You Can't Do That on Television

Season 7 Episode 2

Pop Music

Aired Unknown Unknown on CTV

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  • Four Rolling Stones, Three Little Words, Two Sloppy Slimes, and the Debut of Alanis Morissette

    Being that this is the only episode I got to see during Nickelodeon's 20th Anniversary celebration, this episode is the one I remembered the most. Anyway, the cast's mission was to cover as much music as possible with references to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Sting... and they even introduced their own rebellious punk rock band, The Green Slimes with Alanis debuting on guitar, Stephanie on horn (or kazoo), Adam on keyboard, Christine as the drummer, and Alasdair as the lead singer whose talent comes out when the rest of the cast stomps on his feet.

    What else is in this episode?
    -Opposite Sketches with Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart being frowned upon by being drug addicts???
    -The screams for the Beatles in a different context
    -The other Rolling Stones
    -SLIME, of course... Alanis and Alasdair
    -WATER, of course... Alasdair

    In closing, I guess Alanis and Alasdair never really "hit it off" because I saw Alanis's music video "Eight Easy Steps" and an altered clip from this episode was taken with Alanis getting slimed and Alasdair's face blurred out. Sometimes, you should just leave the way things are, and nothing have to witness the corporate garbage before your very eyes.