You Can't Do That on Television

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1982 on CTV

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  • It's nice to have a mom that's addicted to cleaning when you're addicted to making a mess.

    I started watching this show in 1985. I couldn't get enough of it. However, Nickelodeon didn't air the episodes in any particular order. I just knew what any kid knew: 6:00 is YCDTOTV time. On top of that, I always thought, "I hope Christine isn't wearing that odd wig today!"

    As fans of the show know, Christine wore wigs during this episode, and it gave away whether she gets dumped on (literally) in that scene or not. I never found that to be a problem, but the "slime wig" looked terrible. This applies to all 1982 episodes.

    On the positive, the theme of Addictions was fabulously shown by Christine playing Pac-Man through the show. (It's amazing that video games were addictive even before Nintendo existed!) It's a nice, lighthearted way to get the message across, and Christine mentioned the serious addictions early on. The sketches expanded on that, and General Hospital was referenced many times. The funniest scene in my opinion was Missile Command in the living room; one of the lines goes right into the sleeping dad, and explodes on him.

    However, the early episodes suffer from a big problem: slow pacing. The episode felt a bit slow, which I think is because the cast didn't deliver lines quickly. Compare this to "Pets," and you'll see what I mean, and how it improved. Meanwhile, Christine, who usually got most of the slime or water, escaped this episode without a sliming. Even though she didn't get slimed, they did pour water on her and hit her with a pie. Unfortunately, they missed with both. The pie joke didn't work because it only hit Christine's left eye.

    Anyway, I liked the video game theme used throughout Addictions. The clever addictions they made up were funny, such as Martin's addiction to school, and how he got over it. I liked Addictions, but it came before the show hit its stride.