You Again?

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You Again?

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Ever since his bitter divorce years earlier, Henry Willows had been leading a quiet, peaceful life -- and he'd become set in his ways. But when his 17 year-old son, Matt, whom he'd not seen since the divorce, came knocking on the door, Henry found his life being turned upside-down. Matt's girl-chasing, rock-n-roll ways didn't bode well with his conservative father... leading to a lot of fights. Enid was Henry's wisecracking housekeeper.

Based on the British series Home to Roost, this series boasted a TV first. Actress Elizabeth Bennett essentially played the role of Enid in both series (though her surname was "Thompson" in the British counterpart) and found herself regularly commuting between London and LA. Many episodes of "You Again?" were based heavily on the British episodes, though they had to come up with some original stories, since UK shows have shorter "series" (seasons) than US shows. A decade after this series went off the air (and seven years after "Home to Roost" left the air), it was aired late-night on British TV.

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  • Pitiful. Plum pitiful.

    I rate You Again as the worst sitcom of the 80's. It ranks with Me and the Chimp, My Mother the Car, and the Brian Benben Show as the worst TV sitcoms of all time. What makes You Again unique from all these other clunkers is that it somehow managed to get renewed for a second season after debuting as a replacement series in February of 1986. Mercifully for us viewers, it didn't last any longer than half of another season before NBC pulled the long overdue plug.

    One wonders what Jack Klugman was thinking when he signed on for this drivel. Maybe he had a lot of gambling debts and simply needed the money to pay off his bookie. As for John Stamos, he'd just come from a stint on General Hospital where he showed no talent whatsoever and he'd go onto a long stint on Full House where he'd again show no talent whatsoever. At least You Again didn't stop Stamos from getting work although that's not really a good thing in my opinion.

    Flush You Again down the sewer where it belongs.moreless

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