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  • Yet another celebrity panel-game which brings Charlie Brooker's comedy shtick to a slightly more mainstream audience...

    Burgeoning British broadcast journalist Charlie Brooker ("Screenwipe" & "Nathan Barley") takes his well-worn pop-culture critique into the equally well-worn realm of the celebrity panel-game in this uninspired but occasionally amusing Channel 4 series which would be undoubtedly berated by none-other-than Brooker himself if he weren't the host.

    Charlie Brooker hosts the series with some newly coined catch-phrases and some poorly scripted jokes whilst the usual suspects make up the so-called celebrity panel which is called upon to comment on choice clips from the week's T.V. with the occasional piece of foreign footage thrown in purely for the sake of ridicule.

    The first series aims low and largely succeeds as the likes of Frank Skinner, Frankie Boyle and Josie Long occasionally supplemented by the likes of Germaine Greer, Victoria Coren and Martin Freeman take pot-shots at the Got Talent series, cookery shows and 90s television as well as revealing some unseen curiosities.

    The series producers use the unoriginal and uninspired format to bring Charlie Brooker's comedy shtick to a slightly more mainstream audience and it is Brooker's sour-faced wit which just about raises the series from its humble origins to the point of watchability but far from the true genius the Brooker is capable of.

    "So having mocked the poor taste of finding out that, we are now going to venture into that world ourselves."