You Can't Do That on Television

Season 11 Episode 1

Changes aka Project 131

Aired Unknown Jul 21, 2004 on CTV

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  • A weak send-off for a show that had seen better days

    Okay, we start off with a joke about Martha Stewart in jail, than follow random cast members, who are now middle-aged making jokes about Molly Ringwald and Trooper. Makes yoy wonder "This was the show that put Nickelodeon on the map?" The whole set up reminds me of the 1997 Monkees reunion special, in which they still live in the same house and are still trying to get gigs and do wacky things, and the show how supposidly been running without actually being aired. In a time when most people only know it as "That show Alanis Morrsette used to be on", it's always nice to see old faces, but their are a few cast members who have not become as famous as Alanis and have choosen to shy away from the biz, you might want to think about that?