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  • Amazing!

    My brother had a bunch of episodes of You Can't Do That On Television taped on beta machine tapes and I watched them off and on for years back home in Ottawa. It was such a great show! I wish they would bring back You Can't Do That On Television both in reruns and maybe also make a new version of the show with a new cast, I think they would be great airing them back to back. It was a great show for kids that doesn't talk down to them, and the skits are actually funny unlike most kids/preteens comedy shows today which are just annoying, predictable and awful. Bring it back!
  • Green Slime, Water, and a whole lot more

    I grew up with this show and enjoyed watching it. I especially enjoyed Christine, Lisa, and everyone else getting drenched with water and getting slimed. All the cast members were very good. However, I believe that Christine was the best cast member on the show. Lisa Ruddy was a big motor-mouth. Christine was better known as Moose. Les Lye was the boss of the show and did as well as any adult cast member on the show. I believe this show should rise again with a new generation of cast members. In the event this show is ever released to DVD I would buy it without a doubt.
  • i love this show i thought i was going to cry when charmed ended but now i got another best buddy yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who doesnt i mean really dont u some people dont like it my friend dont i do though !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! ! #1 !!!!!!!
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it heehee i know someone who says this show should be cancelled because she dont belive in witch craft and i think it ant witch craft and i really like the whole power thing i mean really come on who wouldnt want to have magical powers wouldnt that be amazing! would u want some well if u wouldnt i know i would lol !!!
  • One of Nickelodeons first hit shows and one of the first shows to air on Nickelodeon.

    This show premired on Nickelodeon before I was even born (I was born in 1990). I didn't get a chance to actually see it until 2004 when Nickelodeon aired it as a part of their Old School Block during Big June (thought it's possible that I've seen it before it was taken off in 1994, rare airing in 1996, and it's Nickelodeon 20th Anniversery airing, I just don't remember). It was a good show and it's alot better than today's Nickeloden. Sometimes I would download episodes or watch some on youtube. If Nickelodeon brings back their Nick Rewind Collection DVDs and release this show then I would TOTALLY buy it. This is a great classic show and should be brought back.
  • This was, by far, my favorite show on Nickelodeon back in the late 80s. I probably ended up seeing every episode by the time it was done.

    You Can't Do That on Television was a pretty weird show in retrospect, with the dumping of water and slime on people when they said certain words. Do you remember which words triggered each?? If somebody said "water", they got a healthy dose of water dumped on them from up above. However, if anybody said "I don't know", that brought the slime...and this happened at LEAST once an episode.

    The skits themselves were pretty funny. Prior to this show, I don't remember any children's sketch shows like that. Afterwards though, there were a few that sprung up mainly on Nickelodeon, but none were as good as this one.

    The characters were great too. Who could forget Barth, the cook who put boogers and flies in his food?

    I haven't seen this show in years, as it hasn't been in syndication in quite a while. If you ever do see it on TV, watch for a young Alanis Morressette on this show...she got her start here.
  • I love this show!

    I used watch this show with my dad and my older sister when I was younger. I think the show is funny. My old friend make a joke about it coming back on the air when I was in middle school. I used to sing the theme song all the time and my family didn't like it. It was funny people get slimed for saying I don't know and water dumped on them because they said. "Water". One of my classmates and I imitated the Firing Squad Scene when I was in elementary school and our teacher told us that We don't say Ready Aim Fire. I watched the show for Nickelodeon's Birthday and during Nick's Old School Picks. One time I asked my mom how come people got slimed for saying "I don't know" and she said that it was all part of the joke.
  • Nice Children Sketch Show

    1st ep (09)
  • Another classic 80s Nickelodeon show. This was the show we watched to gross out our parents.

    I have more fond memories of this show than probably any other Nickelodeon show from the 80s, and that is saying a lot. It was basically a sketch comedy format with teenagers, and it was wickedly satirical at times. It had recurring skits, characters, and locations, like the dungeons, Barth's burger place, the arcade, and the sadistic but foolish military executioner. In hindsight this show got away with a lot of outrageous politically incorrect things, and that's part of what made it so popular with kids. But what it's most well-remembered for is the slime - If anyone responded "I don't know" to a question, they got a bucket of green slime dumped on their head from somewhere above. If they ever said "water" they would be drenched with water. The rare pink slime was dumped on those who said "free." This show was just pure fun to watch and never, ever disappointed. A childhood classic, this show will probably fly off the shelves if ever released on dvd any time soon.
  • crazy stuff

    this show was pretty crazy. everyone at my school knew what happened if you said "water" but none could really pull off slime. i had the pleasure of watching an episode about 2 years ago for the first time since childhood and could not believe how bad it was! even worse than i remembered. great stuff!
  • Childhood Favorite

    You Can't Do That On Television was a great kids show from the 80's. Set up in the style of Laugh-In, each episode tackled issues that affect kids like peer pressure, dating, smoking, etc. The episode about drugs in which they substitute cream pies for drugs to show how dumb it is as dumb to show a cream pie into one's face as it is to take drugs is a classic. The show had great writing and taught some lessons without being preachy.
  • What do you thinks in the Burgers?

    My friends and I still laugh at this show. I actually found it on Ebay and got a VHS with a few episodes on it for a friend who said she watched it when she was little too. I got it just for memories, in fact we were just talking about it the other day. That show obviously wasn't known for the great acting or the cheesiness, but for kids it was a great show, and it kept me entertained when I was little. I think it might have been the 1st show I ever saw when we got cable. This is show is prcatically a classic, there are so many catch phrases and skits from this show that will live on forever.