Yo! MTV Raps - Season 2

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Droppin' Science
    Droppin' Science
    Episode 7
    Not everyone jumped on the dookie rope bandwagon when hip-hop hit. Open your mind to those who kept the struggle of the streets alive.
  • My Posse's On
    My Posse's On
    Episode 6
    Want respect? You gotta represent. In these videos, there's no doubt these crews are in full effect.
  • Ladies First
    Ladies First
    Episode 5
    Watch Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Salt-N-Pepa and more fearless females who paved the path for women in rap.
  • Suckas for Love
    Suckas for Love
    Episode 4
    In between the streets and the game, meet a few MCs who found time to get romantic on the mic.
  • Classic Rump Shakers
    The Yo! era dance tracks were the original dance floor party jams.
  • Gangsta's Paradise
    Gangsta's Paradise
    Episode 2
    From Dr. Dre's 'Nuthing But a 'G' Thang to Snoop's 'Murder Was the Case,' these videos were the VIP gansta rap hood hits.
  • Hip-Hop In a Post-Yo! World
    The show ended in 1995, but hip-hop didn't. In the late '90s, these hip-hoppers picked up where 'Yo!' left off.