You Are What You Eat

Channel 4 Premiered Sep 04, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Gillian McKeith takes you down the road to good nutrition. Whether you like it; or not!

    Set in England, Gillian stalks people in grocery stores to check out their eating habits. She'll throw out the junk and put in the veggies! Each week, another poor person is profiled who's failed the "Gillian" test. Their food is spread out before them in a display of gluttony. Most gag at the amount they stash away in a week. Others laugh but know they are due for a change. Gillian even examines their "poo" for hidden nutritional gunk. Yes, even their "poo"...which, thankfully, we usually don't get to see (or it's fuzzed out!) Gillian uses Vegan delights and whole-food approaches to these junk food junkies. Everyone goes cold turkey for eight weeks. We see their video diaries as they call Gillian "The Devil" for all her effort!
    In the end, most have transformed their lives, bellies and skin to Gillian perfection. This show is lively, fun and a real addiction for those of us that like our reality shows. The British are a hearty lot and they don't even mind being shown in their skivvies!