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Sunday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Feb 25, 2007 Between Seasons


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You Spoof Discovery

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You Spoof Discovery features clips sent in by viewers spoofing their favorite Discovery shows. Hosted by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, this special proves that serious science can be silly when twisted by amateur auteurs. It is the ultimate veiwer submitted low-cost, high quality,extremely entertaining Discovery parody. Highlights include clips from: American Chopper's, MythBusters, Deadliest Catch, Future Weapons and Dirty Jobs.

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AIRED ON 2/25/2007

Season 1 : Episode 1

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  • totally great

    This show is so funny. I've watched it ever time is is on tv. I still laugh. Mike does a great job of hosting. The people who make the videos and who are in them are hysterical. I am just mad that they didn't show all of them. I hope they do another one. If they do I am totally going to watch it.
  • Fans submit parodies of their favorite Discovery Channel show.

    The concept is ok, the host is great, but a lot of the content was really lacking.

    Basically fans submit parodies of their favorite Discovery Channel shows like Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, American Chopper, etc. and submit it. If it is used they get $500.

    The problem is only about half of the stuff is any good or well done. Ones like the Deadliest Batch and Mythbusters "Time Flies.." ones were great. Well done and very amusing. Then you got crap like two kids dressed to kinda resemble the Father and son on American Chopper. They move their mouths and you hear a direct audio from the real show. That gets $500?? In another there is a little boy about 4-5 years old playing in the dirt and says "I'm Mike Rowe and this is my job." Again that gets $500... That isn't the least bit funny. Some people spent no time on the video yet still got paid the same as those that did? The show would be much better if they took all the unfunny stuff, like the two I mentioned, and only showed the ones that took some thought and effort.moreless
  • This show is off the wall funny and amusing for the whole family...

    First having a host like Mike Rowe is the best ingredant to have another hit comdey/reality show for discovery. And Mike doesn't let you down, he is on the top of his game and I don't think anyone could do and bring what he does to the show. And what a great move by Discovery to have the viewers make videos about our favorite shows. And wow did the viewers respond with some rolling on the ground laughing stuff. The best ones where viewer interpitation of American Chooper and Mythbuster...does water really make you wet???...I am still laughing and smiling about that one. And a women view of living in a house of males from The Suvivorman. Can't wait for more!moreless

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