You Are There

CBS (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • The Bank Holiday Crisis of March 6, 1933
      Your host, Walter Cronkite, takes you back to the bank holiday of 1933, which signaled the start of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. This is the final new episode of the series.
    • Attempt to Assassinate Theodore Roosevelt
      The date is October 14, 1912 and the place is Milwaukee, Wisconsin and You Are There for the attempted assassination of Teddy Roosevelt. Walter Cronkite takes you through the events of that day.
    • The Overthrow of the Tweed Ring
      Your host, Walter Cronkite, will take you to 1870's New York and let you witness the down fall of William Tweed.
    • The End of the Dalton Gang
      Take a trip with your host Walter Cronkite, to Coffeyville, Kansas in the late 1890's and see how the Dalton Gang met their fate.
    • Daniel Webster's Sacrifice to Save the Union
      The date is March 7, 1850 and the place is Washington, D.C. and You Are There to witness Senator Daniel Webster give is "Seventh of March Speech".
    • Hitler Invades Poland (September 1, 1939)
      Walter Cronkite takes you back to that September 1, 1939 to the invasion of Poland and the start of the Second World War in Europe. Interviews include Marshal Smigly-Rudz, Baron Von Weizsaker and Sir Joseph Addison.
    • Mr. Christian Seizes the Bounty
      The date is April 28, 1789 and You Are There. Captain Bligh has a very harsh hand disciplining his crew. Mister Christian and the rest of the crew have had enough of Captain Bligh and mutiny. Interviews include Captain Bligh, Fletcher Christian and Peter Haywood.
    • The Scuttling of the Graf Spee
      Join your host, Walter Cronkite, for a look back at the World War II Battleship Graf Spee and it's scuttling in Montevideo, Uruguay. The date is December 17, 1939.
    • Decatur's Raid at Tripoli
      It is February 16, 1804 and You Are There. The story on Stephen Decatur's nighttime raid of Tripoli harbor on the Barbary Coast.
    • The Great Diamond Fraud
      It is November 1872 and You Are There. Walter Cronkite interviews two men that used a nonexistent diamond mine to swindle people, banks, investors, and other companies out of thousands of dollars.
    • The Fall of Fort Sumter
      It is April 12, 1861 and You Are There. Walter Cronkite is at Fort Sumter to talk with both commander of the battle that started the Civil War.
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