You Can't Do That on Television

CTV (ended 1990)


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  • Another classic 80s Nickelodeon show. This was the show we watched to gross out our parents.

    I have more fond memories of this show than probably any other Nickelodeon show from the 80s, and that is saying a lot. It was basically a sketch comedy format with teenagers, and it was wickedly satirical at times. It had recurring skits, characters, and locations, like the dungeons, Barth's burger place, the arcade, and the sadistic but foolish military executioner. In hindsight this show got away with a lot of outrageous politically incorrect things, and that's part of what made it so popular with kids. But what it's most well-remembered for is the slime - If anyone responded "I don't know" to a question, they got a bucket of green slime dumped on their head from somewhere above. If they ever said "water" they would be drenched with water. The rare pink slime was dumped on those who said "free." This show was just pure fun to watch and never, ever disappointed. A childhood classic, this show will probably fly off the shelves if ever released on dvd any time soon.