Young American Bodies - Season 3



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Episode Guide

  • Kind of Fast
    Kind of Fast
    Episode 32
    Kelly finally pops the question to Dia, and Natalie asks Ben an interesting question of her own. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Ted has a question for Maggie, but her answer may not be truthful.
  • A Friendship Buffer
    A Friendship Buffer
    Episode 31
    Noah helps Ben freshen up his "tattoo," but Ben has bigger problems to deal with. Is it possible for him to be friends with Sarah, or are their feelings for each other too complicated?
  • The Resting Pose
    The Resting Pose
    Episode 30
    Natalie gets a new tattoo, which makes Ben want to participate in the decoration of the body. Ted introduces Maggie to the world of yoga.
  • A Little Disappointing
    Noah and Owen spend a lazy morning together, then Noah introduces Kelly to the viral sensation, "2 Girls 1 Cup." Shopping for an engagement ring doesn't quite go as Dia planned.
  • The Fantasy Hurdle
    The Fantasy Hurdle
    Episode 28
    Ben tells Sarah about "boyfriend voice" to help explain why he didn't answer the phone in front of her. Things get sexy when Natalie tells him about auditioning for "The Secret World of Alex Mack."
  • A Real Workout
    A Real Workout
    Episode 27
    SEASON 3 - ALL NEW. Ben decides that he needs to lose weight and Dia tries to lend a hand. While he is taking measurements of himself, Maggie meets a new guy at school.
  • In Ted World
    In Ted World
    Episode 26
    Ben tempts Natalie into goofing off at work. Even though Maggie insists she is over Ted, he does have a certain magnetism about him.
  • Maggie Comes Home
    Maggie Comes Home
    Episode 25
    Ted greets Maggie upon her return to Chicago, but when he disappears into Ben's bathroom, everyone is left wondering what he's doing in there. On the other side of town, Noah lets Owen try a new position.
  • Your New Neighbor
    Your New Neighbor
    Episode 24
    Maggie tells Ben that she's moving back to Chicago, but he's not thrilled to discover who her roommate is going to be. Dia turns Kelly's back rub into a full blown boob massage.
  • A Real Smile
    A Real Smile
    Episode 23
    Dia lays down some ground rules for ring shopping and Natalie teaches Ben how to use a camera. It's the best photography lesson ever!
  • Dating For Nerds
    Dating For Nerds
    Episode 22
    Ben has a crush on the new girl who works at Swim Cafe. It's hard to tell whether she finds his flirting charming or annoying. Meanwhile, Noah's relationship status is quite different than the last time we saw him.
  • A Better Proposal
    A Better Proposal
    Episode 21
    Ben finds that studying with Sarah isn't as much fun now that they aren't dating. Maggie thinks about returning to Chicago, while Dia and Kelly talk about getting engaged.