pathetic people trying to get money for how to insult people. What is it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s value in life nothing. Can i get a job on this no. Can you get a mate with this know. Will it help you in life only if your some trash who likes picking fights and be littling somebody because they have a life.
  • A really, really stupid concept, but somehow the 70's Show dude is able to pull it off. A perfect show to watch if you're extremely bored.

    This is essentially a cookie-cutter MTV reality show: bring in a young person that has, for some unknown reason, been able to ride the waves of pop-culture, and stick them in brainless situations. Most of the time, the resulting outcomes would have me doubled over throwing up my lunch...but....but not this show...

    It's almost clever in it's simplicity, so subtle that I doubt that the show's producers and hosts even see it. Take something that we all loved during our childhood, and turn it into a pop-culture phenomenon. Whenever I watch this show, I end up jumping around after a really really good Yo Momma joke. It's infectious.

    Despite all this, it's STILL a brainless show, and like alcohol, should really only be enjoyed in small doses. Experience too much of it, and you WILL become an MTV junkie. Take small sips, please.
  • They make fun of each other.

    People be talking about each other and there mothers. This show is alright sometimes it can be the best show to watch other times it can suck. I just watch it when im bored. Its not like its something i would tivo. If nothing else is good on i would watch it but its not like i would plan to watch it. They got some good jokes but not all are funny. Some people are just wannabes. This show can get annoying at times and times it can make you roll. This show deserves and 8 out of 10 score.
  • Don't watch Yo Momma looking for as many laughs as The Simpsons, Scrubs, or even Family Guy.

    I think I stumbled on this show because I was surfing channels and I noticed Wilmer Valderamma behind two guys battling with insults. A few of them were funny, but a beter way to describe most of the insults on this show is stupid. Then again, I don't even know if this show is meant to be taken seriously, so I might be watching from the wrong perspective.

    I'm not gonna watch this over and over again. It's better than the super-lame Punk'd, but it's just as stupid as most reality shows that are on today. Watch this show once or twice, laugh (or sarcastically cough), and decide for yourself whether it's worth watching to you.
  • oooeee!!!

    This show is so funny, who can't like this show! People telling jokes about people's moms, their cribs, or some other nonsense. The main star Wilmer hosts the show, along with his two "homies" Sam and Jason. They go around looking for the best trashtalkers, then pick one of them from each neighborhood to go face-to-face against eachother the Final Round. The finalists go to their opponents cribs with Wilmer to get some dirt on one another. The cribs part is my favorite part in the show. Then in the last round, they have 3 different formats. The first round is Yo Momma jokes, the 2nd they talk about the opponents cribs, and the final round is one knockout joke. Watch this show, and if you're ready...

    Let's Bully!
  • yo momma is great show to watch if you like to laugh

    yo momma is a show about jokes they tell on the streets and on tv .they make me laugh and i think the jokes can make you laugh , too. they go to see the other person house and look that things to tell jokes about .they are in l.a. ... they are going to new york next .it going to be great .all new jokes , all new poeple , all new streets ,and all new season .
  • Yo momma may hatethis show but i love it

    this is a great show i get all my jokes from it. you can prove that this showis funny 10 % boos 45% oooooohs and 45% laughs. this show is soooooo funny i laugh my pants off every time. harp is the best and funniest of all. i can't wait till the next season.the plot of the show is good really helpfum battle/battle visit a crib/battle. same jokes some times but its hard to come up with new jokes. I'm tired of Wilmer going crazy and his pgrase "let me stop this madness" we love the madness thank you for reading my review
  • This is your show...Yo Momma!!!

    OMG, I love this show! It should be one of MTV\'s biggest shows. This show is so popular that it airs almost everyday for an hour or so. Although in my opinion, I think it should air more often on the weekends as well. This show is really funny, and although there are some bad jokes at times, I enjoy watching this!

    - That Harp guy, GRR! I wanna kill that **** he is so annoying
    and tries to be all cool and **** **** Harp!
  • Oh this show is so awsome.

    This show is hilarious. I can use the jokes @ skewl. And the battlers are so funny. U nvr know what you'll find at those ppls houses.

    Go MTV. I think you got a hit. Evryone is talkin about this show. They have crazy charcters. And really were do they get those jokes...internet?

  • You won 1000 dollars in cash money!

