You Bet!

ITV (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 10
    • Episode 10.10
      Episode 10.10
      Episode 10
      In the last ever episode the challenges include attempts to pop 150 balloons by fire breathing in 90 seconds, to drive around a course collecting letters to spell "You Bet!" in 3 minutes, to build a Jeep from component parts in 2 minutes, to fly a para motor around a course pulling flares and bursting 2 balloons in 2 minutes and to throw putts into containers to raise blocks in 2 minutes. The forfeit involves a car on 2 wheels.moreless
    • Episode 10.9
      Episode 10.9
      Episode 9
      Darren Day hosts another edition featuring attempts for a baseball pitcher to knock down more targets than a cricketer in 2 minutes, for 2 teams of white water rafters to grab 2 rings in 3 runs each down Zambezi, for 5 bartenders to throw 500 cocktail glasses and catch them behind their backs in 2 minutes, for 2 sports cars tied together to pass under a trailer and hit 8 targets in 2 and a half minutes and to score 10 goals using the back wheel of a speedway bike. The forfeit is to hold a snake for 10 seconds.moreless
    • Episode 10.8
      Episode 10.8
      Episode 8
      More challenges and bets including attempts to hit 9 moving targets with squash balls in 90 seconds, for an Ice Skater to tag 6 other skaters in 6 laps of an ice rink, to ID 8 teddy bears by seeing their noses from 150, for 2 sidecars to pick up, to exchange and deposit 3 batons over a figure of 8 course in 2 minutes and to complete a hire wire obstacle course in 2 minutes. The foreit involves making a cocktail.moreless
    • Episode 10.7
      Episode 10.7
      Episode 7
      Darren Day and Sarah Matravers host another edition of the show featuring attempts to complete 90 somersaults through a revolving hoop in 90 seconds, for a motorcycle team to ignite 6 targets in 2 minutes, for a Skate Hockey team to negotiate an obstacle course and score 15 goals in 2 minutes, for a runner to beat a Bike 1km down Table Mountain and for a Jeep to hit 6 targets with an arm attached to the back of it. The forfeit involves facing a Hockey Goal Keeper.moreless
    • Episode 10.6
      Episode 10.6
      Episode 6
      Darren Day hosts as attempts are made to throw people onto a platform and ring a bell 15 times in 90 seconds, to do 5 windsurfing loops in 8 attempts, for women Rugby players to pass balls through 18 targets in 90 seconds, to guide a boat to 3 targets using thermal image equipment in a helicopter and to knock down 50 targets using an arm on a go-kart. The forfeit involves windsurfing inflatables.moreless
    • Episode 10.5
      Episode 10.5
      Episode 5
      Darren Day hosts another edition featuring attempts to break 40 concrete slabs on stomach with sledgehammers in 90 seconds, for a canoeist to do more rolls than a trampolinist can do somersaults in 1 minute, to identify 8 flowers by touch from 75, to assemble a pool table from parts and pot all balls in 2 Minutes and to raise a 5.5 tonne tank 1 metre using a leg bench press. The forfeit involves the Great Kovari Water Trick.moreless
    • Episode 10.4
      Episode 10.4
      Episode 4
      More challenges and bets with Darren Day and Sarah Matravers including attempts for a blindfolded Basketball player to score 15 baskets in 2 minutes, for a diving team to collect 10 balls and hit an underwater target in 1 minute, to identify 7 Emmerdale clips from sound bytes, for an Ice Hockey team to hit 10 targets in 90 Seconds and to knock down 11 Skittle targets using a car attached to a bungee rope. The forfeit involves carrying 5 plates of cream in in a bungee run in 1 minute.moreless
    • Episode 10.3
      Episode 10.3
      Episode 3
      Darren Day and Sarah Matravers host another edition of the challenge show featuring attempts to score ten goals in ninety seconds, to jump a quad bike over two moving vechiles three times in one minute, to identify six Michael Jackson songs from hearing half a second, for two sky divers to jump five thousand feet into the ocean and reach the shore in a rubber launch in three minutes and to manouever a rigger to collect and deposit nine batons in high targets. The forfeit is to collect and deposit three batons in high targets.moreless
    • Episode 10.2
      Episode 10.2
      Episode 2
      Darren Day hosts another edition of the challenge show featuring attempts to saw through three logs with a cut saw faster than a chainsaw, to complete a course skiing behind a boat, car and helicopter in two and a half minutes. To abseil down a cliff face pulling out eight flags in two minutes and to complete an obstacle course on a mountain bike hitting ten target pads in two minutes. The forfeit involves eating crickets.moreless
    • Episode 10.1
      Episode 10.1
      Episode 1
      Darren Day and new co-host Sarah Matravers host a new series featuring challenges for a gymnast to do more leg turns than a dancer in 30 seconds, to burst 6 balloons in 8 bungee jumps from Victoria Falls Bridge, for a female Football team to score 10 goals through targets in 2 minutes, to identify 6 seeds from 150 and to hit 15 targets with the wheel of a bike riding The Wall Of Death in 2 minutes. The forfeit involves The Wall Of Death.moreless
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