Young American Bodies - Season 4



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Episode Guide

  • YAB Season 4, Ep. 33: The Honeymoon Suite
    In episode 33, Dia and Kelly are honeymooning at a beach resort. Ben and Natalie have broken up, but are working together on a website. Ted's new yoga students flirts with him after class.
  • YAB Season 4, Ep. 34: Enough About Me
    In episode 34, Ben flirts with Zoe, one of the models for the website, and he finally works up the nerve to ask her on a date. Ted video chats with Maggie, who is in London. Dia and Kelly are enjoying the last days of their honeymoon.
  • YAB Season 4, Ep. 35: Some Good Positions
    In episode 35, Karl and Maggie use video chat to keep their sexual relationship alive. Dia and Kelly return home. Noah and Owen discuss moving in together. Ted's flirtation with his yoga student Ashley moves to the next level.
  • YAB Season 4, Ep. 36: Breakfast In Bed
    In episode 36, Ted wakes up with Ashley in his bed and ignores a phone call from Maggie. Ben makes breakfast in bed for Zoe. Ben tells Dia and Kelly that he's really excited about Zoe and they make a plan to all hang out together.
  • YAB Season 4, Ep. 37: Boys Are Lame
    In episode 37, Maggie arrives home from London to find the apartment empty. Ted is at the park trying to break it off with Ashley. Dia and Zoe go on a picnic together. Maggie expresses an interest to Ben in modeling for the site.
  • YAB Season 4, Ep. 38: More Than Friends
    Maggie and Ted have a dramatic conflict at the beach. Ben tells Dia he doesn't like the idea of her hanging out with Zoe, but Dia tells him to get over it. The dramatic conclusion to YAB Season 4!