    Hmm. There is this guy that has an Escalade going to cities to find yo momma jokers. Heres one. Yo momma so stupid, she tried to put the alphabet in alphabetical order. Now this is what happened. BOO!!! Ha HA! It seems sad when you get booded from other people. This is the host saying if you win. Heres a t- h- o- u- s- a- n- d- dollars in cash money!!

    In the first episode. You won 1000 dollars and a PSP! That is sick! Off the chain! The gangsta guy was lucky. They made cool jokes too!

    So on MTV there is Yo Momma so watch it or
  • dis show is basically a bunch of ppl 4rm 2 towns in cali goin up against each other in a lil contest tryin to see who has tha best "yo momma" jokes den tha best from those 2 towns go against each other to win $1000!!....."in cashmoney" - du

    dis show is str8....but that HOST!! RRRRRRR! i hate him!
    he tries toooo hard to b "cool"
    especially at tha end wen he says "cash money" i wanna kill him! lol.....
    den most of tha tym tha jokes arent really funny but evry1 around tha contestants act lyk it was tha best thing they evr heard!
    u can even tell who they are goin to choose as the winner too!!
    at the end wen he says that the ppl he wit nd him need to go make a decision.....that part is sooo dumb!
    but u can still get a good laugh 4rm tha show evry once in a while
    i dont wanna read no1 sayin nuttin bout how im typin either...B!+ch a$$3$
  • Love It!

    I just love this show so much! I watch it every since I can get and I can never stop laughing! Even when some of the jokes are really poor, I can't help but laugh. I'm glad Wilmar created a show that can get me laughing on a daily basis.
  • Wow! This show is so funny! I love watching it. Totally off the wall. Finally, something I actually look forward in seeing. Muah! Wilmer, you're such a hottie!

    This show is the best thing that has happened to television. FINALLY, Something I can actually laugh at! When I first noticed Yo Momma, on television, I was like so busting up. Of course, some people on there are totally WAK, as in the people that are trying to be funny and crack some jokes. BOO HOO! But, of course the host, Wilmer, always picks the best of the best. We totally agree with each other. It's like he reads my mind or something. mmmmmmmmmmm so cute! Okay! coming back to reality. I totally give this show props. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you guys. :)
  • Yo momma could not be worse.

    Are you people insane?! I did not think MTV could get any worse after Date My Mom, but I was proved wrong by Yo Momma. It is without a doubt one of the worst shows I have ever wasted my time watching in my life. Ever. I am so sick and tired of people trying to bottle some wierd niche culture, and slap on some "EXCITING AND NEW!" sticker on it. It is enough to cause cranial explosions.

    Yo momma is so bad, I would rather watch Tiara Girls.

    Yo momma is so bad, not even the people on the TV Guide channel could think of some insipid thing to say about it to make it seem apealing.

    Now give me 1,000 dollars in cash prizes.

  • This show is on of the funniest shows on MTV and the jokes are some of the time great.But the best part is the invading of the cribs and the final showdown.Great show,KEEP IT ON MTV!!!

    I like the jokes,most of the time their funny and original,but others,not so good.The best episode was where they have a really fancy guy go all the way to the finals,and the get OWNED!!!This show keeps me laughing through the whole show.Too bad,knowing MTV,they will just put the show on every once and awhile as they did with Wild n\' Out.But I think this one will actually stay,because of the trend of diss battles and Yo Momma jokes is increasing,the show stay for quite awhile.Maybe even Punk\'D long.This show is a classic and oringal,and it will keep getting better and better.
  • The jokes may be old, but the delivery seems fresh.

    A combination of Room Raiders and a basic competition format like Dance 360. Some the jokes are recycled (like Shamu/Sea World), but every so often there\'s a creative gem, counterpunch, or some physical comedy that puts it over the top, not in the first round which is a loose free-for-all, but with the final four and the final punch.

    The room raids: some of that stuff has to be staged, but it\'s still hilarious and makes me wonder what I should toss if someone raided my room. I hope it gets people to clean house once in a while.

    Wilmer\'s a decent host, but he does use his staring at the camera pose implying \"What do you think of that\" a lot. Wilmer and his friends decide the outcome, but of the five episodes, I could predict the winner in four of them.

    A lot of the contestants actually live with their moms, which is fun to see their moms at the competition enjoying the show and not taking it too personally.

    If you enjoy creative insulting like the WWE, you'll probably like this show.
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