You Can't Do That on Television

CTV (ended 1990)


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  • This was, by far, my favorite show on Nickelodeon back in the late 80s. I probably ended up seeing every episode by the time it was done.

    You Can't Do That on Television was a pretty weird show in retrospect, with the dumping of water and slime on people when they said certain words. Do you remember which words triggered each?? If somebody said "water", they got a healthy dose of water dumped on them from up above. However, if anybody said "I don't know", that brought the slime...and this happened at LEAST once an episode.

    The skits themselves were pretty funny. Prior to this show, I don't remember any children's sketch shows like that. Afterwards though, there were a few that sprung up mainly on Nickelodeon, but none were as good as this one.

    The characters were great too. Who could forget Barth, the cook who put boogers and flies in his food?

    I haven't seen this show in years, as it hasn't been in syndication in quite a while. If you ever do see it on TV, watch for a young Alanis Morressette on this show...she got her start here.