You Don't Know Jack

ABC (ended 2001)


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You Don't Know Jack

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Somewhat based on the popular computer game, this game show was much less about the questions and more about the Paul Reubens hamming it up. While the contestants had a chance to show off their knowledge of trivia, they paid for it by being mocked and teased with big prizes they couldn't possibly win.
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  • Best Game Show EVER! - (IF they were SMART, they would bring it back, and give it a chance!)

    I was deeply disappointed, when FOX cancelled this amazingly unique game show. I had thought that there was SOME intelligence at the network, but I was obviously wrong.

    You can't judge a show's popularity possibilities, with ONLY 6 EPISODES... the same thing happened with "Police Squad!", and it wasn't given a chance to flourish, either.

    It's mind-boggling to realize that a handful of "think they know everything" tv executives, are making these decisions for ALL OF US... it scares the hell out of me.moreless
  • More comedy than game show, You Don't Know Jack was mostly a chance for Paul Reubens to be funny.

    I'm not a huge game show fan, but this show was hilarious! I am extremely shocked to see that it has gotten such a low rating. Did the people who rated it so lowly actually watch it? I like Paul Reubens quite a bit. Sure he layed it on a bit thick as Troy Stevens, but he was parodying game show hosts. I don't remember a whole lot of it, but I do remember one hilarious bit--the million dollar question. One question was worth one million dollars. The only caveat was that the amount would begin going down as soon as Troy began reading the question. Something would always interrupt Troy and he wouldn't be able to get the question out. By the time he did, it was worth condiderably less than the promised million dollars.

    Did people not get that this was a comedy? Maybe they just didn't appreciate this type of camp. Whatever the reason people didn't like it, they were wrong.moreless